Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy


Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy

Over Barren Desert

Over Barren Desert

6 mins

Aloft on top of the world in spirit, my demeanor is casted in iron, imprinting upon all those around it's found within the blissful sound, my glorious resistance to evil is skewed in faith to trust any who can relate, only to partake in those I trust, unbeknownst to me that silver tongues can slither.

From one mountain top to another separated by a barren desert, I've found myself here, now it's time to relinquish my desire, as I'm inspired for adventure from this plentiful spring, I'm to carry on downhill living the dream.

Stopping for supplies I'm plentiful in gold, goods, gear and love. Nothing holding me back in about to depart, before I was stalked and stopped by a women armed with cupid's dart.

She's glistening and fluttering her eyes to accompany me, I wouldn't arrive as fast but to have such company felt like an internal blast, why not I say, she's so innocent and sweet, I close the veil over my eyes and give her a ring.

Heartfelt enlightenment covered my scars, shed the barriers over my mind, dissected my heart to intake this new flow, all of this inner peace solution was vulnerable to dissolution, vulnerable to what she knows, vulnerable to be barred.

I've never had such companionship within any relationship, without censorship I'm revealing my mindful interactions for her game of chess so she feels blessed, triggering her ego trip to claim ownership, now it's secret leadership to wage war internally on my Soulful battleship.

Leaving the village with the goods she's without weight, but most of the weight upon our horse is mine to carry, hers to own but mine to ferry. I don't mind the manly ownership as the other men is where she's staring.

The season passing fall, we're to start our trek across the desert standing tall, luckily we have supplies for this perilous journey, but now she's giving away everything in a scurry.

Her trickery made me believe that everything was not what it seemed, she didn't give anything away that wasn't ours to own, material is not owned it's only material, little did I know my mind was not mine to own, it was hers.

Tirelessly I'm shaming from the blaming, she's here to help and the weight was too muchb anyways, the others need our survival gear more, they deserved more affection because I had too much, I needed to lose weight so my muscle want so strong, these were snake tales all along.

Carelessly we're starting our trek, never looking back upon the happiness, wealth, atonement and guidance from the past, we're now treading fast through the desert, losing water from broken glass, getting low on reserves in our sash.

Recklessly throwing spites all night we're losing sight, our horses grow tired, our brains wired to become prematurely retired, finding a hopeful waterhole amidst the OverBarren Desert, I build walls before nightfall only to stall, the inevitable procreation to prelude loves sensation.

Breathlessly trying to regain solidarity to continue on, the winter webs in her mind were collapsing my intrusiveness lost in time, my attempts to alleviate would spell disaster, as she abused my sense of mindful control in place of folly. 

Sacrilegiously expanding into a family from false pretense, this misplaced love to breed in need was so intense, faith and spirit to believe in the chaos overachieved had me on the fence, never to look back moving forward lost in time through the black, we have increased our Soulful capacity in a glance. 

Three not two made the trek seem blue, the anger rising within this chastising had me with no clue, no longer in control, because I'm a fool within this shameful dew, she's to escape like a gargoyle leaving only us two, my new baby without you.

Four scorn by the sun's scorch months later, my laces are gone and the tread couldn't cater, pants dragging from my weight sinking like a crater, shirt missing to cover the child for the daycare, mind wrenched from the unquenched labor, sinking crows feet of a crusader, I'm pressing on to protect my fawn of her failure.

Fifth month and feeling sunk from her Betrayal, I'm lost from her hearts frost of a false portrayal, misused to be abused carrying our hand carved cradle, illusions casted of her malevolent intrusions so distasteful, generous to leave behind signs that only disable, I'm chasing a ghost I chose who's unstable. 

This is the end that I feel so real, but I'm faithful, to live again in the wrong lane so painful, I'm to be renewed no longer chewed or shameful.

Sixth moon within this dry monsoon, I'm forgetting her finally at high noon, the cradle is left behind as the child is fed by spoon, close to the greenery on my plight after death, by a love so impugn, I'm stalked while I walked along this dune, she's tapping my shoulder on the last afternoon, cloaking narcissistic verbal boulders as she looks like a raccoon, frail with blackened eyes wanting to commune, I almost forgot her but she came back too soon.

I'm without strength as she played my weakness, knowing my heart holds missing pieces she used my meekness, I'm exhausted but wanting help, blinded by her uniqueness, I deny her sleeveless realness, she carries the child left behind, I'm blind to her behavior of being seedless, but somehow within her mauled grin I feel completeness.

Nothing to change nor gain I'm without anything to complain, the OverBarren Desert drove me to inner being insane, her falsehood drained my pain for her own personal gain, I'm again to reign this train with our new strain, a lovely child to ordain, before her influence sustained her constant state of being insane, I'm to blame, I confirmed life made from methane, I'm humane and free of her migraine, the joker inside her left brain has free reign to explain, it's my fault I continued the trek again, it's my fault I contained our seed as she was in pain.

Lost in narcissistic translation toying with my imagination, I believe what I see and were together again so free, subconsciously chained by bonds that she desperately used to enslave,

We're now so close and out of this Desert without dessert, my hidden pain will not be hurt by her triangulating flirts, misery loves it's company and I'm to accompany.

The child can walk and write with chalk, my pain wouldn't stop, but the desert is behind us like a pad lock, a painful combination that'll some day stop, we never address the mess she caused, as we are at the mountain base starting at the top, to get supplies and forget what we lost. To deny the existence of the OverBarren Desert over the bedrock, how I blamed it for the aftershock.

Starting our new trek, we're scouting for a path up the OverBarren Mountain, to begin again I stopped and shouted, this is what I dreamed of, this is astounding! But my heart is pounding for my subconscious is doubting, because the devil in her surrounded and I'm soon to be drowning, soon to trek this OverBarren Mountain.

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