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Abandoned House

Abandoned House

7 mins

One old time in the village of dreams, where the sunshine almost never gleams. The story of three daring kids starts with the place that they all live...

In a faraway village from the city, Emy was reading in the corner of her balcony. She found her book really interesting. It was called Paranormal Activity. Eloy was playing netball with Eddy. Eddy won the first two rounds only because Eloy kept missing the ball. Eloy was petrified of it.

It was time for dinner. Eddy mentioned to his sister and brother that it was time to go inside. The dinner was delicious. Their mom always makes the most mouth-watering dishes.

Emy was tired. Probably because it was her bedtime. Her brothers would say scary stories every night before she goes to sleep. That always gives her horror of Dracula sucking her blood. But she does not want the brothers to think she is scared so she goes and sleeps with her mom. Her mother's hugs make her feel calm again.

The next day, they all went out to play in the fields. They happen to see a pond full of frogs and tiny fishes. Emy being a curious child want to see how deep it is. Accidentally, she falls into the pond. Eloy quickly jumps and saves her. As he is standing inside the pond with his clothes fully drenched, he feels something is moving near to his feet and is being pulled. He screams for help thinking it is a shark or an anaconda. Emy giggles. Eloy is surprised by his sister's reaction. Out of nowhere, Eddy dives up and gives a splash to him. Eloy is embarrassed by the prank played by his siblings as he is a scardey-cat. Emy rolls on the ground laughing when she notices a dark huge pentagon-shaped object. She did not know what it is at first glance. Then she noticed, it is a house on a shallow hill. She points her finger towards the house and gives them a dare to go in and explore. Eloy didn't like the idea at all. 

It was a big house with two floors. They saw a guard. He shooed them away. The kids got suspicious. Why couldn't they go?  

They saw a big sign that says 'Enter at your own risk... DANGER!!!' on the gate. They plan to go sneaking at night as it will be quiet and all asleep. It was a challenge for them to get past the guard.

The kids heard parents saying that they hear loud sounds from inside the abandoned house which was built 30 years ago. At night, the kids sneak out carrying torchlights. The security guard was sound asleep in his chair. The sibling's tiptoed and tried not to wake him up. A few bats flew past them.

They saw a lock on the house door. Eddy just touched the lock and it creaked open. It was pitch black inside the house and smelled weird. There were crossed and taped photos on the wall. Eddy tries to know if anyone is there, so he says hello. There was an echo but no reply. The door magically moves and CREAKS by itself. There are some books with tattered covers. Emy wants to read it. Eddy as a protective brother doesn't want her to touch it. So, he opens it and finds newspaper cuttings of people inside the book. By seeing this, Eloy pleads to go home. Eddy and Emy just ignore him and were more interested in going deeper into the house. Eloy had no other option but to go with them. They decide to play Ouija Board for fun to make sure if someone really stays in the haunted house. Eloy searched for paper and started writing alphabets, numbers, and YES/NO. Eddy took a rupee coin and asks them to place their fingers on them. The first question they ask is whether anyone stays here? The fingers on the coin start moving slowly and point to YES. They just leave the game in half as they don't want to proceed further.

They continue searching for the house. Eloy spots claw marks on the door and call Eddy for helping him find whose it would be. 

When both the brothers were discussing seriously, Emy got an idea to prank her siblings by writing with a red marker available in the closet that 'YOU WILL....' Before she could finish the sentence, Eloy spots her sister doing it and asks her to STOP.

With the happenings around him, Eloy wants to pee. He goes inside the bathroom right next to the room. He freaks out by seeing RIP written in blood on the bathroom tiles. As he slowly opened the toilet seat, he finds creepie crawlies and worms inside. He just runs for life. When he returns back to the room where Emy and Eddy were, he couldn't find them there. He frantically searches all the rooms in fear. He stood still to see a shadow swaying like a ghost approaching him from the window. He yells loud. By hearing the shrill voice of Eloy, siblings come running towards him. Eloy closes his eyes and points to the window. Eddy asks him what the problem was. Eloy says he has seen a ghost. Carefully, Eddy tiptoed towards the window and the ghost was none other than the leaves swaying from the tree. Each room walls has paintings of people drawn in red with the name written as well.

Eloy comes across a tiny closet and he thought he would also play a prank. He asks Emy to go inside the closet. Emy goes inside obediently. Eloy closes the door behind her immediately and starts laughing that he tricked her. After a few seconds, he felt bad for his little sister and opens the door to find that Emy is not to be seen inside the closet. He peeps in and Emy shouts BOO. He runs like mad.

Eddy felt hungry. He goes to the kitchen to get some food. He saw some leftover cookies in a plastic container. By seeing Eddy open the container, Eloy and Emy come running as they are hungry too. When Eddy took a bite, they also joined him. The three spit the cookies out at the same time as it tastes like paper. Eddy turns to the window and sees a face that looked like a spooky, scary face. When they got closer to take a look at the face, it disappeared. 

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Someone was screaming HELP ME!!!! They thought to ignore the voice and explore further.

They went to the attic. There was a bible and a sign that says DON'T DO IT. The sign seems like a warning to them.  Still, they climb the ladder to the sketchy attic. The attic smells weird and there are handcuffs all over the place. The light in the attic starts flickering. The siblings hold each other's hands. Eddy whispers to give him a sign if anyone is here. As a response, the light flickers again. They just run out without looking back. 

As they were coming downstairs, they could hear the shattering sound of the plates in the kitchen. A weird-looking creature fully covered in black wearing a mask and a helmet. It has wobbly eyes and crooked large teeth. For Emy, the creature looked like the vampire from her nightmares. They all hid under the table and closed their mouths not to give away their hiding place. Eddy saw an axe and sack near him and gathered them to safeguard themselves. 

Eddy slowly approached the creature from behind and threw the sack. The creature attacked him. Eloy could not withstand his brother in danger and plunged into action by stabbing it with the axe. The mask of the creature falls down with a thud revealing the face of a lady. She is badly hurt and howls in pain. The Siblings surround the lady and question who she is. The lady tells them her story.

She was a rich girl living in this house who never helped the needy nor like the people who were happy. She steals all the hard-earned money of others at night from their houses. One day, an old lady happens to visit her. She behaved rudely to the old woman. The old woman suddenly turned into a scary ghost with a dreadful voice. She had strong powers and cursed her for being rude. She also turned the house into darkness. 

Saying this, the lady dies. 

After a fun night in the abandoned house, the siblings went home.

The next day, the guard wakes up in the morning. He walks inside the house. The floor is covered with Devil's weeds. There are squiggly worms on the toilet seat. He sees bats hanging upside down on the staircase. He climbs the stairs to the top floor avoiding the sleeping bats on the railing. He opens the bedroom door. 

When he checks under the bed he encounters a yellow-spotted lizard. It puffs its neck towards him. He senses danger like something is wrong out here.

He hears stomping footsteps nearing the bedroom. With a voice as tiny as a mouse saying "I WANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!

The door creaks open behind him.

The frightened guard turns around. 


It all seemed like a dream.

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