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Love Or Delusions- Part 3

Love Or Delusions- Part 3

6 mins

I had reached a given venue. That was an ordinary house, the main door was open, but there was no way to go inside the house. It was locked. After a while, I saw a sign indicating away. I followed the direction and reached in the backyard. That was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. There I saw him. He was standing with wide-open arms, I ran towards him breathlessly. Without any hesitation, I hugged him. This time there was no formality remained between us. There was only love, pure love. He lifts up my chin and looked into my eyes and said, " I wanna dive deep inside your eyes, I wanna get lost in your arms, I wanna melt within your embrace."

    I closed my eyes and touched his lips with mine. A slight touch was enough to feel his warmness. We were not in a hurry. We wanted to enjoy every moment. He held my hand and walked to the aisle which was decorated with roses. That aisle had lead us to the beautiful room. It was filled with roses and there was few candles to light up the room with love and passion. It was like a beautiful dream came true. The black-eyed mysterious man was my dream man. He kissed my forehead and I kissed his hand. he complimented my looks, I urged him to look into my soul, which was full of scars, I wanted him to heal me there within. Might be he was the expertise to read the language of eyes, he read mine and promised to fulfill my every desire. He kissed my eyes, cheeks, chin and then touched my lips softly. A gentle kiss was transformed into a passionate kiss. His hands were wrapped around my waist and mine were wrapped around his neck. With my closed eyes I could feel his divine love. He unzipped my dress from back and tapped his fingers. On my backbone, I felt his ice-cold touch. I could felt his hardness too. After a few minutes, he released my lips to let me breathe. He looked at me with love in his eyes. Again he came close to me and rubbed his cheek with mine. He planted a kiss on my neck. His hands were continued to tap on my body. His kisses became wild. He shifted his lips from neck to the deepest place. His one hand was holding me from behind and another hand was making his way to slid down my dress. After a little struggle, he placed his lips on his favorite place.

He was squeezing them harshly, and I was sighing with pleasure. It was continued to several minutes and then he got separated from me. He held me in his arms and sat on the couch. I was in his lap. His hardness was not easy to handle. My heart was eager to set him free. There was no use of clothes between us. Two bodies and one soul remained in the room. Both the bodies had intertwined with each other, there was no space to pass air either.

We reached a climax and felt a bit of satisfaction, but that was not enough. A desert couldn't get sufficed with single rain, it needed more of it. Thirst of the desert was getting increased with every drop of water. We continued it. We wanted to pour ourselves with that divine rain of love. His lips, hands and he was not ready to stop, neither I was. His every touch was divine, that was healing my every scar. He licked every part of my body and made me pure inside-outside both. He was not an ordinary man. He possessed my body and made it complete with his magic of love. He wiped out all the bad touches of my body which I had felt in my nightmares.

Night had been passed and I heard a lot of buzz around me. There were 2,3 females trying to woke me up by shouting my name.


Leena! Leena! Please wake up! Look around you. What are you doing here? You should be in your room. Leena, wake up. Where are your clothes? Cover yourself. Wake up. "

 There was a mixture of that kind of voice. I opened up my eyes and found myself in the park beside my room. There were no clothes on me, I was half-covered with a bedsheet. I was clueless. My head was dizzy, I was unable to understand the situation. I was more concerned about my clothes. I was literally confused and could not utter a word. I was about to burst out in tears, suddenly there I saw Dr. Drishti coming towards me. She hugged me and told me to relax. She didn't ask any question, she helped me to go to my room. I noticed my clothes on my bed. She told me to take rest and not to think much about the current incident. I felt insulted in front of those ladies. Dr. Drishti gave me some medicines and left after that.

I leaned in my chair and tears rolled down my cheeks. After a few minutes I remembered that I was with my mysterious man on the previous night, and how would I came there in the park. Moreover, I was half-naked and half-covered with bedsheet; My clothes were in my room. How could I get there? I remembered I slept hugging him tight and after that woke up at the park in an awkward situation. It was unbelievable and unimaginable. If he did that to me I will never ever forgave him to humiliated me like this. I was filled with wrath. I didn't want to see him ever again.


At 12:00PM Dr. Drishti called me in her office. Her assistant came and took me with her. I was a bit surprised to see outside, there were many other females who wore the same dress as mine. Through a glass door I looked at Dr. Drishti, she was examining some papers very carefully. I knocked at her door. She nodded me to came inside.


She asked me about the morning incident, as I had not any clue about the same, my eyes filled with tears. She held my hand and hugged me to console me. Once I felt comfortable I told her everything about my mysterious man. Her facial expressions were not stable, she was worried, shocked and sad at the same time. She said nothing. There was an awkward silence in the office. I was blank at that moment. I felt darkness in office, my eyes resisted to open.


I felt water sprinkled on my face, I opened my eyes. I was got fainted due to stress. She said it was nothing serious, stay calm. She told me to go to my room. After reaching into my room I saw a note placed on my pillow. It was with the venue and time for another date. I didn't want to take any risk of self-humiliation. I had been in so much mental pain after the morning incident. I was feeling ashamed because of that man. Immediately I called Dr. Drishti and showed her that note. My heart was pounding fast after listening to her words, " What is it? Leena, it is blank. " She raised her eyebrows and asked'"what do you want to show me, dear?"


I snatched that note from her and saw it again, it was blank. Nothing was written on it. It was a blank white paper.

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