Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Action Thriller


Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Action Thriller



6 mins

I blinked as I regained consciousness. I had hit my head hard, or had someone hit me? Then I realized I was holding a bloody knife in my hand. At one corner of the room, there was a dead lady lying and was stabbed to death by a bloody knife I had in my hand. I was totally surprised, it was hard to remember anything about this incident, my heart was pounding with terror. Fear made my mind and knee weak as I should have escaped from that spot but I stood there like a dumb until the doorbell rang.

I was shocked as I thought there might be cops on the door. They are going to catch me red-handed as I was carrying a knife used to murder an unknown lady. So I had a thought in my mind "Why not clean my fingerprints from its handle and threw it away anywhere at the crime scene". I did exactly the same and escaped from that mysterious house.

It was hard to remember anything, even I was unable to remember my name and identity. I was totally lost. I was running madly on the road, soon I found I was very far away from town. I went into the forest next to the town where the highway was. I stayed in the forest whole night and when it was the morning I entered the town.

Suddenly I saw my picture in the newspaper, I bought a newspaper hiding my face and went into one corner of the road. Headlines said "Mrs. Roshni Khanna found dead last night at Khanna's residence and her husband Dr. Khanna is missing. Police have charges against him for his wife's murder, an arrest warrant had been issued by higher authorities", there was a picture of both us together in one corner of the newspaper. I soon realized that it was not safe on-road like this so I moved to a place bit safe, I rushed directly towards the forest area. But still, it was not easy for me to remember my past life. Was it an illusion of any kind of drug used on me or it was because of a head injury after someone had hit me. I had hidden in the forest for one more day until the next morning I heard the barking of some search dogs. I stood up and started running soo I found myself at a dead end with a high waterfall. I was once concerned about its depth but I thought it was better to jump than stand here and get caught by cops chasing me. So I jumped into that waterfall a rock underwater struck at my head hard and I got unconscious. I floated on waves of water and was brought to an end of the river. It was the nearest village beside the town. A fisherman found me and brought me to his hut where I was given first aid by his family. 

I woke up after two days and my memory was back too, I remembered everything even what happened at that night. I was ready to leave and take my revenge from the one who was responsible for everything but fisherman's family requested me to stay for a few more days and get recovered from my wounds. 

After a few days, I thanked the fisherman for his kindness and left to take my revenge. Revenge is the world's best dish when you are hurt but only when it's cold. 

So I went into Dr. Ashutosh Kumar's residence and held him up by his collar he was taking rest in his backyard on the lounge. 

He was pretty surprised, "Suraj you, are you alive, what are you doing here", he said. 

I slapped his face and said, " Ashu you are going to take me to George or I am going to kill you right here, right now". 

Ashutosh was surprised, "Why what has he done, why are you searching him", he said. 

"He was there at that night with one of his crime partners who hit me with an iron rod and I had temporary memory loss", I replied to him. 

"Why don't you go to the police they are going to help you", he suggested to me with his suggestion. 

I lost my temper and punched his face hard, "You were the one who introduced him to us, later I found out that he was in a relationship with my wife which made her rebellious and you are suggesting me with your stupids suggestions, there is an arrest warrant against me, don't you know that", I said and kicked his back as he was on the ground after my punch. 

He agreed to take me to Gorge and we went in his car. As we reached our destination I told him to call George out of his residence. He did as I said, George came out, I caught George from behind and placed a sharp knife on his neck. 

"Now tell me what should I do with you, you ruined my life, killed my wife and made me a criminal, speak or I'll cut your throat ", I said in anger. 

Ashutosh was recording everything on his mobile as I said, after all, we were in the same profession at the same hospital. He was a college friend of my wife Roshni. Roshni and George had a crush over each other since college time but never proposed each other. Ashutosh didn't know about this, he once threw a party after he got transferred to our hospital. He invited us to his party where he met my wife and was surprised to know that she was married to me. George was also present at that party. Since that night onwards Roshni and George used to date each other, they even had sexual relations too. George made a sex video of my wife and started blackmailing her for money. He took a lot of money from Roshni. He sometimes sold her body to his rich friends for money. But soon I caught their activities and came to know everything. That night I called George to take a good amount of money from me and get away from our lives. But he had something else in his mind. 

That night after George arrived, he was sitting on a sofa in the drawing-room. We were having a conversation. Roshni was also present there. I gave George every penny from my account which I kept in a suitcase, I gave it to George, he took but refused to delete that SMS of Roshni, we had a long argument on this, soon Roshni took out a revolver that was kept in the drawer beside the table she was standing and aimed at George. He was now standing with his hands up in the air. Suddenly someone stabbed her with a knife, from her back and she fell on the floor. I went to her and kept her head on my lap but someone hit me from behind. Then George and his crime partner stabbed Roshni to death and placed that knife in my hand for my fingerprints. 

Ashutosh recorded George's confession on his mobile and made many copies. He sends SMS to an inspector appointed on this case. We took George to the police station, later police caught his girlfriend who was his crime partner. 

I got justice and so did Roshni.

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