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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Haunted House

The Haunted House

7 mins 256 7 mins 256

I was playing with a kid living next door to my house. He said he would run and I had to catch him. I agreed. He started running in rooms, in the balcony, in the verandah wherever he deemed fit. I was chasing him in such a way so that I might not catch him. I wanted to elongate the chase to make the kid namely Jashan happy and smile. 

Ten minutes slid by in enjoyment. But then, suddenly he stopped and his facial expressions changed strangely. When I gave a deep look into him, he was as if frightened by someone. There was no one in our house except us. My mom had also gone to see her friend, my aunty Shalu to have some gossips. 

I inquired of him, “What happened Jashan?”

Jashan replied out of strange fear, “Someone slapped me.”

“What! Are you kidding me or what? There is no one except us in our house.”

“I am not lying. Someone really slapped me!”

Fear began to creep in my body. It seemed to be a paranormal activity. We stopped playing. I sat on my bed holding the hand of Jashan. I instructed him to sit beside me and not to go anywhere until I say. Trembling Jashan stuck to me. My eyes were rolling everywhere to witness something mysterious that I never wanted to witness. I was keeping my eye to my surroundings just to keep myself and Jashan safe. 

After a few moments what I didn’t want to see, it happened. A pair of white fleet shoes that I used to wear for jogging started moving on its own. They walked before us and went from our room to some other room. The shudders passed down our spines. A sudden trembling was the natural outcome. I began to sense some evil nearby. Now I could not help myself running away from this predicament. 

But what should I do, I also didn’t know. In such a dangerous moment, I always prefered only one alternative i.e. to run away from this dark, evil disturbance as soon as possible. But to run out to the main door, we had to cross one room and there was no other option. It was the most difficult thing to do as that room was the most harrowing room in our house. 

We could not even stay there where we were. The sun was losing its light and the darkness was engulfing our house. At the maximum, after an hour, it was going to be dark. The spooky environment almost suck our souls. To wait in the room where we were was the riskiest thing especially after an hour. So we decided to take another risk i.e. to cross our most horror room. 

I held the hand of Jashan and started running as fast as we could to cross the room. Before running, I had already instructed Jashan to neither look right nor look left, just focus on the exit door. So we did, but even then for a split second my eyes fell on the corner of a room. My heart beat skipped a beat to a tall girl standing in the corner of the room. Her hair was so long that it covered her whole face completely to her knees. She wore old rotten while clothes filled with filth.

But somehow, I managed to cross the room to the exit door. Luckily, Jashan didn’t see this creepiest moment. Had he by mistake seen that girl, he might have lost his life on the same very moment. We both quickly jumped out of the main door to reach the lane.

In no time, Jashan took to his heels for his home. I expected this, no wonder. When I began to run, immediately a thought struck my mind, “Aman, the door of the house is still opened. You should lock it as you would always do, else anyone can enter into your house and steal anything he likes. And you are not rich enough to take that risk.”

Soon one another thought followed first thought, “Aman, are you a fool? You are lucky enough that you are here outside in the lane among the people otherwise you would have been killed or strangulated by the creepy long hair evil force. There is nothing above life, not even your money or house. Run you fool. Run as fast as you can.”

The second advice of my mind was much better than the first one. Keeping a big rock on my heart, I left my house with the door opened and started running in the lanes madly. Then suddenly I remembered, “Aman, you have forgotten about your mom. Your mom is still in her friend’s house gossiping. If she comes back to her house, she will be killed by the evil forces. She didn’t know anything about that. Oh my God, she will be alone there. No one will be there to help her.”

The first thing I did was to put my hand on my right pocket to sense whether the mobile is there or not. Fortunately, I felt the presence of the mobile. I took it out as soon as possible and dialled the phone number of my mom. Nobody picked it up. 

“Oh shit! What happened to my mom! Please pick up the phone mom...Damn it!”

Nobody picked up the phone. Now I was at a complete loss. I didn’t know where the house of my mom’s friend lies. I could not muster courage enough to stay near my house. On the one hand, I wanted to save my life. On the other hand, I was worried about my mom’s life. 

I was running madly into the streets and shouting for help. All were busy in their works. No one believed whatever I said. At the last, I found one man who believed me. He said, “Only one man can help you to get rid of this predicament.”

“Who is he?”

“He is a saint. He can fight with the negative dark forces to save your and your mom life. He is the only man who can make your house as pure and positive as before.”

“Where is he? How can I meet him?” I exploded with questions.

“You can meet him on the next coming Tuesday.”

“But I want his help now!”

“Not possible. Now no one knows where he is. He comes only on Tuesday. You have to wait for five days.”

“I can’t wait!”

“You have no option. You have to wait.”

I spoke to myself, “I have one option. I will go on running and finding any man who can help me at this moment. I can’t wait for days. I don’t know what is going to happen by then. Whether my mom will be alive by then? Whether I myself will be alive or in the coffin? No, no, whatever I have to do, I have to do now.”

Thinking no more, I again started running madly in the lanes. Time went by. I didn’t know where I have reached. I was dead tired, my feet were dead tired, but still, I was in the hope that soon somewhere I would find a man who could help me. The lanes had turned yellowish dark. I had reached the strange places. I had never been there before where there still the old hundred power watts bulbs are used everywhere emitting yellow light.

Everything turned more confusing. Now, I felt, sorry, I realized I had lost somewhere in the unknown. There was no way back to home now nor I had time to think for that. It was only my strong will who was supporting me for a long time. But for how long it could do? The power of my will was fading. It was just as if the battery of my power began to discharge and it was nearing its end.

I didn’t come to know when I fainted. I think I spent hours in an unconscious state. Thereafter, I came back to my senses, I opened my eyes. At once, all hair raising memories flashed in my mind. I looked at my right and left lunatically. I suffered a big shock to see to my left my mom was sleeping and I was in the same haunted house. I closed my fists tightly and shouted as loud as I could, “NO!” 

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