Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Crime Thriller

Innocent Killer

Innocent Killer

10 mins

A fifteen years old boy was found alive even though he was badly injured after a landslide in Mukhba near Gangotri. He was admitted to the hospital as soon as possible by the rescue team.

When he woke up after his long sleep he was unable to remember anything about himself.

Major Rajpratap Singh suffered from the same tragedy was admitted to the same hospital next room came to know about this boy. Major with some of his team members in the military vehicle he was informed about some kind of terrorist activities in the near village. He was curious to know about this boy he thought what if the boy knew about these terrorists as he too is from that village. 

But when he met that boy he was disappointed and sad to hear about his memory loss." Poor boy what a loss as no one from that village is alive maybe those terrorists have also died in that landslide" he thought.

Major Raj took a good look at him. He was a good looking teenager with curly hair fair and glowing skin which every teenager has. He thought why not adopt this kid as he had no kids and the doctor said his wife Renuka is not able to give birth to any kid after miscarriage. His wife Renuka also agreed with this so they decided to adopt this kid.

They named him Rahul. Rahul was a brilliant kid with multi-talented activities although he was unable to remember anything about his past due to head injuries. 

Raj and Renuka were happy to adopt Rahul.

One day Rahul went to market with Renuka. Renuka was taking good looks at bangles suddenly a girl called Rahul as Zubair. Rahul and Renuka were shocked but they didn't give any attention to this issue and left that shop.

But later that night Renuka couldn't sleep she was thinking that "Maybe Rahul was Muslim before that accident and is unable to remember anything. But who cares if he is a Muslim now he is my child and I am his mother. It does not matter whether he is Hindu or Muslim all that matters is he is a human child". Renuka did not discuss this issue with Raj. But she was a bit curious to know more about Rahul's past so she decided to meet that market girl alone.

Very next morning when Raj went to his army head office and Rahul for his coaching classes Renuka immediately went to market. She went to the same bangles shop but unfortunately, the girl was not there Renuka asked another woman who was running the shop. The woman replied "Woh toh hafte mein teen baar dukan sambhalti hai Memsaab uska naam Ruksana hai Dharali ki rehne wali hai. Dukan mein saath paisa lagaya tha ab kal hi milegi Memsaab".

 The next morning Renuka went again to market this time girl was running the shop she went near and asked her about Rahul. Ruksana said "Madam we belong from the same village. Zubair was my neighbor his parents were an owner of the apple farm. They shifted in Mukhba and his father sold his apple farm to start a new business there". "So this is it now I know the rest of the story how Rahul was injured and found by the rescue team," Renuka thought. There was a relaxed smile on her face. She bought some bangles from Ruksana and left for her cottage in Harsil hill station and an army area located on the bank of river bhagirathi".

Renuka did not discuss this with Raj she found it useless as all now what matters is family. She did not want Raj to get disturbed and investigate more about poor kid Rahul because that kid had suffered a lot and even lost his memory which is a major loss for any human being. So she decided to keep this as secret.

Days passed by one morning when Renuka woke up early due to thirst and went to drink some water she saw light was on and the door of Rahul's room was a bit open to she decided to have a look so she went near and saw what was happening inside. She was shocked when she saw Rahul was praying in the Muslim style. Although she found it disturbing to talk about this at that time so when Raj left for his work she called Rahul in the garden and asked him about what happened earlier. Rahul said, "Just don't know, I have headaches and see some faces this morning it went too far I lost my self-control and prayed in Muslim way". Renuka was touched when she heard this she said to Rahul "Beta you should have told me about this I would have taken you for medical treatment". It looks like Rahul is gaining his memory and trying to remember about his past she thought in her mind. But neither Rahul nor Renuka told anything to Raj about this incident. But Renuka said "Raj we must take Rahul to see the doctor he is suffering from severe headaches might be because of head injury. Let's take this seriously".

 "Okay tomorrow morning we will take him to the hospital" Raj said. 

The next morning they went to the hospital as they decided Rahul was also with them. The doctor examined Rahul then he went to his chamber where Raj and Renuka were sitting he said to them " It seems like Rahul has recovered a bit it's a good sign. I am prescribing some medicines for him. Now you both don't have to worry a lot these will help him in case of headaches. Kindly give him regularly". They left thanking the doctor for his service and kindness. 

They did as the doctor prescribed soon Rahul got cured of his headaches. One day when Raj was away and Renuka was washing dishes mobile rang she came to pick up the call but slipped on the floor she was badly hurt but her head was safe. Someone poured oil on the floor who could be that maybe one of the servants had dropped a bottle of oil I hope, she thought. Raj was sad to see his wife got injured. But he took good care of Renuka and soon she recovered from her injury. 

One day Renuka was walking on the terrace she was talking with somebody on mobile she asked her maid to bring her juice to her. Her maid brought her glass of juice and went away. Renuka was about to drink it suddenly glass slipped from her hand and broke. The juice was on the floor with broken glass and some juice was left in broken piece of glass. Soon her pet cat Angela came and started licking the juice left in broken glass. Angela fainted there and died. The juice was poisoned. Renuka was very surprised to see this. She called Raj and told him what happened he arrived soon with military investigation officers' team to take some action. They arrested the maid and took her with them to investigate. Renuka still was very surprised to know that her maid wanted to kill her but why she is working in her house for six years. It never looked like if she had any intention of hurting Renuka. She was continuously thinking about this.  

Raj was worried about Renuka too as this incident shook him from inside. So he kept his touch with one of the superior in the investigation department of the military who was handling this case and was getting informed of every progress in this case. He told Raj that his maid is repeatedly giving the same statement that she doesn't know anything about poison where did it came from or why did she poison the juice. But she was giving the same statement again and again that she knows nothing in this matter. One of the investigating officers said, " I am convinced with her, it looks like she is saying the truth that she knows nothing about how to juice got poisoned, I think we should release the poor lady and keep an eye on her this might help us". His fellow officers agreed with him and did as he said they released Maid and kept a close eye on her. 

A year passed and there was no such accident in their life after the case was given to the investigation department. Renuka now felt much safer than ever before she thought that the investigating officer handled the case well. She thought that whoever was behind this now must be aware of the current situation and is afraid that the case went in the hands of an investigating officer. Now its much safer than ever. 

One day when Raj went for his work Renuka decided to swim in the pool for a while. She put on her bikini and went swimming in the pool at the backyard of their cottage. She looked relaxed when she was swimming as it was a hot day. She was in the pool and was drinking her wine in its corner. Raj on his way to the army head office noticed that he left an important file at home so he took a U-turn towards his cottage. At the residence, Rahul went to his mother to see her he was holding an electric dryer in his hand. He connected it with an extension cord to enlarge its wire problem. The switch of the dryer was on. He came near to his mom in a swimming pool and said "Mom now you don't love me anymore. It's just because you found out who I am, yes I am a Muslim, not Hindu, do you want to know a little secret I will tell you a secret, you know I never had any memory loss I pretended like I had memory loss because I am a terrorist Zubair son of Khalid. My father had connections with ISIS front Islamic jihadi's. He used to deal with artillery with ISIS. The day when that natural tragedy happened we were dealing in arms. We got informed that the military was investigating this case and could reach Mukhba at any time. But before the military could find us Landslide occurred and the whole village including my family got into its hand. But I was alive and safe. I pretended that I had memory loss because I knew that the military was following the terrorist group of Mukhba village and my father was the main suspect. But it was my luck they didn't know anything about me. But now you know a lot about me and I was the one who tried to kill you twice before. But you were saved by your God but not this time ". After Rahul aka Zubair finished his speech he threw dryer into the swimming pool and electric current flows in water and it gave unbearable shocks to Renuka. Soon Renuka's skin started to burn she was screaming badly but no one could hear her because Rahul was playing music system in full volume. 

Soon Raj returned home to take his file Rahul was unaware of this. Raj came near and saw Renuka was burning in pool water due to electric shock and Rahul was standing there and laughing. He turned the main switch off and took control over Rahul and tied his hands and feet with rope and rushed to Renuka but it was too late she died. This made Raj wild he loses his control over himself and took his belt off from his uniform and started beating Rahul with it asking for an explanation from him that why he did such thing but there was no answer this made Raj temperature rise high. He went on beating Rahul again and again unless he died but Raj didn't found out what really happened or why Rahul committed such crime and kill his own mother. This incident made Raj mad and he is admitted to the mental asylum of the Military base. 

It's a tragic end to the story of Major Rajpratap Singh warrior and hero of our Indian army but living his life like a brainless creature now. Sometimes when you hide anything which is important for the head of the family to know you must tell him or her. Renuka did the same mistake if she would have informed Raj about Rahul's matter before she would have been alive living her life with her loving husband and Rahul aka Zubair would have been taken under investigation before he. But it looks like Renuka was in mother like affection with Rahul which led her to death or we can say she was hunted by the innocent killer as innocent as a child but as deadly as death. 

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