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Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy


Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy

The Clandestine Conflagration

The Clandestine Conflagration

3 mins

Buried under her Insurgency consuming all of me,

This unneeded warring has emotions outpouring,

Sadness against madness pulled us into blackness,

Not to budge I'm standing firm against turmoiled sludge,

I'm needed more than ever to face this challenging endeavor,

Because the option to lose would forever have our hearts bruised.

Wishing for rain while I stand in the desert,

Pushing in the pain as she openly would flirt,

I've taken the button out of button pushing,

She's trying everything for a reaction getting nothing,

Her notorious and wicked ways separate us more each day,

With no point of return, I'm to step up and stay stern,

No more neglecting the kids, no more covering up with lids,

I'm soaking up all the hurting and shouldering all the burdens,

Painful remembrance as she seeks unfaithful vengeance.

Each passing day became increasingly longer, as I arrived to a conclusion of her no longer being there, I'm now a single father.

Within the same house to play this game of pretend, stonewalling with prevarication from who used to be my best friend, my guard was up while the hearts last strand was a split end, she didn't care, this gave her power to see my bitter end, the utter disregard as she would discard, I just couldn't comprehend, I was the only one who provided, who lent a hand, who kept together this band, who was buying this land, who gave everything in this quick sand, but her only intention was my dead end.

Needing to work I would keep an eye, 

gone I would always be in standby, 

I intended to keep our family aligned, 

but with this mastermind, 

my death was what sprang to her mind, 

after all this time, she would rather see me gone than become realigned, 

to keep the party going as I'm redefined, 

to sorrows song till the end of time, 

without me she would find, 

that her plan she had outlined, 

wouldn't prevent loneliness or grant peace of mind, 

without me she would find that there wouldn't be any return again, 

the end of our family is here as she resigned.

The suffered disbelief became shock which I would shield the kids from,

Unaligned I sacrificed my whole being and prevented any visible signs, I became numb,

The kids felt the same but couldn't express it,

I would take care of them all day because she was unfit,

They'd rather go with me to work and stay still,

Than be home in front of the tv without any thrills,

They knew what they were missing, but didn't know they're heart was hissing,

My courageous ability to hold them up with agility to also show them tranquility,

Gave me a direction to show them affection so they wouldn't feel ejection.

Regardless of her harum with belligerent treasons without any reasons,

I was up against unimaginable odds in an uphill battle becoming dismantled,

The walls were closing in, everything was about to spin and my chances were slim,

But I wouldn't give up, holding their hands keeping their head up, I'll shield them of this horrible pileup, but some day the lies will burn up, and they'll realize Mommy and Daddy had to break up, to live apart from us together until they have grown-up, because the damage is done and we'll never be able to makeup.

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