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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Riya Richard R L

Horror Thriller Action


Riya Richard R L

Horror Thriller Action



3 mins 204 3 mins 204

My heart was racing; I ran as fast as I could, a weird figure was chasing me. I don't know what it is. I hid behind a building, that figure snipped, I closed my mouth with my hands, tears of fear dripped from my face, my adrenaline level was high,

"God, help me" my mind cried to him, I can't ask for help from anyone, as I was lost. I saw the shadow of the figure approaching my direction,

"Oh no, no" I was sacred

And suddenly that shadow moved backward, I heard a roar, that figure went another way. I stayed there for some time, keenly observing whether that figure disappeared, and yes, it is gone. I felt relieved and started to find a way to return back to my home. I ran here and there, the ways were like a maze, I came back to the same point where I started.

"What I'm gonna do now?" I cried in desperate,

Just then, I heard a roaring sound, "Aaaahhh"

That figure was approaching me, it had a body of skeleton with rotten flesh, its mouth had razor-sharp teeth, its claws were stained with blood, it was in a rage,

"Help me" I cried and ran faster. That horror figure chased me and I ran into a cemetery. 

"I'm gonna rip your heart" that figure cried,

I stumbled and fell down, my arm bruised, "Aah" I cried in pain, no one can help me, no one can hear me, no one is here, I got up myself wincing in pain and hid behind a tomb, that figure was searching for me,

"Why this is happening?"

"What to do now?"

My mind was surrounded with various questions, I somehow need to survive, but how, I obviously don't know,

"Where are you?" that figure cried, I crawled and hid behind a huge stone, 

"Rrraagghh" that figure cried with rage,

My eyes wandered here and there, I saw an axe, I took that, and maybe I could use it as a defense against that ugly deadly figure. I searched for the cemetery's exit and I found it, but it was way too long, I must reach it and escape.

I slowly started running towards the exit, that figure noticed me,

"There you are, you can't escape"

It raced after me, I increased my speed, I ran swiftly, suddenly I tripped over a log and my forehead was injured, it started bleeding, I was a little bit unconscious, I couldn't get up, that figure stood near me, its eyes were blazing with fire,

"Now you can't escape"

 it approached me, I strike it with the axe, but that figure was too strong and it easily grabbed the axe and threw it away,

"I'm gonna kill youuuu" it cried

"Please leave me" I pleaded it,

"No way" it sprang over me and buried its claws in my chest,

"Aaahhhhh" I cried in pain, blood splashed from my chest.

"I'm gonna rip your heart, you're gonna die" it deepened its claws,

"Nooooooo" I cried and fell from the couch,

I was in my room, "What's happening" I was puzzled and I saw, the book in my hands, "THE GRUDGE OF BLOODWRAITH"

I fell asleep on reading that horror book,

"What a fool I'm" I relieved as it was only a dream, but it felt real, my heart was still pounding,

"It's just a dream" I laughed and suddenly, my room door was opened, I jerked and

"Sissy, you're okay, I heard you cry" my younger sister arrived,

"I'm fine, just a bad dream"

I kept the book on the shelf and made a decision, not to read ghost stories at night.


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