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Anu Menon

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Anu Menon

Abstract Romance Inspirational

Life of Mia

Life of Mia

12 mins 480 12 mins 480

Have you ever imagined living in a world geared towards people much taller than you? Well, you'll find out because that's what this story is all about. So without further ado, let's dive in and witness the challenges of this little girl called Mia.

On the forty-first week scan, Jane and Tom find out from their doctor that their baby has Achondroplasia. It is daunting for them. Jane is worried and has so many thoughts of having a child with a difference which may lead you down to the paths you never thought you'd have to travel. 

From the moment Mia was born, people around her were saying "Oh God!" as she finally arrives a month late. Jane held Mia in her arms. "She is my baby and needs me more than ever," she thought. Jane dont know what she is dealing with. She feels she needs to pick up and also not sure of what the future holds for her and Mia. She has known about dwarfism while reading books like 'Snow White And Seven Dwarfs' and 'Gulliver's Travels' but didn't think it would happen in her real life. As a mother, she is not in a position to abandon her baby though her relatives and friends are advising her to do. Jane's father walked into the hospital room and said, "Jane, I dont care how tall Mia is, she is pretty and am proud to be her Grandpa." These positive words from her father lightened her mind. Jane knows life would be hard for Mia. How often it happens doesn't matter. It happened and we're here. 

The situation is like you are planning a fab vacation trip to Italy but when the day finally arrives, due to some uncertainties you land in Holland. They haven't taken you to a filthy place full of famine and disease. It is just a different place and you are totally unprepared. If you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn't get to Italy you may never be free to enjoy the very special and lovely things in Holland. 

Jane googles and reaches out to other moms on Facebook and Whatsapp groups who are going through a similar journey. They were her biggest support who gave information and shared their experiences that comforted her to give everything a try.

Although Jane loves Mia, she didn't give her any customised things like small chairs or small tables as she doesn't want her to expect these things outside her home and to live her life normally. Jane and Tom took precautions to create a safe environment free from obstacles for Mia. Making sure as a baby she lays on her bed sideways to reduce the risk of choking. Tom drives his car slowly without bouncing from side to side and well supported when Mia is seated. When Mia began to walk she topples and falls easily so they stayed inside and did not allow her to go outside. Jane loved to personally stitch clothes for Mia.

Everyday struggles were getting harder to manage for Tom. He got addicted to drinking which brought some relief for him. As days go by, Jane and Tom had their differences which led to fights. They decide to part ways. It was a hard time for Jane to manage alone. Tom kept a tab on what's going on in Mia's life and calls to talk with Mia every weekend. Jane wanted Mia to be as independent as possible and asked her to talk about all her feelings but she is not allowed to hide. She bought a pet dog, Bonnie, to keep her company. Mia adapted to how she lives day to day to cope with a bigger world around her. She knows her condition is a part of her life and it is not something she can be separated from. She embraced her life and she wanted to try everything as normal people do. 

Jane's sweet words motivate Mia to be the best version of herself. Mia wonders how her mom stays focused and never complains despite all the hardship she has to go through but still cares for her which made her feel wanted and loved.

 Her life was not as sweet as Mia thought it would be.

 In school, she had terrible experiences of being bullied for a condition that she could not control. Kids stare at her and say unpleasant things which make her want to cry. She doesn't want to wake up every morning and think 'Oh woe is me. I am a little person.' There were times where she felt a kick in the chest startled her when someone interrupts her morning routine by pointing at her, calling names, or taking a selfie on the way to school where some people think my mere existence is a joke. She felt she is not disabled by her condition but disabled by societal barriers. People hold their hands over their mouths and laugh trying to look away but also alert their friend by whispering, "There's a Midget." Some people don't even hide their ridicule and say, "Look at it! It is an alien!" Mia comes back home and cries to Jane. Jane instructs her to deal with people's comments by asking them back. From the next day, she dealt with people who laughed asking them, "What's funny?" Most people say, "Nothing. Nothing." and runoff in embarrassment. For others who call her midget, she tells them "Don't use that word! Call me by my name if you want to refer to me. My bones don't grow as fast as yours and that makes me short." Living in a giant's world everyday task was beyond her reach.

In her school, kids get scared of her abnormality as she is the smallest in the class. It's awful that no one wants to hear her or accept her as she is. Mia has no friends in her class. She often doesn't understand why her classmates have a debate on her size, shape etc but never understand her feelings. She is let down by her classmates during sports as well even though she loves to play. Mia always felt like an outsider trying to fit in with the rest. Deep inside she cries and wishes she was born normal but she stays strong and breaks through all the challenges in school.

Some of Mia's teachers cheered her on even when she felt lazy and down. Some teachers never say it outwardly but made it difficult for her to participate in activities at school. Still, Mia was an outgoing student and won prizes at stage plays. During evenings after school, her classmates who stay nearby deliberately honk their cycle bells and wave to her. Mia wished to cycle with them and expressed her desire to Jane. Jane, like a fairy, grants her wish by giving her a kids cycle to ride on. The next evening she showed off her cycling skills which made the others' jaws drop and include Mia in their team too.

Mia's college life was far better than school. At college, nobody seems to mind and she could make friends very easily. She is motivated to challenge her perceptions and change attitudes by becoming the change she wanted to see. In the college canteen, Mia has to be way ahead in the food counters before others, to avoid being crushed. The struggle for her is when she takes a train to travel to college. Whenever her co-passengers notices her, they stare at her in a funny way, try to click her picture on their phones secretly and pass nasty comments like prescribing medicines to make her grow. Mia stopped explaining herself when she realised people only understand from their own level of perception. Kids are friendly towards her and try to pull her cheeks. She enjoys being with them. Sometimes the rush inside the train makes her feel breathless. She looks for the specially challenged seats but sadly these seats are occupied by normal persons. They try to ignore her by paying no heed to her pleading to get up from their seats. 

For her sake, Mia had to change the train timings. She decided to leave home one hour early in the morning and leave college one hour late. During that one hour, she decided to enrol herself for badminton in Sports Academy. Sometimes, the girls of her age are rude and give her tension by hitting the ball towards her whereas it was fun to play with kids as they treat her equally. 

Some friends in college go for late-night parties to Pubs. When Mia asked for Jane's permission, she didn't allow her in the fear of her getting stamped in the crowd. During her college farewell party, Mia couldn't wear a saree like others but she felt proud in wearing a special gown stitched by her Mom.

Job hunts were getting tough for Mia. She had applied for different positions in different firms but it was disheartening that when she walked into a room for the interview, she has been evaluated by her presence and dismissed in a matter of seconds. Their evaluation is that if people are tall, they have self-confidence whereas people who are short are insecure. They sometimes conduct the interview for her sake and sent a rejection letter after few days. Whenever she feels down about it, Jane tells Mia that having perseverance, patience and being positive will pay her someday. Mia's hope is regained by hearing her mother's words.

Mia takes her mobility scooter to get fresh air and also to divert her mind from her frustrations. Some people were deliberately honking continuously behind her while riding and making her feel helpless. She felt to cut short her ride. On the way back home, her neighbours were teasing her that she should be working for the circus rather than having her dreams of working in a company. Mia felt like saying she is normal too. She has the same thoughts, feelings and desires. She can't understand why the world treats her as if there is something wrong with her. She always wanted to break the barriers of the world's opinions.

Mia received a call from a startup company offering her job. She was so happy and shared the good news with her mother. Her mother hugged her and told Mia that she is her absolute princess and loves her no matter what. 

After joining the company, her boss Marcus supports disability and value her. But her opinions were not heard by her colleagues. But if the same idea is put across by someone, all agrees that it's an excellent thought. Mia can't change her colleagues' attitude towards her. She worked very hard and performed well to show her potential. Slowly, her colleagues began to feel she's no different and started considering her opinions as well.

Marcus gets attracted to Mia. Marcus and Mia go out together for official meetings and sometimes catch up on lunches if they are late. Marcus always admires her positive vibes and honest nature. He never knew how time flies by when she is with him and as soon as he reaches back home, he misses her and can't wait to see her again. Marcus had to take personal leave for 2 days and he handed over his pending work to Mia. 

 Mia misses Marcus in his absence. She often wanted to tell Marcus how she feels special in his company but don't know what he might think about her or how he might laugh it off as he doesn't have any feelings for her. She brushed aside her thoughts and continued working.

That weekend, when Mia and her mother were shopping in a supermarket, she bumped into Marcus and his family in the parking lot. They introduced their family to each other. Mia's mother could see how her daughter's eyes were sparkling with joy when she met Marcus and how Marcus treats her daughter affectionately.

They started hanging out together more often and post a couple of photos on social media. The meany comments from people are like "how on earth did Mia get a handsome boy?"

"Mia has fallen in love with Marcus for Money?".

Mia ignored all the comments as it has been part of her life. Marcus couldn't ignore it and he had a plan.

On an official trip to Italy, Marcus did a live telecast on social media platform on how much she means to him and proposed her with a ring after getting approval from his and her parents. She replied "yes" and couldn't hold her tears. Mia had never believed that she would ever find love, let alone get married. Mia was in double joy to even see her father in person. She couldn't believe her eyes. She pinched herself to know if it's real. Her mother nodded ensuring that Marcus had invited her father too. Both father and Mia hugged each other, tears in their eyes. Mia could realize that they have lots in common between them. 

After marriage, the couple were being stared at by many people. But for Marcus and Mia, the only thing visible to their eye is their love and care for each other. Marcus supported and encouraged Mia in whatever she does.

 One morning, she couldn't get up from bed. She called Marcus for help. Marcus came running to her bed. Mia was crying and complaining that she can't move her leg. Both legs have been paralyzed. Marcus feeling weak within him as he has never seen Mia sad. He lifted her and took her to the hospital. 

On reaching the hospital, the doctor told them for immediate surgery. The surgery is risky and can turn complicated. Marcus couldn't think of anything but to see Mia in good health. He can't be without her. He agreed to the surgery. The operation lasted for six hours and doctors were monitoring Mia. Marcus kept on praying to God for her recovery and had complete faith in the doctors. After the surgery, Mia shifted to a recovery room and she was out of danger. 

Mia had to attempt walking to make sure she has recovered. Marcus silently stood watching her while she looked at him to confirm if she could. He showed his thumbs up that shot up her confidence that she can. With the help of the walker, she tries hard to walk with both her legs forward. She succeeds in walking. Marcus happiness knew no bounds.

After a year, Mia is in the hospital. She is warned by her doctors that her baby has inherited a deadly combination of genes and if the baby is born, the baby can't survive for more than half an hour. Mia as a determined mother ignores the doctor's advice and continued with her pregnancy despite suffered complications throughout 24-25 weeks. Doctors asked Marcus for his decision. Marcus told doctors to go ahead with Mia's decision. He has nothing more to say. Special care was given to Mia. She was taken to the Maternity ward for Caesarian. Mia was in dilemma. She has only two choices - either she will be able to see the baby or sometimes she won't be able to see her precious child. She kept praying to God. While praying, the memories of how she was accepted by her family, the struggles that mom had to go through and the challenges she faced flashed in front of her eyes. We shall overcome whatever the situation may be. She closed her eyes.

As Mia open her eyes, she sees her mother holding her baby. Jane softly transfers the baby into Mia's lap. Mia holds the baby close to her and all the family congratulates her. Mia's mom whispers in her ears, "It's a girl and a normal baby." Mia's eyes welled up with tears and hugged her mom. 

Marcus comes near Mia and baby for a family photograph. They both kiss the baby.

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