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Aparna Subramanian



Aparna Subramanian


Possible Or Impossible Part 2

Possible Or Impossible Part 2

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Biswas started dreaming of his childhood quite often. Every moment of his past presented itself before him. Sometimes, he wished he had listened to his wife's advice. Many unpleasant memories began to haunt him. As a result, he lost his peace of mind and became restless. He saw his father beating his mother with his leather belt in his dream. He saw his mother's dead body lying before his eyes.

Biswas controlled his emotions. He kept on motivating himself by saying, "You can't give up now. You shouldn't let your emotions ruin your chances of name and fame." Komal also encouraged him to continue his research.

After fifteen days, he started having some kind of blurred vision even when he was awake. He could see those blurred images coming to life in his dreams. He saw that it was the background of a battlefield. Bullets poured in from all the directions. Casualties struck both in Indian and the enemy camp.

He saw someone getting ready to fire at him. He felt a bullet piercing through his heart. He woke up immediately and went to wash his face. "What a nightmare!" he thought, "I am glad to be alive."

It was already dawn. He prepared coffee and went for a quick shower. Komal was surprised to find Biswas missing from his bed. She assumed that perhaps he woke up early to concentrate on his project. Biswas finished his breakfast and left for his lab. He found it difficult to drive as the visions of the previous night flashed before him again. After reaching the lab, he parked his car in the garage and was about to unlock the door.

Biswas was not feeling well. He fainted before he could even open the lock. The security guard was scared. He called Komal and informed her about Biswas. She arrived promptly and took him to the hospital. The doctor advised him to take a break from his work for a week. Biswas had fainted due to stress. Komal bought the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Sriram called Biswas to inquire about his dream project. The latter replied, "I have decided to go on a small vacation before I continue with my research. I will call you when I am ready for the final phase of the project."

Biswas went to Lonavala with his wife. He slept soundly for a couple of days. His dreams started troubling him again. He dreamed that he was fighting the enemies at the Indo-Pak border. He heard someone laughing like a maniac and turned around to see his face. His face was strangely familiar. The mystery guy said, "I will spare your life only on one condition. You will divorce Jamuna and get her married to me. I will find another suitable bride for you."

"I don't want any other woman in my life," yelled the man in captivity who was Biswas himself. He said, "I won't give up Jamuna as long as I live. What kind of a soldier are you? You should be fighting for our country and not against it." The evil man commented, "I wish you had not interfered in my love story. We were in love with each other until you came along to play a spoilsport. Her father got her married to you without her wish. She still loves me and wants to marry me." Biswas shouted," You are a liar, Vipin. I won't believe you. Jamuna loves me with all her heart." He heard sweet laughter of a woman from behind. He was stunned to see his beautiful wife. She was holding a gun in her hand. She pulled the trigger and fired at him.

Biswas couldn't believe his eyes. He had not seen just an ordinary dream. He had a glimpse of his previous birth.

Biswas was pretty excited. He called Sriram and told him about his dream. The latter was very keen to delve deeper into his project. He spent the next few days in the sightseeing, shopping, and trekking. He returned home by Sunday evening.

He was getting closer to discovering his identity of the previous birth. He fixed an appointment with Dr. Ananya and Sriram. He went to their residence on Tuesday.

Sriram took him to their private lab where the visualizer was already set up for Biswas. Ananya brought them three cups of tea. They started their experiment after the usual chitchat. Ananya hypnotized Biswas to relive the memories of the past. They saw his traumatic childhood flashing before their eyes. They sympathized with him. They witnessed a horrible sight. The entire action replay of Biswas' murder in his previous birth unfolded before their eyes.

Sriram froze in horror when he saw Vipin and Jamuna killing someone. He was speechless to see his parents murdering an innocent guy. He couldn't digest the fact that they were murderers as well as traitors. He felt as if someone had stabbed him in the back. He thought of his father Vipin Mehra as a hero and worshipped his mother. They had hidden their dark secrets from him. Ananya too felt uncomfortable after seeing the true colors of her parents-in-law. They tried to trace the location of the gruesome murder. Ananya asked Biswas to concentrate on the period before his death. The scene shifted to a confrontation between Vipin and another soldier. Vipin addressed him as Major Ram Pratap Verma.

They urged him to go further back into the past. They saw a young man seeking the blessings of his aged parents. He was an army recruit leaving his home to report on duty. He arrived at the bus depot at Drass and boarded the bus to Srinagar. The latter part of the story turned out to be quite tragic. His father Vipin became Ram's best friend and confidante. They happened to fall in love with the same girl Jamuna. She served them food in the officers' canteen. Vipin and Ram were trying their best to win her affection. Jamuna felt attracted to Vipin. She continued to ignore Ram. As luck would have it, Ram impressed her father by saving him from drowning. Ram sought her hand for marriage. He did not know that she loved Vipin. Jamuna's father forced her to marry Ram. She obeyed her father and pretended to be affectionate towards Ram.

Vipin congratulated Ram and offered his best wishes to the newlywed couple. The soldiers of the enemy camp started unprovoked firing resulting in heavy Indian casualties. The commander had prepared a counterattack strategy with his soldiers which included Vipin and Ram. Ram caught Vipin handing over the military papers over to the enemies. They paid him cash for his espionage. Ram confronted him and threatened to expose him before the commander. They caught Ram and were about to kill him. Vipin requested them to leave him in his custody as he wanted to settle scores with him. Sriram stopped the footage as he had already viewed it. He was puzzled as to why his father received a bravery award when he was a traitor.

Biswas was shocked to see Sriram standing like a statue. He asked him, "What happened to you, dear friend? Is there anything wrong with me?"

Sriram hugged him and cried like a child. He said, "Forgive me, Biswas. I am not good enough to be your friend. I saw everything that happened to you in the past. I am ashamed to call Vipin Mehra and Jamuna Mehra as my parents. They killed you by treachery. My father is the biggest traitor living in India. I wish I could kill him for his treason. I don't know how to apologize to you for their sins." Biswas replied, " Don't shed tears for whatever happened in the past. There is no need for you to apologize because you are not at all responsible for your parents' action. I have already forgiven them. Will you accompany me on a trip to Kashmir?" Sriram and Ananya agreed to his proposed tour. She said, " We will leave for Kashmir within a week. I will make arrangements for our trip." Biswas thanked him and went home.

Sriram appeared to be thoughtful. He wished he had recorded the footage so that he could confront his parents. Ananya guessed his thoughts. She said, "I had already switched on the recording button before starting the experiment." He felt like hugging her.

Both of them looked like angry tigers waiting to pounce upon their prey. Vipin and Jamuna came home after visiting a temple. Jamuna saw Sriram and went to apply tilak in his forehead. He held her hand tightly and said, " I don't want you or father to touch me with your filthy hands." Vipin looked puzzled, "What makes you angry with us? We haven't done anything wrong."

"Are you sure that both of you are innocent?" questioned their ever sweet daughter-in-law Ananya with pure hatred in her eyes. Sriram added with a sneer, " Leave it, Ananya. They are old people. They tend to forget everything. It's up to us to freshen up their memories."

Sriram switched on their LED TV and DVD player. He inserted the disc containing the memories of Biswas. Vipin and Jamuna were shocked to find themselves killing Major Ram Pratap Verma. Vipin yelled out, " This is impossible. How could anyone record this video? It happened around 36 years ago. There was no one around when Jamuna killed him. "

Sriram looked at him triumphantly. He said, "So, you finally admit that mom killed her ex-husband." Vipin was astonished. He asked him, "How did you know that your mother had an ex-husband?"

Sriram answered, "Major Ram Pratap Verma told me everything about your misdeeds. He has taken rebirth as Biswas Malik who is my best friend. Let me guess what happened after Ram Verma's death. You told your commander that Ram Verma had sold military secrets to the enemy. You claimed that you killed him for treason and recovered the military documents from his tent. You had already prepared a photocopy of the plan with minor alteration. You handed over the forged documents to the enemies and hid the original inside Ram's tent. I am ashamed of both of you. I wish both of you were dead instead of poor Ram. You thought that you would escape from the clutches of the law. Biswas foiled your plan by inventing a memory pill that took him to his previous birth. Unfortunately, your son happened to witness your barbarism on screen with the help of his invention. I want to hand you over to the police, but your age prevents me from doing so. I won't have traitors living with me. Major Ram has conveyed that he has forgiven you, but I will never pardon you." Vipin and Jamuna hung their heads in shame. Sriram packed their suitcases and dropped them at home for the aged. He never looked back and returned home.

Biswas Sriram and Ananya left for Kashmir on the following week. They reached Drass by bus. Biswas had never been to Drass. However, he led them to an old dilapidated building that bore the nameplate of Major Ram Pratap Verma. He opened the gate and asked them to follow him. The door was open. He knocked at the door before entering the house.

They saw an old woman lying on her deathbed. It looked like she was waiting for someone. "Who are you?" she asked Biswas in a hushed tone. Biswas kissed on her forehead and said, "I am your son, Ram. I am your very own Chotu. Don't you remember how I broke your pot and you twisted my ear?"

He told her about a few incidents which proved that he was indeed her long lost son. The old woman had tears of happiness in her eyes. She hugged her son tightly. She did not want to leave him out of her sight. Biswas introduced his friends to her. She nodded and smiled weakly at them. Ananya checked for her pulse. The pulse beats slowed down. The woman knew that it was time for her to leave this world. She asked him to take her in his arms and listen to her last words. She said, " Your father passed away right after your cremation. You know how difficult it is for a woman to live without her husband and child. I was longing to join you and your father in heaven. I was worried about what would happen to my body after my death. I had no living relatives to cremate me. God answered my prayers." She breathed her last in his arms.

Biswas cremated her and returned home with his friends. He vowed never to use those pills again. He had to come across many unpleasant memories that tortured him.

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