Lakshmi Allibilli

Drama Tragedy


Lakshmi Allibilli

Drama Tragedy

My Hero

My Hero

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After a long hectic day, we went to Absolute Barbeque for dinner treat. The essence of the food items was so appealing that, as soon as they were served, everyone started grabbing their own share to enjoy the savor. Everyone was so much involved in the discussion, that we didn't even notice the time. Suddenly one of our's friend's phone rang up - shouting from the other end "Where are you? When will you reach home ?" My friend replied - "Maa, I'll start in another 10 minutes". Meanwhile, another friend got a call from her boyfriend saying - "I'm outside the restaurant, waiting for you, to drop you at home!!" To our surprise, it was 11:00 P.M and receiving calls with anger and concern was highly appreciable at that moment!

We were out of the restaurant in no time and as none of our friends lives nearby my place, I booked an OLA auto and started home. On the way home, those days flashed in - where either I would receive a call from him or he would be waiting to pick me up. Controlling my tears, I asked myself - he loves me, shows utmost care..then how can he leave me with no ray of hope!!. I was deceived by him believing his words that he will be with me no matter what!!

Nana - it is none other than you!!!

I still remember the days when I used to ask mom to share my childhood stories. The very first story I used to hear from her was - the Hospital scene - where everyone was upset that a girl baby was born on Asthami (which is considered as an unlucky day in Hindu mythology) with a dark complexion. But it was you, who took me into your hands and said that - "Even Lord Krishna with a dark complexion was born on the Asthami and he ruled the world. She will be my lucky charm!!"

Those days: Whenever you feel low due to business issues, you used to ask me to select one of your two fingers and I always used to pick the right one..and the problem would be solved the very next day, (for sure it would be coincidental) but you used to believe as if it was because of me and bring me the favorite cashew nuts in return.

Whenever I used to be with you on your scooter, I feel as if I have conquered the whole world!! . I still remember the day - when I got a seat in the engineering college which you wished for - everyone has noticed that you are happy for it, but I have seen for the first time in my life - "your eyes filled with tears". That moment, I decided that you should never ever shed a tear because of me and studied hard to be one among the top 5 and the result is "TCS". That night I shared my interview experience with you and slept beside you. The next morning, I heard from mom, that you were so happy, that you did not sleep the whole night and you were just looking at me. I would never ever forget those days, where we both used to spend time watching your favourite movies till midnight.

That day- after writing my final year semester exam, I came to meet you in the hospital. As I entered the corridor, I saw our relatives and I was scarred by listening to some of their words - "She is his favourite - don't know how this girl will digest the news". Though scared, I dared to step in to see you and tell that I did well in my exams. The very first question you asked me was - the same - "about my exam". But to everyone's surprise, you returned home after a few days and my happiness has no bounds.

I would never forget the night when you said to me that you need to speak with me for some time. The conversation so started with your childhood stories, lessons which I need to follow and finally ended with a promise. Some of your words :

1. Be strong and never shed a tear - come what may in your life.

2. Always try to help others at your best. Be frank and never give false hope.

3. Make friendship with people who are below your financial status, so that you will know the value of things and what life is actually all about!!

4. Be truthful to everyone and if you see anything wrong, be brave enough to condemn it.

5. Never have any debts in your name. Be content with what you have.

6. Earn respect and people, not the money.

7. Never leave mom, sister and brother for any reason. You are my hope that even if I'm not there, you will be able to take up the responsibility. I thought for a second, why were you telling all these now and I slept beside you for awhile.

But I never knew at that time, that it would be the last talk between us!!

Many people asked me several times - why :

"I stopped wearing a watch,

I don't eat mango,

I hate December,

I stopped praying to the "God" whom I believed the most since my childhood,

I mostly prefer blue/pink color dresses,

I like to sit in the front seat, beside the driver, in a car".

I always smile and skip their conversation.

But for all those questions - the answer is "YOU"!!

Whenever I attend any of my friend's marriage, I always think, if you were with me, even my marriage would be in the same way. Every night, before I go to sleep, I remember you and my pillow knows how much I miss you in my life. I hate God for separating us and wish either you would meet me soon or I would reach you soon!!

Nana / Paa /Appa / Achan / Dad - whatever may be the word - for any girl, her Dad is her first love and no one can replace him!!

Miss you Nana

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