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Gurpreet Kaur



Gurpreet Kaur


Mysterious Night Of Love

Mysterious Night Of Love

10 mins 538 10 mins 538

"Hey Arjun! What's your plan for today evening?"

"Nothing special, the entire week was so hectic so I want to be little lazy, I want to cuddle with my bed."

"You are such a boring man."

"Boring? Who? Me?, Oh please I am not boring, I am just tired."

"Oh come on Arjun, don't deny my words, you are boring lazy man."

"Ok fine, tell me, what are your plans."

"(Smirking) Yeahhhh!"

"So my plans are to go to your farm house, Mr.Arjun Rathore." (With a huge smile and excitement)

"At my farm house?"(raised eyebrows with so many questions in mind)

"Umm yeah! You know I love nature, and calmness of your farm house fill my heart with tranquility and that greenery makes me feel lighter amidst this stressed work life. That rhythmic voice of leaves is more loving than any music, and soft breeze when touched my face I feel like loved."

"Oh my God such a sentimental words, miss Poetess." (Laughters and much happiness)

"So would you like to take me to your farm house?" ( question but in requesting manner)

"Of course, why not, be ready at sharp 6:30 P.M."

"Alright there, bye."

"Yeah bye."

Priya was my co-worker as well as my best friend. The most innocent person I have ever met in my life, she loved nature, according to her nature gives her immense power to fetch her feelings from heart to write down them on paper. Very often we use to visit my farm house along with other friends on weekends. But this time it was not weekend, though priya wanted to visit that place, so I couldn't resist her. Very First time she had asked something from me, I could delay my sleep for my best friend.

Beep! Beep! (Phone buzzed)

Received a text from priya,

"Arjun where are you? It's 6:15, you told me to be ready at sharp 6:30, you know about delhi traffic, you will have gonna take half an hour to reach my place, and we will be late."

"Don't you worry, I will be there at 6:30, just wait a while baby."

I replied to her, I knew she was worried, as I told her earlier that I was tired, so she was just checking whether I was coming or not.

At 6:40 I was at her place and she was waiting for me, she wore a yellow top and black jeans, as always she was looking simply gorgeous. She had a childlike face and innocent smile.

"You are 10 minutes late."

"I know, I know, my apology,

And I hope you won't be more late."

"Of course not, let's go."

After a ride of an hour we reached my farm house. A beautiful and soulful weather filled my heart with joy and happiness. I could see a satisfying calmness on her face, she was looking upon the sky with much excitement. Her eyes were talking to our surroundings. Her hair was dancing with air and she was inhaling every bit of positivity around her. She held my hand and took me into the house with her.

I thought she is about to write something, as she loves to write at lonely places. She wanted me to sit in a living room and told me not to go anywhere, cause she had a surprise for me. She instructed my servant to go to the watchman's cabin.

While I was sitting in a living room and waiting for her, I was scrolling Instagram. I saw a pic, in which I and priya were in the car and we were looking at each other with intense feelings, that was selfie taken by Priya on the way just an hour ago. This pic was uploaded with a caption of heart emojis, our all other friends were commenting on pic according to its caption. That was Indicating us like a couple in love. Although we were just good friends, who can be there for each other at any time or at any cost, in fact I have same feelings for my every other friend. I didn't have any special feelings for Priya. After watching that pic I was little worried about surprise, I remembered our ride from delhi to my farm house, the way she touched my hair, the way she looked in my eyes, the way she held my hand, that all was so strange. I did not noticed at that time, but I realized it later that was strange, little weird, because I had never thought about her in any other way.

A sudden sound of door brought me back at farm house from my thoughts, she was in front of me in Black Saree, I had never seen her in that hot look. She had always been simple and sobre, but this time she was looking hell hot, even more than any Bollywood diva. Her wet hair and red lips were looking amazing, they could seduce even a monk, though I was an ordinary man, how could I be a self-controlled man.

"You are looking like goddess of beauty."

"Umm I know, well thanks."

"But, what's the occasion, I mean it's neither your birthday nor any other special day, so why....... "

She came towards me and placed her finger on my lips, further words remained unsaid within me. I was freezed, I had never imagined this kind of moment with her, I was unable to recognize my exact feelings.

She instructed me to follow her, she led me into the room. Room was decorated with flower patels and candles, I was looking wide open eyes. Now I was getting the entire thing, it was not like friend's date, it was something more than that.

In front of me she knelt down and proposed, I was literally hanged at that moment, first time a girl proposed to me. I was trying to get my actual feelings back and gathered all my courage to tell her real facts.

"Priya, I respect your feelings, I really don't know what to say, or how to say, I mean I am literally shocked."

"Arjun say yes, if you do feel the same thing."

"Let me explain you... "

"No, you don't need to explain anything, I just want your straight answer, yes or no."

"Priya, you are my friend, a best friend, but not more than that, I had never thought about you in any other way."

"I got your answer." (With tearful eyes)

"I didn't mean to hurt you, but you know I can't lie to my bestie."

"It's okay, I thought you liked me in the same way I like you, your care, your behavior towards me, make me feel like that, that's my fault I mistook your caring nature with love."

"Still I do care about you Priya, you are an important part of my life."

"Yeah I know Arjun, and I respect your decision, we will always be best friends."

"Thanks priya for understanding me."

"Don't feel sad about me, even I am happy, you should be true to your feelings, there are so many boys who play with emotions of girls just for the sake of love, but you did tell the truth, I am very glad that I have a friend like you, Thank you Mr. Arjun Rathore , please always be by my side as a good friend." (Smile on face)

Then, she offered me a Mocktail, we both drank it. I told her that she is looking stunningly beautiful, she smiled, laughed and winked while looking at me. I wanted to sleep cause I was really tired, I told her to sleep now. She scared of sleeping alone, so we decided to sleep in a living room. She had slept at single bed, and I preferred a sofa to sleep.

[Morning 6:00 A.M.]

Somebody was continuously calling my name, "Arjun, get up Arjun."

After few minutes I felt a strong splash of water on my face, I woke up with a killing shock. They were cops, who were calling my name. And on my left my parents were staring at me with anger, shame and guilt, on the other side, it was Priya, who wore a green kurti and blue jeans her kurti was torn from various parts, her hair was messed, she was crying badly and two of her friends were trying to cover her with a scarf. One cop came towards me and gave me a tight slap. I couldn't understand anything, my mom and dad came to me and they slapped me, that was like a scary dream. Priya was continuously crying, everyone was yielded at me. Cops shakled me with handcuffs and took me with them. Outside of the house there were media reporters and they kept asking about my crime, which wasn't even committed by me. They were using a rapist word with my name. I didn't utter a word. My silence was acceptance of my crime.

After so many court hearings, they declared me a rapist, a criminal. When I asked Priya that why the hell she did this to me, she simply replied, "if you are rejecting something you have to pay for it".

I was imprisoned for 10 years, my family didn't want to see my face as I was the reason for their defamation. Although Priya was the culprit she was freely roaming outside, though I was the victim, I was cursing that night in the jail. With the passage of time, I was being habitual to live in that hell called jail. After two years, somebody came to meet me. She was beautiful lady, with much elegance on her face and lot of emotions in her eyes. I had seen her before, even I had met her several times, I recognized her, she was Priya's half-sister, Anusha. I remember she was law student, and I used to like her. She wanted to be my lawyer, and wanted to reopen my case. She told me that she had some major proofs against priya. After meeting her I lost in my past life, where I had seen anusha and priya as soul sisters. They loved each other more than anything. I was confused, why the hell That Anusha wanted to help me to get out of this hell. Everything was blurred, I couldn't see the clear picture.

My case was reopened, again the process of court hearings had been started. This time Priya's half-sister and her mother was by my side. My family came to meet me in the court, they were feeling sorry for not trusting me before. They all were feeling guilty to left me alone in that worst situation.

After few hearings the whole scene was clear, Anusha had several voice recordings of Priya where she was planning to trap me in a rape case and her two friends were helping her to do so. Her friends told the truth to the court and Priya had accepted her crime. Mask of being victim fell down, the real culprit was exposed in front of court and society. I was free from every blame.

But still I wanted to know the reason behind trapping me and why did Anusha save me. These questions weren't let me sleep. What was the connection between three of us? I asked Anusha's mother, she handed me Anusha's personal journal. I read it, and I came to know the whole truth. There was nothing like love between Priya and Anusha, they were pretending to be soul sisters, but Priya had hatred in her heart for Anusha. And Anusha was in love with me, therefore she saved me. Anusha was scared to share her feelings. Priya knew this and I remember once she asked about my feelings for Anusha, that was not a direct question but I told her at that time, "I like your sister, and I would love to be with her." And Priya wanted to make anusha feel cry, alone and sad just because of her jealousy, so she trapped me in rape case. When Anusha found Priya's guilty, she tried every way to save me, she collected evidence against her sister and reopened the case and saved my further life.

After reading that journal I recalled every meeting with Anusha, that rare eye contacts, the glances and those smiles.

As I was about to leave Delhi, I called Anusha and her mother for last meeting. They came at my place. In the presence of my family I held her hand and kneel down in front of her and said, "You protected me like a queen protect her king, I want to make you my queen for lifetime, will you be mine forever?"

Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks and she said, "YES."

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