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Anu Menon

Classics Fantasy Children


Anu Menon

Classics Fantasy Children

Spark of Magic

Spark of Magic

2 mins 306 2 mins 306

A long time ago, there was a girl whose nickname was THE LEGEND. She was a true believer and loved her Magic. But one day, it all went wrong.

Lily had accidentally put her socks in her dad's tea and sugar on her feet. She had also made her mom's shirt shrink to the size of a mouse.

The next day was even worse.

It was HELP Day, a holiday to celebrate the help we get everyday. Lily went to the market to see if anybody needed help. Luckily Mr. Meji did. 

"Hello Mr. Meji, Need any help?", asked Lily.

"Oh, Lily. That's so kind of you. Please, can you give these fruits to Mrs Meji and don't forget they are magical. So, if you make a mistake with one of them, you make a mistake with all ," warned Mr. Meji. 

Lily nodded fearfully. How would she make no mistake? Unluckily, the moment she reached the door, the fruits started to fall. Her head was filled with devastating thoughts that she let her friend down and ran into the forest sobbing.

When Lily left from the forest after calming herself down, she didn't know she was being watched. 

Lily was watched by the world's greatest spies. Their names were LITTLE and POTATO but no one knew their real names.

"What do you think we should do with THE LEGEND, Potato? "LIttle said.

"Well, we could...ummm..uh...I've got nothing", said Potato.

"Wait... Yes! Yes, I got it! I have the perfect plan." exclaimed Little.

"What is it?" asked Potato eagerly.

They whispered the plan and went to town to do their dirty work.

"Let's see how smart this girl actually is, "muttered Little.

Firstly, they made a wrecking ball roll to Mr. Meji's shop. Next, they blocked the entrance to the market. Finally, they wrote LOSER on every sign they could find. They waited for Lily to come.

Lily wore a confused face when she came upon the blocked entrance. She used her Magic to teleport into the Market. Being more confused when she saw the word LOSER all around her, she erased the signs and wrote their rightful names with her Magic. 

Lily was terrified when she saw a ball heading towards Mr. Meji. Without putting a stop on her Magic, her feelings made the ball disappear into thin air. She heard a lot of people cheering for her and Mr. Meji gave her a tight warm hug. Lily felt overjoyed and happily skipped back home.

"Aaaaa, Why is my shirt so small???" She heard her Mom cry.

"Oops," thought Lily.

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