Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy


Kenny Pariseau

Drama Horror Tragedy

The Clandestine Omen

The Clandestine Omen

3 mins

My plight was one for the books, as I write the remembrance has my heart cooked, for the agony began before I knew anything, I simply overlooked.

The torment has destroyed my inner spirit, the Intensifying Friction shows in my appearance, hurting those nearest as I attempt to protect those dearest.

With my positive outlook to provide for the future wife who I come to find lied, I'm always away working but her needs are stacking up, never enough I keep pressing on to keep up.

Relentless belittling and stonewalling, I'm the chump who's stalling, as I'm overworked while she flirts my strength has me crawling.

But I won't give up, I stand tall with invisible knives and keep on, she won't emotionally partake in our song, she's planning our end all along.

Away all day I'm unaware of the loneliness within my children, they are never outside but I never knew, that when I come home they explode in happiness, no longer feeling blue, they run to me excited because I give them purpose, something new.

An emotional thermos for I keep their hearts warm and aligned, because they're forgetting all of the lost time, for my love towards them is truly sublime.

Slowly I'm noticing the future wife is distant, but about to collide, the children are lonely and wanting outside, my world is starting to become cyanide, our future with a family is about to die.

My long work stretch is getting in the way of a failing family stench, to pursue our goal of a first home I must not become benched, undeniably something's wrong, unbeknownst to me it's deaths song.

Reaching out for answers had given me false ideas, protecting this wickedness she is pursuing, I can't quite grasp, that she's been filing my soul with a rasp, that slowly I'm losing grasp, her intentions were to destroy what could last, to go back to her dark past.

I believe everything she says, I plead for answers to her ways, filling me with lies this narcissist plays, enjoying the control as I'm in dismay, the rope to my happiness is frayed, because she has planned and surveyed, to end everything within me and persuade, that I'm at fault for her selfish charade, while the children's spirit is decayed, she doesn't care who she's betrayed, for the demons in her have a blockade, keeping out the light holding a grenade, she's willing to hurt anyone in this escapade, I'm still lost and looking for change, unaware of the betrayal she's prepaid.

This has to end, I have to find out what's wrong, it's around the bend, to keep together my family that I've longed,

But I can feel the Omen, The Clandestine direction has detoured my mind, as my spirit points me in the direction to find, a treacherous and Clandestine Insurgency, slowly consuming all of me.

The children will be safe, but for me, it's already too late. 

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