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Feb 13, 2018 - 8:00 PM: The landline is ringing for the 5th time, Arshitha stood up from her desk to receive the call. She heard Kiran's voice from the other end - "Arshitha are you still in office? When are you going to start? Everyone has arrived, party has begun just now, start soon." Arshitha replied - Kiran, I will start in another half an hour. Kiran replied - "I know, you would say this, well, my friend Yashwanth also works in the same office as yours, I have shared your mobile number with him. Come along with him in his car so that you can save time". Arshitha agreed to Kiran suggestion and hung up the call.


Arshitha and Yashwanth started to the venue in his car.

Yash: Hi Arshitha, how was your day ?

Arshitha: As usual, it was too hectic. By the way, how about yours ?

Yash: It was good, I completed my work early and played table tennis for sometime. I have totally forgot about the treat, till I got a call from Kiran. Arshitha: Ha ha.. Wow!!.. you like table tennis? Do you play table tennis everyday?

Yash: Yeah, I love the game. Everyday I play for atleast an hour. What about you ? Do you play ? Arshitha: I play the sometimes, but not a pro. May be I can become a pro by learning from you.. ha ha.., what do you say Yash?

Yash: Sure. Just give a ring to my number, we can plan someday.!!

Arshitha: Thank you Guru ji ..

Yash: Ha ha..You have a very pleasant smile Arshitha🙂

Arshitha: Thank you Yash for the compliment. Yash: So, how do you know Kiran ??

Arshitha: He is my teamate in my previous company. How about you ?

Yash: I know him since my engineering days. We both were classmates.

Arshitha: Wow!! Nice..!!

Arshitha: Hey.. we have reached the destination. Didn't realise it with your company.


10:30 PM : They met their friends and everyone is enjoying Kiran's birthday treat. Arshitha got a call from her Mom, asking whether she started from the party. She told Kiran that she needs to start as its already late and her mom is alone at home. She said she will book a cab and start to home. Kiran asked her to wait as he knows Yash stays in the street next to Arshitha's. Yash accepted Kiran's request and both Arshitha and Yash started from the restaurant. Arshitha was too tired that she slept off, while speaking with Yash, without her knowledge. Yash: Arshu... We reached your home. Arshitha suddenly woke up from sleep, hearing the word- Arshu. Only her dad used to call her as such, and all his memories flashed within a second.

Arshu: Oh.. So sorry Yash, I couldnt give you the company. Come, lets go inside, I will introduce you to Mom.

Yash: It's already late. Since, I stay in the very next street, I can meet her some other time!! You go inside. Arshu: Thank you so much Yash!! Go safe and text once you reach home.

Yash: Sure.. Good night Arshu.. :)

Arshu: Good night Yash!!


Arshu got fresh up and spoke to her Mom that she met a new friend Yashwanth and he dropped her to home now. Her mom said to invite Yash and Kiran for lunch some day. Arshu texted Kiran, "Yash dropped me at home. Thank you Kiran for introducing a good friend."


Once in a while, Yash and Arshu used to text each other in knowing about how life is going on and this continued for sometime.

****************After few months *******************

Yash got an onsite opportunity and he moved to Texas, U.S. But he never forgot Arshu, whenever he get time, he used to text Arshu and share her the photographs of the new places he used to visit during long weekends. Without her notice, Arshu started liking Yash. She used to text him even a small incident which made her happy in her daily life. Yash always used to tease her for her craziness in return. Arshu's daily routine has become - Exercise - Getting ready to Office - Texting Yash during her break time - Waiting for his reply till evening - Leaving from Office - Dinner with Mom and spending some time with her - Replying to Yash messages - Sleep. This has been her routine for along time.

Yash birthday is coming closer on Dec 31st. She was planning for a gift for him. She tried many ways to know his address to send him a gift, but Yash is too clever, that he never revealed it. She then took all his pictures from various sources like facebook, whatsapp, etc and prepared a birthday video for him with a caption for each picture. She eagerly waited to wish and share him the video at 12:00 AM IST. She called him. But hard luck, he didn't pick the call and she thought he might be busy and went to her bed to sleep. After few minutes, she got a message from Yash - "Thank you Arshu.. Sorry my mobile was in silent, didnt notice your call." Arshu: Did you like the video ?

Yash: Yeah, ofcourse.. I liked the caption Texas Kohli for one of my pic.., these days I'm gaining huge girl following.. ha ha.. Arshu: Boss!! Don't think much.. I usually do these kinda things for my close friends and in the same way I have prepared for you.

But actually she liked him a lot and spent around 10 hours in preparing the video keeping aside all her priority works.

Yash: Hmm.. okay.. Didn't sleep still ? Why do you always stay awake till late night. Arshu: I always remember the days spent with my dad, I miss him alot. I feel I'm left alone from the day he left this world. So, almost half of the night will be spent thinking of him.

Yash: Hmm..don't worry, he will be always with you.. go to bed now. You need to go to the office tomorrow. Good night.. sleep well.

Arshu wanted to share with him her grief, but Yash never gave her the chance. She said bye and slept off.

After a week, it was Arshu's birthday, she was expecting that Yash would wish her first. But hard time, Yash didn't even remember her birthday and she was waiting till evening for his wish. Seeing Facebook notification, he texted - "Hey Arshu, happie Birthday". She replied - Thank you Yash. Atleast you can call and wish na. He replied - Have an important work to be submitted today. Will call you after sometime.

She sent the birthday celebrations pictures to him and spent sometime with her mom. Arshu's mom revealed her wish of getting Arshu married soon as it was the only responsibility that was left out for her. She said she will start searching alliance for Arshu. Arshu said okay, as she thought it will take sometime for her mom to bring a good match and meanwhile she can express her love to Yash. One day in their casual talks, she asked Yash about his marriage plans. He said at home they started searching for a girl. May be it would be fixed. Arshu has no words to respond. She felt that if not now, she will not be able to convey her feelings towards him in her life.

Arshu: "Yash, I like you alot. Do you like me? If you like, can we inform at our home about us? . If you don't have such intensions, that's fine, we can be friends as how we are now."

Yash: "You have asked so directly, I dont know what to say now. I like you. But not sure at home, whether they will accept you or not". Arshu: Okay fine, in case if that match doesnt work out(sorry for saying so) , let me know and inform at home about me. Yash agreed and changed topic by saying that there is a snow fall (which Arshu is fond of).

**************** Few days Later ********************

For some days, there was no conversatiom between them. Arshu was travelling to Delhi to attend her friend's marriage. After a long time, she was travelling alone. She started to railway station and reached an hour before the train's arrival time. She texted Yash that she is going to Delhi. She got a reply from him - "Go safe". She felt missing him, but she controlled herself from texting from the day they had the conversation about marriage. She was watching the display for train's arrival and thinking of him in parallel. She was checking his last seen for every five minutes and he was always in online and this made her feel bad.

It was 11:45PM and train has arrived. She boarded the train and to her surprise her seat was already occupied by another passenger. She asked him to vacate the seat, stating that it was her seat. The passenger too showed his ticket and to her surprise both of them were allocated with the same berth number, but both of them had their berths confirmed and its not RAC. Then she asked whether this train is going to Delhi. The passengers told that the train is coming from Delhi. She was confused and got down from the train. Checked with the people near the tea stall on the platform. They said that the train towards Delhi has already started from 6th platform, 10 minutes before. She was tensed and not even a single thought rushed into her mind. She tried calling her mom, to tell her that she missed the train, and will start to home. But her mom didn't pick the call and her mom has a habit of having the mobile in silent at night time. Arshu was scared and she didn't know what to do now. She texted Yash about the incident. Yash saw her message and texted her - "Check with any of your friends there". She felt bad for the way he responded and called her teammate Manasa (who is about to finish her shift at office and start to home). Manasa said she can stay at her flat tonight and go home in the morning.

Arshu booked the cab from railway station and waiting for the cab. Suddenly, she got a call from Yash. But hard luck she didn't notice the call as her mobile volume is very low. Cab came and she started to Manasa's flat. She was about to text Yash to tell the same and to her surprise she saw a missed call and a message from him - "Book a cab and go home. Don't stay in station as there are no more trains to Delhi now". She replied him and she was on cloudnine for seeing the message and a call from him when she never expected. At the same time, she got a call from her mom and Arshu changed the plan of going to Manasa flat and headed to her home. Arshu texted Yash for his concern and that night she didn't sleep as she was thinking of Yash. But again she convinced herself that, he considers her a friend and nothing more than that. Few days later, she received a text from Yash that he is coming to India. Arshu happiness has no bounds. But it didn't last long as she heard the reason for his arrival. He is coming to see three alliances and will return by selecting one from the three. Hearing this, Arshu went to pooja place in home and looked at all the Gods' she used to pray everyday. She said only one thing to them - "I never got what I wished in my life and he is added to that list. Thank you God for the way you play with me". Her mom called for dinner.Arshu came to dinning table, had dinner without uttering a word and went to bedroom. Her mom noticed this and asked what happened. Arshu lied her saying - tensions related to pending works in office.

Arshu - "Ma, can I sleep on your lap for sometime? ". Mom - "Yes, Arshu.. don't take everything to heart. Everything goes on its way." From that day, Arshu never texted Yash as it would give her nothing but pain. To forget Yash, she joined badminton coaching classes. Spending most of her time at office, doing all other teammates pending works too.

After two months, suddenly she got a message from Yash - as a reply to her whatsapp status. Arshu was surprised to his message, but she spoke within her limits, since she guessed that he might have got engaged by that time. He called her and had a casual talk. He told that he got engaged last week. Listening to it Arshu couldn't even wish him. But she realised that she is wrong and congratulated him. 15 secs of silence from both ends. She realised it and to fill up the silence, she asked about marriage date etc. He said date was not yet confirmed, might be in October. And then he changed the topic and spoke for sometime. Arshu couldn't control herself anymore and said she will text later as its already late night. But she never texted him.

After four days, she received a message from him. She replied to him and the conversation continued. But there is a change in the way he used to speak to her. Earlier it was Arshu, who used to text alot, but that day it was Yash's turn. Arshu realised from few of his messages that something is wrong with him. She asked him - "Are you okay?" Yash said he was fine. And asked her in return why did she ask such question. She replied - " I find something new from the way you speak to me. This is not the way you used to be. So got a doubt". Yash replied - "Yes, Arshu.. I dont know, today I realised my feelings for you. When you said earlier, I never felt so, but now I'm realising that you will be moving away from me soon and all those days of us - teasing and fighting are flashing in my mind.. I like you Arshu.. Do you like me ???

Arshu was shocked and she didnt know whether to be happy for what he said or to be sad since nothing is in her hands now. There was no reply from her for his message. She put herself into the shoes of the girl to whom Yash was engaged to. "She might be dreaming of her future with Yash, but what if she comes to know that Yash likes another girl too." Also, she felt the consequences that would arise if Yash say no the marriage now. Arshu couldn't control her tears and scolded God for the first time in her life for leaving her in such a situation. Yash was waiting for Arshu's reply and he even called Arshu. Arshu cut the call and replied to him - " There is no point in knowing about my opinion at this time Yash". It's late, I need to sleep". Yash asked - "Don't you like me, answer me and then sleep."

Arshu bursted out into tears and told him how much she loves him. Yash was so happy for he has never been loved as such by any girl in his lifetime. He said he wants to listen her voice. But Arshu rejected his request, since she can't speak with him without crying. He understood her and he said "atleast for today let's chat and I won't text you from tomorrow". Arshu didn't agree for that as well - as this would again add pain to her. He asked her for her picture atleast. But she said no for it as well and gave him a big lecture on it. But she couldn't resist herself and texted him for awhile. She remembered the other girl and she realised that this is not good on both of their ways. So, Arshu texted bye to Yash. She switched off her mobile, but didn't sleep the whole night. Morning she woke up and saw message from Yash.. "So, you mean its all over?".

Arshu couldn't see his profile picture in whatsapp. He unfriend Arshu in Facebook as well.

Arshu texted Yash- "Why did you delete my contact number and Why did you unfriend me in FB. Do you really need to keep me at such a distance? From the day, I heard that you are coming to India, I kept myself away from you. Though I don't text you all these days, whenever I remember you, I used to see your profile picture for sometime. Now you have taken off that option as well. This is not at all fair on your part Yash". If needed I will hide my status updates as well from you. But don't put me away as such." Yash replied to her - "Arshu, Once we have such feeling, it persists till we die..I can't speak normally as a friend with you anymore and I feel this is the only option which can keep myself away from you". Arshu: "I hate you Yash.. when I asked.. you rejected me, I understood and tried to move out of it. Atleast you should have never told that you have got such feeling over me. So, that I would have been in the illusion that you never had such intensions. But now, it is killing me Yash. I feel like someone else is taking away the one whose is mine and I couldn't oppose it, since I couldn't do anything apart from accepting the God's play. If you have said this 10 days before, our lives would have been in a different way. I don't want to get curse by spoiling someone future". Yash couldn't control his tears for hurting Arshu and he said he will not be in touch with her anymore. Arshu: "Okay.. Please block me and I too will block you and won't disturb you in your lifetime again. But in case, if we have next life.. I want my Dad, mom and You in my life and I don't want to sacrifice any one of you for any reason or for anyone else. Promise me Yash, that you will be mine in my next life. She knew very well that Yash would say Yes. But she blocked him before she was about to receive the message from him."

Arshu again started her ways to forget Yash. After few months, she got a call from unknown number. She picked the call. She heard "Arshu". She said "Yash" and tears rolled down her cheek in no time. They accepted for our marriage at home. Please unblock me. Want to say this news from my mobile. She said okay.

Arshu: But how???

Yash: I didn't want to wait for one more life to be with you..Arshu. I spoke with the girl and she felt bad at first, but she said - "For 10 days alone, I feel as if I have lost my life, but she has imbibed you in herself and you are her only world. I couldn't think of myself in her place. Let's call off this engagement". We both convinced at home and after a huge struggle of 4 months, they finally accepted for it. Lets get married Arshu.. !! I can't wait anymore to see your smiling face" Send me a selfie. Atleast now you won't give me lessons as before..!! Ha ha Arshu: Ha ha.. you won't stop torturing me from sending the picture I guess Yash. !!

Yash: Chill Arshu... I'm asking the picture of the girl whom I'm going to marry.. You can't escape now.. !! Ha ha..

Feb13, 2020: God played with both of their lives just to show Yash - what love is and the strength it gives you to get what you want in life, and to Arshu - If you strongly believe and if it is meant for you, the whole universe will make it happen.

Two years back accidentally they met on this day and now the same day became a significant one in their life.. Probably, this is what is called the Destiny!!

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