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The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

5 mins 387 5 mins 387

( Part - XXI )

Ghosts enter Pub, Bar, Cabaret Dances and Enjoyment. Club Dance song ‘Can You Dance with Me’:

On another day, six ghosts and devils thought that they wanted to enjoy in Pub, Bar, Cabaret and see Western style dance programme. That was on Sunday. All these six ghosts wanted to enjoy Vodka and cocktail drinks to their fullest satisfaction, as they could not enjoy these types of culture. These ghosts and devils wanted to drink, as they life, eat as they want, sing as they wished and dance as they wanted. At 7 PM, all these ghosts prepared for this great gala party at one reputed and luxurious Pub-cum-Bar. These ghosts entered the pub hall. Saw here and there. All the people reaching this Pub Hall one by one. Pub Hall became full.

These six ghosts and devils entered into six youngsters bodies. At the table, the server was taking down the required drinks and menu. One by one, all hot drinks, Vodka to top Scotch whisky to Rum, Beer to Gin, were ordered. All side dishes also given order. The Steward was unable to understand this type of Menu order never before. All the hot drinks order were at high cost. Steward gone mad. Even Steward was offered to take few sips (all costly drinks). Steward too had enjoyed too much of drinks, but was under control. All shouting, dancing, singing, never before seen like this. All colourful lights. Full of enjoyment. All these ghosts had full of hot drinks up to deep neck. There was no control. There was full of dance on the stage by young and beautiful girls. That too cabaret dance in completely western style. All singing, loud music, beautiful voice being heard. The organizers asked if anybody wanted to sing a song, can do so at the stage. Two ghosts were at Cabaret stage, singing the following song.


Yeh ǃ Guys, what’s That You’re Sipping

Look, I Am Here for You

Don’t Drink and Sleep

You Naughtiest, Come On, Step with ME

This Is the Costly Time, You’re here

O Boys, My Dance Is For You

My Steps Make You Dance

Don’t Feel Shy, This Day Is Yours’

This Band Is Yours

My Song Is Yours

My Dance Is Yours

You’re All My Darling Friends

Yehǃ You Drink and Dance

Golden Time, Don’t Waste Beyond

Don’t Be High, You’ll Go Asleep

You, Dance and Dine, For My Sake


On one side dance programme going, on the other side young lovers, young boys, young and smart ladies speaking and enjoying in dim lights. People got a thought that it was a Heaven and not a Pub or a Bar. Everybody was enjoying as they liked.

Bill has come. Rupees (INR) 5 Lakhs. People think that this bill was high. But, it was not. One ghost took this bill, went up to the Cashier at the Counter. There was a CASH PAID stamp on the Cash Counter Table. Cash Paid Stamp on the bill was stamped by the Cashier with the influence power of ghost. At the same time, the total collection of Rupees (INR) 2 crores had been taken by the ghost silently without anybody’s knowledge and secretly kept it in a small bag and returned back to the Table.

Another ghost, took out the total cash from these six youngster pocket without the knowledge of these youngsters.

Slowly, these ghosts and devils came out with these youngsters, booked a Cab and reached Doctor Vishal’s house. The Cab driver was given sufficient money. The entire amount had been kept by these ghosts in a trunk box, at one of the wardrobe.


(Contd... Part….XXII.)

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