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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Ivan Maximus Edwin

Action Crime Thriller


Ivan Maximus Edwin

Action Crime Thriller



6 mins

A wet leaf fell on her shoulder making her jump in fear. Startled she shifted from her hiding place behind the bush yet she was shivering from fear she felt for the first time. A fear that was foretold but she neglected all her life. She thought that she is now a grown girl in modern culture. A culture living in the shadow of education to neglect danger and feel free to do whatever they want. Death was in search of her with an axe in his hand and mask on his face. He was heading towards her as if he could smell her fear from far enough. She was cursing herself that why she took a short cut and decided to pass from the forest. She now felt that masked man following her could find her easily she left the bush and started running towards her village. Death was following her too. She was scared to death and was running faster enough from any ordinary person. It was an effect of fear. Whenever death follows you, you give your best and this is what was happening in this situation. Soon she saw a light in the middle of the forest it was a wet night and she was wet too. She followed that light death was still following her. She was now very near to that light when she came closer she saw a small farmhouse in the middle of the forest. She hurriedly ran towards it to save her life from death. She soon reached the door and knocked it harder. She knocked it again. Death was now not far enough from her but soon door opened and she was in. She saw an old woman with a candle stand in her hand opened the door. An old woman lived alone in that strange farmhouse. She asked her "What's your name, what are you doing here, are you alone or somebody is behind"? The girl answered her "My name is Angela and I live in the village next to the forest, I thought that it would be suitable if I take a short cut and pass through the forest but a strong man with a mask on his face and axe in his hand started following me. It looked like he is on the hunt for any human, please save me please ". " Girl it looks like you are very frightened, relax a bit, come sit on this chair next to the chimney and I will bring you something to drink", the old woman said and she went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. Angela drank water and asked for more because she was too thirsty after that long chase she was now sitting on the chair and was drying herself in front of the fire burning under the chimney. The old woman brought another glass of water and gave it to Angela she drank it and now she was a bit comfortable. She asked that old woman "Do you live alone in this farmhouse"? "Yes I live alone", the old woman replied. "Don't you feel scared living alone in this farmhouse in the middle of the forest", Angela continued. "I am living here alone since my son expired, I don't feel scared ", the old woman replied again. 

Suddenly somebody knocked on the door and broke conversation between the two ladies. The old woman went to open the door. Angela said, "Be careful". The old woman nodded her head and opened the door. There was a young man who was in the same condition as Angela was before entering the house. The old woman let him in and said: " Relax yourself I will get something to drink". 

"That young stranger is wet and is wearing an overcoat which must have kept him dry from inside although his hair is wet", Angela thought in her mind. " Hey why don't you sit beside the fire it will make you warm", Angela said to the stranger. 

A stranger came near to chimney and sat on another chair. Soon old woman brought a glass of water stranger drank and asked for more she brought another glass of water and gave it to the stranger. Now stranger was relaxed after a long frightening chase. 

The old woman asked the stranger "Who are you and what are you doing in this forest?" 

The stranger replied, "My name is Jason and I am coming from town, I was going to Rawmarsh village, I thought that it would be convenient if I take a short cut and pass-through this forest but a strange masked man with an axe in his hand was chasing me, it looked like he was going to kill me, so I ran to save my life and came here".

"It's my village, I belong to Rawmarsh too and I am coming from a town in the same way you did", Angela said excitedly.  

"That's good I guess we can leave together when the weather gets cleared, I was going to see Mr Dalton who is a famous goldsmith in Rawmarsh", said Jason. 

 "I know him very well", Angela said. 

An old woman sitting next to them who was looking at them both said: "It's good to hear that you both are heading towards the same direction, now I am not much worried about this young girl as she now got a company of fine gentleman who can take care of her". 

Weather now was clear outside and a bit of sunlight was making the sky look bright. 

Jason said to Angela "I guess we can leave for Rawmarsh now".

"I think you are right, I guess we should leave mam", Angela looked at the old woman and said.

"Alright but you both take care because outside there is unknown mask mystery roaming around seeking to hunt human according to you", the old woman said to them both and opened the door.

They both were thankful to the old woman for her kind hospitality and headed towards Rawmarsh.

They were both feeling comfortable and secure in each other's company. They were both talking with each other on their way to Rawmarsh it looked like they knew each other very well it didn't appear that they met for the first time.

On their way to Rawmarsh Jason asked Angela "How many family members are there in your family, and what are their names?"

"Well, I have a big family with mom, dad, four sisters including me, three brothers and grandparents. My other three sisters are Clara, Susan and Sandra, my three brothers are John, Smith and David. My Dad is a farmer in Rawmarsh he is pretty famous in the village his name is Martin and what about you ", Angela asked and turned around but Jason was not there she was now feeling the same fear as she felt last night. She cried" Jason Jason where are you, Jason come out this is not funny ". But there was silence. Suddenly she saw the same mask terror whom she saw last night. He was rushing towards her at lightning speed. Angela was stoned she was unable to think and react.

Masked man or Jason slaughtered her with an axe he was carrying inside his overcoat. Angela was hunted by a hunter who owned forest with his terror he was a psycho killer who lived in same farmhouse where Angela spent her last night. He along with his mother used to kill and rob many people who took a short cut to reach Rawmarsh from the forest.           

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