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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Riya Richard R L

Abstract Comedy Inspirational


Riya Richard R L

Abstract Comedy Inspirational

Making Roses

Making Roses

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The day began peacefully, I sat on the couch watching television and the doorbell rang,

“Who is there?”

I went to open the door and

“Hi, buddy”

“Ha, Sherlin!”

my best buddy had arrived, I greeted her with a warm hug, she was my college mate, she was going to stay in my home for a week. I was delighted; I gave her a cup of tea,

“When did you learn this?” she mockingly questioned me

“In the lockdown days buddy,” I told her

Then we cooked lunch together, watched movies in the late afternoon, and took a nap. Sherlin shared with me all the activities she did during the lockdown days, I curiously saw the photos on her phone, she was a craft lover, from college days itself I have realized that. She made beautiful craftworks, the paper roses amazed me,

“How did you do this?” I asked her

“It’s very simple, do you want to try?”

“Hmm, okay,” I said with glee,

We took the necessary items for paper roses and she taught me how to do that.

Three square pieces of paper are required for making one rose. Sherlin took one A4 size craft paper and folded it diagonally to make a square, she trimmed and removed the excess. Then she cut the leftover square piece into four smaller pieces. She took three of the smaller square pieces of paper for making the rose and folded the three diagonally. Then she took one folded paper,

“Pass me the pencil,” she asked me

“Here” I gave it to her, watching curiously

She made a semi-circle on the middle, cut and removed the top portion, made a small hole at the bottom, I was a little bit puzzled.

When she opened up the paper there was a flower shape with a hole at the center, she asked me to do the rest two, I slowly made them.

Then she took one flower shape, cut and removed one segment from it, then took the second flower shape, cut and removed two segments from it, then took the last flower shape, cut and removed three segments from it.

“Toothpick, please”

“What you’re gonna do now?”

“This is the most important step, keep the glue ready” I did as per her directions

Using the toothpick, she curled the edges of all pieces outward. She took the first three larger pieces from which we cut and removed segments. Applied glue on one segment, folded, and glue the adjacent segment over the glued portion.

She applied glue on the edges of the other three smaller pieces, which we removed from the flower shape and allowed to dry. She took the petals we cut before and glued them. Our Paper rose was ready. I couldn’t believe it. Sherlin was an expert, with just a paper she made a beautiful rose, she asked me to do it,

“Okay, I will try”

I took the paper and did as per her directions, I made some flaws, she corrected them, finally, I made a paper rose. I was glad, that I learned the craft from my dear friend, thanks to Sherlin.


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