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Riya Richard R L

Abstract Inspirational Others


Riya Richard R L

Abstract Inspirational Others

The pancake day

The pancake day

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I woke up early in the morning and opened my window, I saw the most beautiful view, the sun rose in the red-orange sky, the cool winds chilled me, I refreshed and took my yoga mat and started doing Yoga. I started with Surya Namaskar, after my yoga session is over; I went to take bath and attended the Morning Prayer with my family.

I sat at the dining table for my breakfast, and I was bored to see Chapatti,

“Again Chapatti”

“Well, you have to eat it,” my grandpa told me, he is a lover of chapattis

“Mom, I’m sick of eating chapattis, please make something new for me”

“Maybe tomorrow, not today” she replied

I ate one, my appetite was full. My family followed traditions. They don’t like modern foods especially baked foods, fried foods, etc..I on the other hand loved them, when I stayed in the hostel I ate a lot of baked and fried foods, now due to the lockdown, I’m back home, back to the traditional food.

“What to do?”

I don’t know to cook, I knew some easy recipes like Noodles, Dosa, and Omelet. I carved for cake, I missed them, now the bakery is also closed, let’s check on the internet for some easy recipe and I found pancake. I love pancakes. I never made them on my own.

So, I decided to make my first pancake, I went to the kitchen and checked for the ingredients, by God’s grace the kitchen contained all the ingredients I needed,

“What are you doing in the kitchen?” my mom asked me

“I’m doing Pancakes”

“What is that?” my mom was amused,

“It’s like a cake but not a cake”

My mom was intrigued, I took all the ingredients and started doing it, my mom watched me curiously.

“Kamala ma, bring some fresh milk and butter from the farm,” I asked our maid, we have a huge farm, nearly 60 cows and buffaloes, we supply milk to the entire town, also we make butter, curd, ghee, cheese, and butter-milk, so I can get fresh dairy products,

“Here, sweetie” she brought them, they are so fresh

I prepared the batter from all-purpose flour, milk, butter, eggs, baking powder, sugar, and vanilla essence, 

“Is it like a dosa?” my mom asked me

“Maybe, just wait and see mom”

I took the pan, switched on the stove, and placed the pan over it, I set it to low flame. Then poured the batter with a deep ladle, 

“You’re not spreading it”

“No mom, we shouldn’t spread it”

It cooked on one side and I turned it, the other side was also cooked. I made my first pancake,

“Taste it mom” I gave it to her

She suspiciously took a bite and 

“Hmm, it’s delicious” she was amazed, later I made many pancakes and gave them to my family, they all tasted it and were delighted. Finally, I made a pancake and enjoyed it; my grandpa loved it so much,

“From now on, I’m this pancake lover”

“Really, grandpa” I embraced him, my mom learned how to make it and the next day she made them for breakfast.

“Thank you, mom,”

“Teach me some easy recipes like this dear”

“Okay, I will” and I searched on the internet for easy recipes, thus I had a good pancake day.

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