Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Kenny Pariseau

Horror Tragedy Others


Kenny Pariseau

Horror Tragedy Others

Confluence to Agony

Confluence to Agony

3 mins

A secretive and charming mistress, I'm amused by the sudden introduction life has given me, this new found beauty  granted me unfounded liberties.

Gleaming eyes and nocturnal love, 

 her smile, her stare, her hair, her style, she is sunbathing me with boundless possibilities.

My first induction from the heart was underwriting tremendous risk, but the alluding truth blocked my mental capabilities.

Sandwiched between previous grief and future wishes, the blissfulness moving forward within a spectre of this sentry invited her within all my facilities.

Once intertwined I felt shivers down my spine, a darkness found in a 100 year old haunted house, I'm alarmed to her mentally drowning disabilities.

I'm in love with a darkness consumed in misery, downed by trauma she wants to conduct all of her liabilities.

Bonded to consume all her pain I'm in too deep, what I found in the beginning is all I remember, so I suppress my gut and follow blindly to heal and repair all of these twisted impossibilities.

Leaving everything gained in fame I play her game, echo less calls from the outside world cannot come in, I'm in too deep, I'm here to heal the devil of all her insecurities.

I plead dear Agony, please listen to me, understand your no longer in captivity, I will fill all of your cavities, you just have to follow me, please.

Reminiscing previous lessons learned to lost souls circling addictions, remembering trials of false triumphs to careless positivists, she craves the devil be fed inside mirroring darkened amenities.

 I'm still here, I'm trying my hardest and the lurking stalking talking in circles inside these stoned walls block any sense of reality, unsure how I'm now here surrounded by negativities.

The dead end circle tunnel syndrome drove me to insanity, blushed heart and scorned mind with a spirit lost in time, I'm gaining experience in the antagonizing and tormented infinities.

Looped with a helping hand smacked, I'm belated and feeling erased, all of my emotions are now uppercased,

soon this will all end, I pray this is my fate, but not a possibility.

There's only one hope to bring this cycle to an end, a new life by souls split indifference, this will end by fertility.

The calming soothing nurturing wonderful sensual belated to now be related and infatuated we created a new song in life, now the fog of war is gone, nothing is wrong because I'm gaining visibility.

Holding a newborn the puzzle fits, but to her it's a chance to forget, it's back of her mind just above the neck of the woods, the reptilian brain takes over, the disease brought back volatility.

The anger makes her spirit skip, I can't speak past the quiver in my lip, now the puzzle doesn't fit, strong willed all along I still won't quit, I let the darkness drench my spirit, I let the devil french kiss, but this new seed will remain in tranquility.

Now I'm shamefully alone with growing grace, to protect this hope just alive after being maced, extinct inside by broken dreams I carry this new bloom, realizing I'm now tasked with protection to her I reel into acceptability.

I could have not left hell sooner for I tried to give chase, chase of a ghost who brings hell, hell where I'm enslaved, enslaved by broken bonded chains, chains to the mind internally insane, insane I didn't see the truth, truth to let her go, go away with my helpless little child, child to now grow very strong, strong because I'll forever show her true responsibility.

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