Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Ivan Maximus Edwin

Tragedy Crime Thriller



4 mins

"Mamma, I want to take a ride on Merry go round", cried Anna after being impatient at fair in small village Kingham, Oxfordshire, England . 

"No my child you are too small for that , why don't we check out that toy shop over there and buy you a new toy", said Anna's mom.

"Okay, mamma I want a new doll", said little Anna.

"Allright I will get a new doll for my little princess", replied Anna's mother.

Both went to toy shop where lots of kids were standing and looking at toys. Shopkeeper was warning kids not to touch toys because they might broke some of them.

Anna's mother took her in lap and said "Now take a good look at dolls whichever you want I'll buy you".

Anna took a good look at dolls in toy shop and she saw a doll in corner with bell in her neck. She was cute with blue eyes. Anna cried in excitement "Mamma that one over there with blue eyes and bell".

Shopkeeper gave that doll to Anna and Anna's mother paid the price. Anna was very happy to have that doll. At least now she got someone she could talk to, she was not bothered with the fact that a new friend she got won't talk back yet she was very happy. She kissed her mother to show her gratitude "Thank you, Mamma", said little Anna.

Fair was full of people for entertainment and commercial activities. There were many hawkers running shops of sweet and toys. Many hawkers were selling wooden Hand held frames Flute, whistle and many light weight toys. Some hawkers were selling artifacts, jewellery, crafts etc. It was great fun for children as there were many ferry wheels and swings.

Anna along with her mother enjoyed very much soon they got bit tired so Anna's mother said "Let's sit on that bench there and have some sweet corn".

"Okay Mamma but I'll have an ice cream", said little Anna.

They sat on the bench and took an ice cream and a corn from the shop next to the bench.

Anna was enjoying her ice cream soon she saw a Joker was looking at her. He had some balloons in his hand and he was slowly coming towards her. He had a wicked smile on his face and dirty teeths. He was giving a balloon to every kid who came to him. Anna thought "I should go and take one balloon what if that Joker comes near to me without any balloon in his hand". Joker was looking at Anna and smiling, he was slowly and slowly coming towards Anna and her mother. Anna took a look at her mother she was eating a corn. She was looking at peoples who were enjoying at fair. Anna got up from the bench and started walking towards that Joker. Joker saw that Anna was coming to him so he waved his hand and called her using his fingers like come near. Anna's mother was unaware of this. She was looking at people who were enjoying. For the first time in her life she became so careless. Anna went to strange Joker who gave her a balloon filled with hydrogen gas or something else only that wicked looking Joker knew but he said " Enjoying little Anna, here is your favorite colour red balloon".

"How do you know my name Mr.", little Anna asked in strange looks.

There was a wicked smile on Joker's face and he said touching Anna's cheek "I know a lot about you sweet Anna beside I know everything about every kid who comes in this fair". 

Anna got pretty scared. Her mother soon realized that Anna was not sitting beside her on bench but there was a doll she bought for her. She took that doll in her hand and looked in every direction. She saw that there were many kids walking around with a balloon in each hands. She was dead scared when she realized that she was unable to see Anna anywhere, she was calling her name "Anna, Anna where are you" but there was no sign of her. She rushed to enquires where they announced the name of missing persons in fair. But still it was no use. Now she was sure that her daughter Anna was missing and was taken away from her. She became easy prey for one with evil intentions. She was blaming herself for being such careless mother. She was crying madly she lost her daughter in a way no one could even imagine. She was asking again and again "Why only my Anna, tell me why only mine daughter"but there was no answer to this question .

A mother lost her daughter, a daughter lost her mother, an unbearable pain for whole life. A pain which makes every parents scared of . No parents in this world even like to think of their kids getting disappeared like Anna got. 

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