Kenny Pariseau

Abstract Horror Tragedy


Kenny Pariseau

Abstract Horror Tragedy

Chasing Alice in Wonderland

Chasing Alice in Wonderland

5 mins

Awake as it seems, 

I'm walking carelessly towards midsummer dreams,

layed out on this path forward as it gleams, 

sunshine weather promotes healthy indulgence upon the birds feathers, 

relaxes the leopards leather as everything in bliss couldn't be better, 

feeling the warmth of this daily treasure,

I'm confident what's forward is even better.

A tree that hemmed scars upon it's beauty surrounded in lavender, 

aged and tender the path ended here, 

which brought an inclination of fear, 

thoughts of the path coming to a stop, this enamored curiosity staring at the tree top.

I can hear a chuckle from around the trunk, 

a pleasant heavenly voice, 

I walk around by choice to debunk fear within serenity, 

to admire a glorious tranquility.

A beauty glistened blindingly within her admiration, 

perched upon her swing with an admirable flirtation, 

an exquisite taste surrounded my foundation to hold dear a new path so clear, 

no steps to take but soaking emotions to elate, 

I can't help but call her dear on this first date. 

Loves token reverberates within a my soul unspoken, 

we are to cross paths by spiritual chance chosen

within a glance, I'm on the swing to promote my heart to be redeemed, 

summers truth has our youth about what I always dreamed.

To let me love the lonely out of her, 

Our stunning submission for our souls nourishment to transfer, 

a proposed endless cycle of truth and happiness assured, 

without negative condition present to deter this new found glory a blur, 

promises spoken as our hearts exchange truthful tokens.

Holding hands at the tree base 

There is quick sand pulling her to give chase, 

she's complacent of another reality beneath, 

smiling for me to follow downwards through her teeth, 

I hold my breath in trust sinking downwards losing my feet, 

holding hands and taking her pill,

I'm somewhere else with no one to greet.

She's missing and summer is winter which no longer glistened, 

alone in dissolution of this new dream, 

precarious to her lost presence, nothing in sight is green, 

I'm to comb a lost reality as nothing is what it seemed.

The path from the tree is uneven with cracked vines and covered in moss, 

walking along the shrouded walkway, there's no escape through the deadly forest without loss, 

a bellowing premonition to stay the course so I'm not double crossed.

Every fatigued weathered glance, 

gives me another animated chance,

in the previous reality of summer bliss where I'm awoken, 

In this dreary and blue two toned reality, 

where darkness resides, 

tricks to the mind hide, 

going from amused to abused, 

I'm half asleep here and dying inside.

The path ahead showed a skewed shed, 

with peeling paint and integrity that shakes, 

getting closer brought about a hidden figure closer.

Within arms reach, 

out comes a man who's presence breached, 

to give me suspicious greet, 

it's a quirky character for me to meet, 

his name is Narcissist Meat.

With a cleaver on his side who's stance proclaimed he'd cheat, 

unable to turn away from this audacious figure with two left feet, 

he pulls out from behind a three legged seat.

I'm asking about this girl I followed named Alice, 

he leaned in and smelled like her, 

but the response was calloused, 

not knowing anything he's hiding behind with his leg,

her under clothing in malice.

Meat said he saw some girl in a dress scurrying earlier braless, 

that I would have to continue through the forest searching for a dark palace, 

his false ballad confusing my mind by his hidden talent, 

leaving dissolution as my only friend under his mindful mallet.

Shaking the breaking stigma that I endured, 

I pressed on to find my dream within this blur, 

no road but moving branches with toads, 

it's dark and blue within this two tone, 

shattered and alone searching for her new home, 

wondering why through the quick sand she didn't wait, 

and did she see Meat and try to escape?

Staying low with the toads as the circumstances advances, 

taking my chances I'm now surrounded in ashes, 

deathly dances of white so bright, 

I'm greeted in flashes from the emerging mansion, 

along the ground I can see her clothing in patches, 

different colors from before, 

but now nothing matches.

Not to accept this nightmare, 

I believed who I was with, is someone who cared, 

I'm progressing through the enormous door as a dare, 

my mind wants peace to know, but my soul is bare, 

I'm to find within my heart a deathly stare.

Something that stops you dead as lies unfold to scare, 

something soon to be truth, tied with beware, 

a progression to recession of something so unfair, 

to face the devil up these stairs without solstice to share.

The truth of an affair that would impair, 

the truth that I should've woken up to  and repair, 

I'm still unaware to this nightmare, 

I pressed forward to her enormous chair, 

with a devilish smirk, I didn't recognize her mindful snare.

A guidance to a lost soul who didn't care, 

I fell trap to a ghost with no hair, 

her looks have changed so much that I didn't remember anything anymore, 

I was truly alone and scared. 

Before I could move she grabbed her lever by her enormous chair. 

Falling infinitely, the thorns of premeditating persecution pierce,

Her drawing beauty to trap and pull apart every soul was ever so fierce,

There was never anything of substance from this dream to the nightmare, 

She rode the dark horse concealed in the light for no one to share.

The dream changed my perception,

I traded false love for my execution,

A losing battle of self deception,

A wrong turn at the intersection,

Others will learn from my life lesson,

Because I'm lost in depression,

Without honorable mindful protections,

I'm here to help with my confessions. 

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