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Anu Menon

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Anu Menon

Abstract Classics Inspirational

A Wish To Reality

A Wish To Reality

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Every person in this universe has wished – big or small. To fulfill them, they believe that seeing a shooting star, a red mail van, or a cloverleaf would make their wishes come true in reality. Let's find out what happens to Mila's wish.

Mila is hurriedly walking in the streets to reach home. For the past few days, she is stressed out as she juggles between a hectic work schedule and motherhood. 

One day, Mila walks towards Metro. She passes through a book store. A purple cover grabs her attention. It has a girl leaping in the air with colorful balloons. She felt like the book is talking to her, ’ Take and Read this Book and you will feel much better.

It is quite strange for a person who has no interest in reading books. But feels tempting to see what's inside it. After much thought, she finally made up her mind to purchase the book.

At night, Mila began to read. The book is about a girl who faced many problems in her life and how she deals with her difficulties with confidence and determination. It made Mila realize that despite all life’s struggles, life should go on. Right after completing the book, she starts to browse and read more articles, blogs, and books written by the author Emma in her leisure time. Whenever she reads her books, she always falls in love with the author's way of expressing the realities of life and eagerly waited for her next book release. All her books focus on the life realities which all people can relate to or might have experienced. It brings positivity to her and teaches her to find joy in small things around her. 

Mila follows the Author's social media handle to update herself on the upcoming books. She takes her time off from busy schedules to glare into her phone and wishes to meet the author in person who brought light to her life. 

It so happens that Emma announces fun elements like guessing the title, autographed book for all pre-orders, and a personalized card for reviews as a promotion for her next book. Mila participates in all just to have an interaction with her. She is the first person to guess the title. On a live chat with readers, Mila joins in. Just by seeing her name pop up, Emma is so sweet that she mentions to readers that the person who just joined is the winner of the 'Guess the Title' contest. 

Mila jumps with excitement. She cant believe that Emma recognizes her name out of a million followers. Her young daughter has seen Emma's books. Whenever the courier arrives, she is eager to open the book and smell its freshness. The next thing she is happy about is to see the back cover where the author’s photo is. 

Mila wishes to meet Emma in person. 

The next day, Mila happens to sees Emma's message regarding her visits to book-stores. She glances at the schedule mentioned on social media. 

When Mila is getting a chance to meet her, why shouldn't she make it happen?

Mila tells her daughter that she is going to meet Emma. Would she want to join her? 

Without any hesitation, she said,” Sure Momma, I would love to meet her. I am coming with you. Let me make a handmade card for her.” She starts painting on her card.

On the scheduled day, Mila and her daughter leave home at noon. They had to travel by road as well as in the metro to reach the destination. There is a commotion on their way that they got stuck for almost 45 min. Mila lost her hope. She made up her mind that if she wouldn't be able to meet Emma, her alternative plan is to meet at the next scheduled destination. Somehow, they reached the book-store late by ten minutes.

They went inside the store but couldn’t find her. Mila's heart skipped a beat. She is a bit confused about whether she missed Emma or that she is yet to arrive. Without losing any time, Mila inquires the officials present there. They reply that she is expected to arrive. Mila felt relieved. As her daughter is an avid book reader, they browse the books at the store.

When they were walking towards the front room after about 5 minutes of browsing, the door opened. Mila could see Emma stepping into the store. It is an awestruck moment for her. She could hear her heartbeats louder and no words to express the moment. Emma, like an ordinary person, is casual and gives a friendly smile to whomever she met. She didn’t make Mila feel she is a celebrity. 

Mila introduced herself and her daughter. They had a brief conversation with her. Emma has a good memory – she could remember that Mila was the first person to guess her book title. Her daughter hands over her painted card. She acknowledges her.

Mila love to have more conversations with her but as Emma had to interact with other readers present there and sign the book copies, She had to let go. All her efforts in meeting Emma did not go in vain.

She is feeling at the top of the world. She pinches herself to know is it for real or is it a dream.

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