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Guide To Be Met !!

Guide To Be Met !!

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One day, our cousins decided to spend the long weekend by exploring a few places in and around western ghats. We had an amazing experience throughout the trip - nature, climate, food, people we came across and many more. It was time to set back and we started our return journey. While everyone was discussing the fun we had and the places we need to visit in the upcoming trips, looking at the wonderland through the window glass of the car, I lost myself into the western ghats. I realized that every place, I visited on this trip has told me a few things - which can be called "secrets of liveliness".

Mountains: Huge mountains, which are so still against all odds such as - landslides, heavy downpour, depicted how strong and still a person should be, come what may in life!!

Trees: They give food when you feel hungry, they give you shelter without being asked for and serve you in many ways. Just like trees, always help the needy, but never expect anything in return.

Rain: How rain occurs? As we might have read in our school days - water evapourates - form clouds - when clouds can no longer hold the water drops - it results in the form of rain. For all this process, it takes certain duration. Similarly, everything comes to you at the right time. Just be patient and wait for your turn.

Echo: At the echo point, we had great fun shouting our names, teasing each other and hearing back our words with "sweet voices". In life, whatever you do - whether good or bad, it boomerangs, just as the echo. So, its up to you to decide whether to do good/bad to others, whatever might be the situation.

Waterfalls: Whatever may be the height, the waterfalls down and finishes its course of run into rivers. Just as waterfalls, no matter how much greater heights you have reached in your life, always be humble, down to earth, associate with everyone and finish your course of life.

Tree Roots: Roots of the tree go deep into the soil and the deeper they go against all odds, the tree stands erect and becomes strong. So is the case with us. Understand your partner the deeper you can, when it is the question of your happiness - just put away all your dissimilarities aside, have some adjustments making each other happy, build a strong relationship - life will be colorful!

Ghat Roads: As how we need to be cautious, while travelling through ghat roads, we need to be alert about the various affinities that we come across while achieving our goals. Its all up to us, how we handle and respond to those, and whether we reach the destination or end up in the midst.

WildLife: Always accept the people into your life. Not to have the count of people you know, but to learn how to be and how not to be. But if they try to mess up ur life, just show them the best in you and never spare..!! Ha ha.. As how the humans enter the forests - to see and enjoy the wildlife - but when they try to be mischievous - wildlife shows them its true colors..!!

Sunlight: Sunlight goes directly into the bushes, trees, no matter how dense they are. Similarly, always try to be a light in someone's darkness. But never ever be a reason for their sufferings!!

Day&Night: They symbolize life and death. Similar to how you complete all your works before the dusk, find the reason for your existence, complete all your duties & responsibilities, try everything you wish for, enjoy your life to the maximum and finally rest as a memory in everyone's heart!!

**** Back to the world from wonderland**** During childhood, most of us would have spent our time listening to all the moral stories from Mom, playing with the books and the ball! But as we grow up, the same playground would end up as the fitness ground for us to get rid of the unwanted "FAT".

More often, when you ask some how was your day - we hear the words - "Hectic", "Depressed", "Stress", "Unhappy", "Sick". Also, when you wish for something and it doesn't happen as wished, then the unknown depressed version of you, would take charge of your life. Whenever you get these words as answers to anyone's questions, just stand up - pack your bag - meet the nature - you will find yourself again.

Nature - next to Mom, teaches you, in her own style - how to handle life and be happy against all odds!!

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