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Why not me ? 🤔

Why not me ? 🤔

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Place : Lifestyle Showroom, Chennai

Time : 9:30PM Lights were turned off and the staff had shutdown the shop for the day. After few minutes, suddenly she heard a voice "Hey!! Whats up..Why are you upset?" She started sharing her agony. "Its been an year I came to this showroom, but still I couldn't entice any of the customers, as how others do. Some customers reach out to me, in search of things which they wish for, but looking at me suddenly they turn down their choice and look for another one. Is it because of my looks? If yes, then why was I chosen/selected by the owner at the first instance? Is being black in color, one of the reason for which I'm not anyone's choice?" Then how about these :

1. The beauty of Moon is witnessed and admired because of its dark background - "Night".

2. It is the Blackboard, which nurtures a person to become - "The Man of Character"!

3. Everyone, wish not to have the grey hair, so that they always look Young!!

4. Koel, which is black in color, sings beautifully and considered as the muse by many great poets and writers.

5. It is through the darkness, we came across the importance of Light.

6. We live in a country where - "Kaali", "Krishna", "Rama", "Shani Dev", despite of their dark complexion, are being worshipped as deities.

7. Blackberries, though black in color, are of high medicinal values. ....

The black color kurthi continued with examples and shared its feelings to its friend - white kurthi - which is going to be home delivered the next day!! The white kurthi tried to console by saying -"it is not about the color with which you are made of, it's all about these humans - raised with certain beliefs, who needs to be raised properly to view the world in a better way.

The black kurthi spent another sleepless night with a never-ending hope that one day it will be owned by someone!

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