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Abstract Classics Fantasy


Anu Menon

Abstract Classics Fantasy

The Sea World

The Sea World

3 mins

Mirla was a little girl who lived in a village. She had a wild imagination and would daydream every day. Sometimes she had visions. Some were true but some others were false alarms. One day, her imagination had run so wild that she had daydreamed for 16 hours 52 minutes and 28 seconds. But no matter how many people in the village had told her to stop imagining and to do something else, she never did. 

Some days she felt like she could just spread out her glorious wings and fly, but some days she felt as dull as ever. "One day," Mirla would say, "One day I will show them."

Mirla mimicked their voices, "Stop imagining Mirla. Mirla what are you doing? Do something constructive Mirla. Mirla your imagination is not important at all." 

There was only one person who encouraged her in every decision she made. Her little brother Marcus. 

Mirla thought about the things Marcus would say. 'Whatever you think is right, just do it.' So Mirla did, she did it every day. She would dream if fairies could swim and mermaids could fly.

One day she looked at her reflection in the pond. "What if they're right?" she sighed. Mirla looked again into the pond, but this time she saw someone else. It had a fishtail and a human body. A MERMAID! AN ACTUAL MERMAID!! 

Mirla's mouth opened and didn't seem to close for quite a while. The mermaid pulled her into the water. She used her mermaid magic and turned Mirla into a mermaid. The first three words that came out of her mouth to the mermaid were "Can mermaids fly?" 

The mermaid replied "Of course, we can. If we believe it." They started up a conversation. It turned out that the mermaid's name was Merla.

Mirla thought to herself "I should've brought my camera." Suddenly ink appeared and covered Merla and Mirla's path. It was an octopus. Merla had a special necklace. She could talk to animals. Soon she calmed the octopus down and it carried them to the mermaid's castle. Mirla's floating auburn hair made it hard for her to see. She saw the castle after a while. It was a glowing shade of cyan with a touch of sparkling pink.

Mirla saw a merboy. "Wait a second," she said. "Is that my brother?!" She heard him calling her name and she called back in reply. They both hugged. The mermaid had something to give Marcus and Mirla. 

"I have something to give you but you have to pufferfish promise not to tell anyone that you saw mermaids or that I turned you into them," said Merla. They both promised and got seashell necklaces. The necklaces allowed them to visit the mermaid castle anytime they wanted to. 

Sadly, their time was up. They turned into humans and bid goodbye to the mermaid. The seashell necklaces were also a souvenir of their adventure. Their clothes were also glowing like the sparkles on the mermaid castle. "I guess this means we are officially citizens of another place," said Mirla to Marcus. 

They giggled and went home.

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