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Anu Menon

Abstract Fantasy


Anu Menon

Abstract Fantasy

Mom's My Superhero

Mom's My Superhero

4 mins 320 4 mins 320


I'm Crystal from Magic Diamond Street. I live with my mom and my little sister. My dad had to move to California for an important job offer. We may seem like a normal family but I have a secret and I am trusting you to keep it. My mom is ...come closer, she is...even closer, she's a superhero. And I am a mini-hero along with my sister, Emerald. Anyway, you won't believe what happened today.

So I was in my bedroom when- "BREAKFAST!" yelled mom. I yawned and got up from my bed. Mom was cooking Emerald's favourite. I went down to the kitchen and was surprised to see Cherryl actually helping my mom. Cherryl was mom's archnemesis but she and mom don't know that. Emerald and I only found out a few weeks ago. We thought that it would be better not to tell because we didn't want to ruin their friendship as normal people.

I and Emerald finished our breakfast and rushed upstairs to change into our uniforms. While we were changing, I heard Cherryl talking about her secrets and asked mom about hers.

"Well, you see, I have one secret but since we've been friends for a while, I thought I would tell you. I am actually..."

"Cheese!" I jump in, "you forgot cheese in my lunch box!" 

"In a minute Sweetie, so as I was saying..."

"We're going to be late!" screamed Emerald.

"Oh dear, wait a second Cherryl. I have to get them to school."

I sighed in relief. 

We got ready and went to school. All I could think about was the conversation about mom's secret.

At School

"Crystal, answer the question! Crystal? CRYSTAL!"

"Yes Miss Colgie," I said with respect.

"What was I talking about!" bellowed Miss Colgie.

I looked out the window, " Look everybody! It's Supermom!"

Once again, I had been saved. I knew my mom would have my back. She always does.

When school was over, I and Emerald went home with mom.

"How was your day today Crystal?" She winks at me. I smile.

"Good," I reply. I saw Cherryl coming our way.

"Hey mom, do you want to go to the Fair Palooza?" I asked.

"Now?" questions Emerald.

I give her the I'm trying to distract mom from Cherryl look and she says, "I didn't finish. I was saying now would be a good time to go."

Mom agrees until Emerald spills milkshake on herself and we had to go home to clean it. I saw something even worse, Cherryl's son who also happens to be my enemy.

"Hey, Loser!" he teased.

I growl and try to hold my anger, "Hey Chris!"

"Guess what?" said Chris.

"What?" I groan and roll my eyes.

"I know all about your secret!" he says.

I gasp. He couldn't be talking about the secret, could he?

"Guess What?" I say.

"What?" Chris asks.

I shouted, "I don't care!"

I probably shouldn't have shouted that because now the whole neighbourhood and my family were staring at me. Only the sound of Emerald's cough broke the silence. But luckily, as always, Supermom was here to save the day. Again I say the special four words, "Look everyone, it's Supermom!" And yet again, she flies up to the sky grabbing everyone's attention. Emerald winks at me. I smile at her. 

Chris goes back home. Cherryl comes our way. How does she always seem to appear when we don't need her. 

"Hey girls." she welcomed us in the sweetest tone ever, "What a coincidence! Now, where is your mother?" She turns her head from side to side scanning the whole garden for her.

"She is..." I begin to say.

"Right here." says mom.

My head starts spinning. I gave Emerald the try-to-distract-mom-from-Cheryl look. She gives me the carry-on-what-you-are-doing look. So I did and soon I fainted.

I don't know what happened while I fainted but I do know that I got a lot of attention.

When I woke up, I saw Emerald's it-didn't-work-out look. Yes, we made looks when we were very young and still use them today. Surprisingly, I saw mom and Cherryl laughing and having fun playing twister. Mom told Cherryl that she had things to do and instantly she left. 

"How are you feeling honey?" asks mom.

"Good?" I say confused.

"Doesn't sound like it." said mom. She puts her hand on my forehead. 

"I'm fine, just a little confused. Didn't you tell her the secret?"

"I did and she was okay with it. We compromised and it will be okay with her if I give away my powers for two seconds." explained mom.

That's when I realised that mom knew what she was doing all along.

Instead of growing apart, Mom and Cherryl grew closer and I had nothing to worry about. I got to go as Cherryl is making carrot cake. Yummy.


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