Gurpreet Kaur

Romance Fantasy Thriller


Gurpreet Kaur

Romance Fantasy Thriller

Love Or Delusions - Part 4

Love Or Delusions - Part 4

6 mins

My brain got paralyzed for a moment, I didn't know what was that. Then I rushed towards my wall, where I had tucked his another note, that was blank too. Everything was so messed up, my brain was not working. My heart was beating hastily and it was ready to pop out of my chest. I felt a throbbing pain in temples. Then I saw darkness and nothing, I didn't realize what had happened thereafter that. 

  It was midnight when I opened my eyes. Darkness spread all around, it was like darkness had gulped all the light. There was no light, no hope, nothing. I drowned deep inside the darkness, endless darkness. I couldn't find any way to get me out of hades of darkness, the serenity of that place was eating me alive, it enhanced my inner turmoil of fear. I was shivering and all of sudden somebody held my hand. I couldn't saw him. Who was he? I became curious to know this. I wanted to see his face and eager to thank him to save me from drowning in the chasm of darkness. Abruptly, I realized that he wasn't lifting me up towards the light, he pulled me down towards the abyss. There was no surface under my feet, I was trapped in the whirl of darkness. In the deep darkness, his face flashed before me, which was covered with a mask. His eyes were visible to me. He was not my savior, he was the reason behind darkness around me. 

Meanwhile, someone was calling me and tried to soothe me. "Leena, calm down, just relax and wake up. " After a bit struggle I opened my eyes and saw Dr. Drishti, she was sitting on my bed. It was 2:00 PM and I was not in my room. I was somewhere else. It was not a familiar place. I got panicked and wanted to run out of this place; before I could act something, I saw him, behind Dr. Drishti. He was standing there and looking at me with an evil smile on his face. I knew him, he was living with me in my old house. I wanted to scream out loud, but Dr. Drishti came near to me and injected me. 

  It was evening when I regained my consciousness though I was still in the same unfamiliar room. However, that devil was not there. I was alone and lost in thoughts about that devil. I was frightened to saw him, might be he could come back to torture me. I wished to be with my mysterious man his arms were the safest place for me. I was not able to make a difference between reality and imagination. That devil had been haunting me through my dreams and then he appeared in reality, that was a dreadful moment to see him with my eyes. On the other hand, there was my Mysterious man, who had loved me in every possible way and then disappeared without any prior notice. I remember I was extremely joyful with him, I Had felt guarded in his embrace. I wanted to stay in his arms forever. His warm touches had been revived, my soul. 


It was deep night, and I stood outside my room and looking around my surroundings. A few years ago, when I had been living in my old house, there I read a book, which told me about reading the signs given by nature, a sign of upcoming events in life. While standing there I had been looking for a sign, a sign which would indicate any upcoming even of my life. At the same time, my mind raised a question, how would I be able to recognize the particular sign? Meanwhile, I looked at the sky. Moon was shining bright, there were few stars along with the moon. While looking at the moon I became curious about the darkness around the moon, that darkness was the reason behind Moon's bright shine. Amidst the dark moon was shining at its best, hence without it, the moonlight was useless. A few minutes later I saw a giant grey monster, it was a cloud, a dark cloud that was eager to gulp the shine of the moon. Within seconds the moon was disappeared, it was hidden behind the clouds, still was shining behind clouds. However I realized a moon can be disguised by clouds for some time, but it can't have perished. 

Once again my heart was filled with hope. I knew that I would meet my mysterious man very soon. Clouds of that devil were not strong enough to hide my love for my mysterious man. They would be scattered out and my moon would be visible for me. 


With these thoughts, I returned to my room and I was stunned, my eyes were wide open with shock. He was there in my room on my bed, my mysterious man, the moon of my darkest night, my savior, his deep black eyes were filled with love. I couldn't wait to be in his arms. I ran breathlessly towards him, my feet collided and I lost my balance. I didn't fell down, I was in his strong grip. He was staring into my eyes, his face was blank, but eyes were holding a storm of feelings which was eager to flow down. He lifted me up in his arms and walked towards the window. He brought me down there and wrapped his arms around me. He pointed his index finger towards the moon, once again the moon was shining at its best. He whispered in my ears with precise words;


" Look at the moon, it is shining bright and it's bacon itself in this deep dark night, clouds are just a temporary hurdle, they couldn't diminish the brightness of the moon, although they can cover it for few hours or maybe for a night but ultimately moon will tear apart the cloud and will brighten up the dark night. "

   I didn't utter a word, he was with me when I needed him most. My eyes filled with tears, the heart was beating loud, my legs were trembling with amaze. I didn't waste another moment, I turned around and hugged him, I pressed myself into his body, I wanted to be with him forever. I wanted that moment to still. A few minutes later he uplifted my head and cupped my face in his hands, looked at me. He wiped my tears and blow a kiss on my forehead. I wanted to say something to him, but he placed his finger on my lips and said, 

   "In your darkest night I will be your moon baby, no matter how many clouds will cease our way, I will distort them and bring shine to your night. "

    Again he won my heart with his words. He was the right man, my mysterious man with black eyes. 

   " Love never comes to your life with a special sign, but when it comes it makes you feel Special. It's up to you to recognize your love to make it special. "

    Yes, he was the love of my life, he was the man of my dreams. I was frozen at that dreamy moment, his warm breathe brought me back in the factual world. He kissed my lips, I didn't move, I closed my eyes to cherish that moment. His fingers were playing with hair-locks. Our lips were exchanging hotness of our love. I was feeling every bit of it. I wanted to melt in his hands, I was totally lost in him. 

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