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Riya Richard R L

Abstract Drama Classics


Riya Richard R L

Abstract Drama Classics



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I was so glad to be back home on my summer vacation after graduation. My next step was to take on my master's degree, before that, I have a fabulous month to celebrate. My parents were so proud of me,

“What’s your plan for this summer, honey?” my dad asked me

“Shall we go for a picnic?” Mom suggested

“Nope, I have decided to learn cooking!” I grinningly replied,

“WHAT!” my parents stunned

“You aren’t kidding me” my mom wryly said,

“No mom, I’m serious this time”

Frankly, to say, I didn’t know to cook any recipes, my mom used to cook for me till college, my dad also used to cook and bring me coffee during my night studies, I hardly visited restaurants, since I was going to stay in the hostel for the time for my master degree, I wanted to learn cooking to feed myself. So, I decided to learn to cook these summer days. My Mom was a cooking expert; she had some secrets about each recipe, I was so happy to have a master chef mother.

My cooking trial started, for the first time I prepared Cappuccino, I added more sugar, so the sweetness was at its peak, my Dad sarcastically said,

“Well, if I drink this for two days, definitely I’m diabetic”


“Okay sweetie, do better next time” he warmly hugged me, the next day, I made a perfect Cappuccino, and my parents were satisfied. I rejoiced

Next, I tried making Poori and Chapatti, both can be made from wheat and all-purpose flour, I tried. I faced difficulty in kneading the flour, my mom gave some tips and I followed her lead and finally made the good dough I Made small balls from the dough by rotating between my palms, dipped a ball in dry flour, placed it on the wooden rolling board and rolled with the rolling pin. My mom instructed me not to apply too much pressure while rolling. I did as per her guidelines and made perfect chapatti, for Poori she asked to make a rough dough as we deep fry it, I was so happy in making those delicious Indian bread.

“So, who made Chapatti today?”

“Me, dad”

“Okay, then I’ll have five than three”

“Fine, dad”

My dad loved those, also my mom

“Honey, I’ll also have five”

“Coming mom”

I gladly cooked and gave them, they were so delighted and had a good dinner.

Next, I tried some vegetable recipes most particularly Vegetable Manchurian, Kadai Mushroom, Potato Masiyal, Spinach poriyal, and many other tasty vegetable recipes like Rasam, Sambar, etc the most difficulty I faced was cutting onions, tears welled in my eyes, I washed my eyes while cutting an onion, next was the scary chili, I hate chilies for their hotness, once I carelessly added more green chili and my Gobi Manchurian turned into chili Manchurian, then after that, I was so cautious in adding the ingredients, especially chilies. Somewhat, I learned to make some vegetable recipes.

“Well, today do we have Chili Manchurian?” my dad mockingly asked me

“No dad, that was yesterday, today you will have a tasty Gobi Manchurian”


“Yes” I replied him confidently

“Dear, she learned from her mistakes” my mom assured me

“So, my little girl is a good chef?”

“Taste it and post your comments,” I told him with a glee

He tasted and was impressed.

Next, I tried making omelet and egg curry, I added excess red chili powder thus the curry became the spiciest dish I ever tasted, I was so upset at that. My mom suggested adding coconut milk so that the spiciness could be reduced. I did as per her instruction and to my surprise, the coconut milk subdued the spiciness and my curry tasted good, I learned a secret trick from this. My dad didn’t like eggs so I and my mom tasted the excellent Omelet.

Next, I tried making fish recipes; I loved to make fry as they were so easy and delicious. For fish curry my mother had a unique way, I followed her lead and it became successful. I tried making dhal recipes too, they tasted well if added ghee. I also learned to make Idlis, dosas speaking of Dosas; Masala and Ghee dosa was my favorite, also Rava Upma, Pongal, Appam, and Putu, for Appam I made Channa gravy, it was a delicious meal, for Pongal I made coconut chutney it was finger-licking, for Puttu I ate that with banana it was so sweet, thus I managed to cook some tasty recipes and had good meals.

“Make more Appams for me,” my dad asked for more,

“Sure, but not today, tomorrow, already you’re full,” my mom said smilingly

“Oh! So my tummy needs to wait”

“No, you can have them now” I made them and gave him,

“That’s my girl” he cheered and had a heavy meal.

Next, I tried making some non-vegan recipes, especially with chicken. I learned to make chicken biriyani, curry, and the tastiest chicken 65. I also tried making mutton and beef biriyani and curries. They were so delicious; my mom taught me some tips for making them. I also tried Turkey recipes, they were also so delicious. My mom supported me and guided me in my cooking, with her help I learned cooking, I was so happy.

“Can I taste it? It smells good”

“Of course, Dad”

“Hmm, you have outdone yourself, honey”

My dad wished me over my Biriyani recipe.

My mom also encouraged me to try some sweet recipes, she taught me to make my favorite Pal Kova and Gulab jamun. Also, I tried Carrot Halwa and Rasagulla. They were excellent delicacies. My dad was impressed with my cooking, by the end of my summer; I nearly learned to make a lot of recipes. I was stuck with cooking fever, I and my mom cooked and surprised dad with tasty recipes. We had good meals all over the summer. I was glad that I spent my summer days learning cooking.

“Is your cooking fever over?”

My dad asked me suspiciously

“Now, it’s over dad, I will continue on my next summer vacation, so stay tuned”

“Okay, my little girl” he happily hugged me, My College reopened and I got ready for my master's degree.

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