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Rave Party

Rave Party

11 mins

Binod made up his mind to transfer to O.U.A.T. Bhubaneswar for his offspring's higher studies. Daughter Kirti was the eldest of her two brothers, Kaushik and Kamal. She was gifted. She secured above ninety percent in all the exams and glorified her teachers and parents. At this point of time, her father thought it's time she should be admitted to either Ravenshaw or B.J.B. college in plus two science to fulfill Kirti's ambition to confirm a seat either in Burla or S.CB. Along with it, Kaushik and Kamal would avail the opportunity to study in secondary schools in D.P.S or D.A.V., where eminent and experienced teachers impart education to increase the skills of the student

Fortunately, all of his sons and daughters succeeded in the interviews and got admitted to their desired institutions. Binod preferred to rent a flat nearby O.U.A.T. at a reasonable cost. He arranged home tutors for his offspring, excepting Kirti, who attended group tuition where adolescents took tuitions. It was a small-like college, a clumsy room packed with learners. The so-called experienced hallmarks came in to teach in a time limit of 45 minutes to an hour. There was no education but commotion. . In such surroundings, Kirti felt suffocated and helpless. But she had no second option as she observed her father's inability to manage with the meager amount he received as a monthly payment, including some extra bucks paid by the willing workers to pass their G.P.F. bills for daughters' marriages or father's funeral ceremony. He named it P.C. (a second name for a bribe). He expected one among his offspring would pick up a job to help him from the run-down penniless state towards the last quarter of the month and unwillingly receive ill-gotten money (though bribery is forbidden, and if caught red-handed, one would lose their job).

But it was his hope against hope as the three were too immature to start a company job (government jobs are reserved for elite class young people).

Binod's only hope was his eldest daughter who had changed her mind for a pharmaceutical company. But the hopes were quashed by misfortune. The tutor Kunal (alias Sheikh Usman) skewed Kirti. Literarily, he was not a lecturer in any college. He was a Kashmir scholar. He ended as a perfect pupil after passing the toughest MSc physics degree with flying colors from Central University Kashmir. While he was in search of the job of a lecturer, incidentally, he came in contact with a Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist who pursued him to join a training unit in P.O.K. with cash more than he expected. Usman was a Nationalist and denied straight the lucrative offer and threatened him to expose it to the army chief. But he was eliminated at gunpoint to the training camp. Thus he lost his identity and was sent to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where he was trained in firing, hijacking, learning different languages of India, last-moment management, changing face masks, and so on. The customary rule requires the following three elements: 1- The preparation of a criminal act (such as murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, arson, and soon) 2- The intent to spread fear among the population, which will generally entail the creation of public donor or directive.

Indian C.T. forces at the federal and state levels were active in detecting and disrupting transnational and regional terrorist groups such as ISIS, its local affiliating ISIS-Bangladesh, and Jamaat-Mujahideen-Bangladesh (JMB).

Based on sociopolitical reasons and the available options, the goals of terrorist groups include gaining independence for a group, targeting symbolic places and events, and achieving social and political changes.  

By then, Sheikh Usman was anti-Indian. He was admonished that if he tried to act against the JMB principles, he would be punished depending on the degree of his fault. At first, he was in charge of the management of Madrasas in India where Mullahs were guided by the J.M.B. While his interest was in teaching, which was his most favorite, he was in charge of India's Madrasas, Makbat secondary schools, the Sunni madhav are Hanif, Muliki, and Hanbali. Usman joined a coaching center to teach Physics.

Unquestionably, he had an amazing personality combined with gorgeous appearance to attract girls of any age. He was a casanova.

Time and again, he talked with JMB chief and informed him about how he introduced bomb-making, throwing, gunning, inside the Madrasa, and the Mullahs didn't study the syllabus but intrigued the students to loathe against the Hindus. They were taught that Hindus are their staunch enemies. They created communal riots between Hindus and Muslims. Usman took pride in saying that he converted some Hindus into Muslims.

At the point of time he met Kirti, who was in the coaching center and wanted his help for securing above ninety percent in physics. She availed the opportunity when Kunal( usman) started coaching the group. Kirti cordially requested him for home tuition. Usman was over-pleased with her for she paved the way to create an opportunity for feelings of reciprocal trust. He taught physics less and more regarding marriage and divorce. He tried to create an impression that he was the most charismatic young man who has never come face to face with a charming girl. It forced Kirti to contemplate that he can't think of another one to conserve her heart. Nevertheless, on one or two occasions, she could not help but mark something exceptional in his behavior. First thing, when his father offered him coaching fees, he did not receive the money and pretended to be very honest. In the meanwhile, someone rang to him. With an excuse to them, he went past the fourth suite to talk to the person over the phone. Kirti had well-tested hurricanes in his face. She followed him stealthily and rehearsed him so many times he pronounced 'yes boss'. How he spoke Urdu so fluently! It compelled her to believe that he was not a Hindu. Before he came down the stairs, Kirti was on her seat. When he was asked, he said, "My parents ask me to reach home for a marriage settlement."

Very soon he changed the topic and redid the previous but could not clear her ambiguity.

He was so clever to win her faith. Though they lost in love, Kirti dealt with him carefully. She had been pondering about his reality. Usman entered the rave party with Kirti.

There were uncountable rave parties that feature fast-paced repetitive electronic music and accompanying light shows. Raves are the focus of rave culture, an object-oriented subculture that blends music, art, and social ideals.

The usage of illicit substances such as MDMA is connected with rave culture. The substances are illegal in India, and if caught with them or using them, one might face serious repercussions. In certain areas, permits are required for the planning and execution of large-scale events.

A rave party lets out all of their built-up tension and stress, dance freely, and party until the early hours of the morning.

Not all rave parties are essentially illegal; more often than not, activities that happen at rave parties are illegal. There are often a lot of drugs involved at the raves: cocaine, party drugs or MDMA, M.D., LSD, G.H.B., Cannabis, Hashish, Ketamine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine.

The day prior to their engagement, the two sweethearts were inside the rave hall. Among the overcrowded rave, Kirti did not find Kunal ( Usman)for a long time. Where her sweetheart might be, she thought!

  She climbed stair after stair until she reached the top. Whom is he talking to? It was pitch dark everywhere. She listened breathlessly to Kunal...,( Usman)

"Yes, I am Sheikh Usman. Yes, sir, I am returning very soon to Kashmir as I have nearly completed my work and returning with a jewel" (laughs).

"Ohmy God, you have saved me from being trapped by the terrorist!" Not for long, she was a marionette in Kunal's (alias Usman's) hand. She promised to kick out the terrorist and hand him over to the police. He descended down to the rave party before Usman, and they returned from the rave party. On the way home, she behaved as if she knew nothing. Henceforth, she mixed with him more intimately to carry off money from him until she had enough cash to open a rave party of her own.

All of a sudden, when Usman packed everything and intended to give Kirti a surprise to flee off with her to Srinagar, he was arrested on his way to Kirti's home. Usman stood speechless and looked at Kirti as if he would fire her if he had a revolver in his hand.

Now onwards, she was not a marionette but made the high-grades bow to her feet. By then, her father had died. She settled Kaushik and Kamal. They had a business of their own and were quite happy and self-secured. When influential politicians and personalities found out they were Kirti's brothers, they didn't stand an obstruction in their way.

She opened many new raves and night clubs in the city. She added glitz in neon colors and accessories. She ruined the lives of the buddies of big builders, leaders, and cinema producers who attended night clubs, spending nights after nights with beautiful married or spinsters. They never knew when night passed by, and the crimson rays of the sun descended and left marks on the top of the buds. Kirti was a step ahead, introducing EDM sexuality in rave parties. A rave couple spends half-time, double time, my-time, any-time. Dubstep fans are into the nitty-gritty, power verses, pleasure sex. Instead of it, Kirti demands sumptuous sums from interested youngsters and spinsters whose parents' gross income is from an illegal source. Most of them are in the highest government cadres, and too many to be counted. Each of the hankering amounts is seen in their relatives' accounts or in the polygon of costly foreign cars, structural skyscrapers in different places of the state. Their sons and daughters snatch away cash from the iron chest. They have the first priority for wine and wives.

It's a pleasure of Kirti to smash the idiots' children and make their lives hell. She is now all-powerful to direct the bribe-taking officers and even the parliamentarians to formulate propositions that suit her.

It is said: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Kirti was not the same Kirti who danced to others' tunes; on the contrary, she made others do sit-ups as punishment. Figuratively, she was a woman of crores. She had opulent bungalows at Janpath Rd and Master canteen. Her business involved dispatching full-grown girls and divorced young women to Dubai and Thailand.

Under all circumstances, she wanted to set up a house of her own. Many opulent young people were prepared to accept her as their better half, but she chose a simple, educated one for herself, Kartavya, the only son of a professor. He seemed the best for her. Therefore, she married him. Kartavya felt he was fortunate to be married to a beautiful lass who was a dream girl for dozens of affluent young people. Before marriage, she made Kartavya cautious not to bother about her business and mind his business. In case he is in trouble, he may take her help. She invited a few prominent residents of the city; ministers, police chiefs, and builders whom she thought would be needful for any kind of obstructions.

Kirti was boasted of Kartavya as the only guy with a spotless character. Although he is handsome and she believed him blindly, having not touched a single girl and not dated any beautiful coed. Day after days, she received dozens of phone calls from unknown numbers (only girls) who demanded he had married from different corners of the country in different names and ranks and divorced them, blaming them as vapid. He laughed at them and averted them, as she believed that it was usual that elegant guys and lovely girls have enemies to interfere with their personal life. 

But it was a fact. Kartavya, the handsome guy who has enjoyed women at his option, can't be contented with one. When Kirti had a round table conference with the VIPs for her action and reaction to her overnight billionaire and threatened the high-grades to make them into pieces, provided they hindered her way. Kartavya spent endless nights with charming nymphs in the night clubs and reserved suites for the best beauties that his wife Kirti built to make the elites dance at her fingertips.

Once Kirti returned home early at night and found her bed empty and the door open. On that night, she came early with a view to spend the whole night with her husband; nevertheless, quashed from the height of Everest to down to dust when she did not find her husband on the Dunlop. It was the twelfth night, still Kartavya did not return! At the dead hour of the night where he might have been—in an urgent meeting, a movie show, a youth club, or a night club!

When running one P.M., Kartavya received the phone and answered, "on the elevator, was out for you to find out you anywhere."

Kirti was overjoyed, "My sweet moon, I was alarmed you might be in trouble. You love me so much!"

She spent the rest of the night on her arms. Her plain belief in Kartavya cost her dangerously. He revealed the secrets of Kirti to her anti-parties. One morning, when she was most cheerful to prepare a nice dish for her life partner, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, she was surprised to see the police staff and showing her the authentic reason, they arrested her. The streets were full of her supporters, and the police had to open blank fires to control them.

During her absence, Kartavya overpaid the lawyers to own the properties in his name. The most trusted lawyer of Kirti informed her about Kartavya's conspiracy.

As soon as she was released on bail, Kartavya was caught by the police on his way to the airfield and sent to the lockup.

Kirti's case is in the court. If she would be freed, she has decided to live a life of a sage in any religious Ashram far from the madding crowd.

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