Chandrika Menon

Horror Crime Thriller


Chandrika Menon

Horror Crime Thriller

A Row House (Horror Story of a Haunted House)

A Row House (Horror Story of a Haunted House)

10 mins

Srikumaran, a business man was on his way to the city of Ooty along with his family. He was glad and excited to re-locate to their new Row House, which he purchased some few years back under loan. After many years of tremendous pressure and hardwork he repaid all his loans and owned this row house, as desired by his wife Sumitra. Radhika, their only daughter, who got married last year to Sanjaya, an engineer, now settled at Sydney. She could not join them, due to Sanjaya’s busy work schedule.Even though they missed their daughter Radhika; Srikumaran and Sumitra enjoyed their trip towards their new home. They admired the natural scenic beauty on the streets of Ooty and caught the photo snaps all round their way.

After many hours of long drive, their driver Lucky sighed a high breath of relief on reaching the destination. Sumitra was eager and excited to see the surrounding areas and people staying in their new place.Veini (their house maid) got upset as now her duty started. She was asked to arrange and clear off all the mess in their new dwelling place. Sumitra alloted Veini many tasks to do and report back to her till the end of the day.“Ping Pong…Ping Pong” rang the door bell. Veini opened the door, it was the neighbours who came for self-introduction. Among them, one was Dwivedi family, occupationally a temple pujari and astrologer who stayed in center of their house. Another was Sharma and family, stayed towards right and they were private tutors, having coaching classes inside their residence itself. Then was Shakuntala Aunty (Shaku tai), a Saree seller, who stayed towards the left of their row house. They all rushed together inside when door opened.

“Bow Wow…Bow Wow”………..barked their pet dog Jobby on seeing the neighbours. Afraid neighbours were about to leave away. Anyhow, Veini managed Jobby and took him inside. Srikumaran and Sumitra had a good time with their neighbours. In fact, Sumitra was more happy as she got around ladies for gossips. Shaku tai convinced Srikumaran and sold off her 4 designer sarees for Sumitra. Veini pretended to clean the floors and was listening them silently. Sumitra noticed her and after the neighbours left, gave her more tasks to do. Veini murmured herself, “God will never forgive you , for he is seeing all these. I curse you……….”Next day early morning, Veini left for her house, as she need to bring some more clothes for her further stay. Srikumaran had to leave to Delhi for his business conference. He also wanted Sumitra to accompany him in his business trip, but being all flight tickets sold out, Sumitra had to stay back alone at home.

After leaving his master at the airport to board the flight, Lucky and Jobby went for a long drive to admire the beautiful scenic views of the city. Sumitra was alone at home and felt boring. She thought after having fresh bath, she will visit the neighbours today.Their Row house consisted of an apartment with 2 bedrooms (one small and one big bed rooms accompanied with washrooms and bath tubs inside each of them), big hall and kitchen, open terrace with flower garden. Out of the same, yesterday Veini had not cleaned the big bed room, as it was tightly locked from outside.

Anyhow, Sumitra managed to open the lock of that big bedroom, it was surprising to see it very clean inside than the other rooms. She also found the bathroom inside it was more comfortable with big bath tub than that of their smaller bed room. Once she got inside that bath room, the door got locked automatically. Perhaps she thought there may be auto lock system inside.

Then suddenly there was a voice, ” psh………..pshhhh… “She turned around but no one out there, so she didn’t bother it. Then she opened the tap, blood flow came out of it. This scared her and she closed the tap immediately. Then she thought to herself, may be due to her poor eye sight, as she was almost 50 by now. So, she switched to shower bath, then again she noticed the blood flow sprinkling out of it. A gaseous form like appeared there and a little voice cried out to her, “Please take me to my mom…….. please take me to my mom, I want to see her and tell everything about Kaka.”Sumitra shouted loudly, “Who are you and what you want?”… then she tried to open the locked bathroom from inside to escape, but was unable to and sweated top to bottom, her hands shivered like anything. She got fainted and fell off unconscious.

On the other side, Lucky and Jobby was enjoying the city views and they were glad that none disturbed them in their drive. After getting call from Srikumaran, Lucky realized that it’s too late, so he rushes to the airport to pick up his boss.It was too late night, when they reached home and Srikumaran became surprised as he could not find Sumitra anywhere at home. Also now he realised that whole day he didn’t got a single call from her. He searched her almost everywhere, then found the door opened of that big bed room and saw the bathroom was latched from inside. He thought she may be getting fresh, so didn’t disturbed her. After an hour passed out, when she didn’t come out, he doubted perhaps something wrong with her. So he called out to her,”Sumi, Are you alright? You didn’t ring me whole day, were you quite busy today?”

But as there was no answer from Sumitra, he was really afraid now. He called Lucky from downstairs and pushed the bathroom door. They found Sumitra fallen down unconscious and shivering with high temperature. Sumitra was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital and all neighbours gathered round them. After examining her, Doctors couldn’t find any specific cause, they informed it to be mental stroke after seeing something scary and this has given hard stroke on her brain. So, she was bed ridden and lost her speech. Lot many advanced medical treatments were given to her, despite of which she couldn’t get recovered. Doctors were unable to trace or heal her health.As days passed out, Srikumaran became restless and lost his confidence, as sumitra was growing more weak with her health. He rang up their daughter Radhika and informed her about everything that had taken place. Meanwhile, Lucky, Veini and Jobby enjoyed their freedom, as none supervised them for now.

One day, when Jobby was roaming around, he went to the same big bed room, as he felt there was something unique inside it. He never turned back after going inside that bathroom. Srikumaran, Veini and Lucky were searching out for Jobby. They couldn’t find him anywhere, ultimately they found him dead in the same bathroom. This incident left everyone in a damp shock. Neighbours around them were discussing, “That Row house is very dangerous, its haunted, may be soul of that raped girl still persists.” Srikumaran heard their talks, so he went out to ask them about the same in detail. But none spoke up to him, saying they don’t know about it and left the place immediately, for they were worried whether they will be harmed.Radhika landed up with her husband Sanjaya on one fine day to visit her mother.After seeing Radhika, Sumitra did not react anything and stared her.

Radhika cried, “Mom, I know you are angry on me. I am sorry, could not come as Sanju was busy with his new projects. But now don’t worry I am there to care you and won’t leave, till you get well.”Srikumaran hugged his daughter and busted out, ” She can hear us, but won’t be able to speak up. I gave her all possible best treatments, but no doctors could heal her.”Sanjaya was silently listening them, it seemed he was a bit tensed.Next day, neighbours came to meet Sumitra, one of them identified Sanjaya, as he stayed in the same Row house with his brother’s family some few decades back, when he was doing his engineering college. Radhika and her family were not aware of it, so they were surprised on hearing the same.Sanjaya and Radhika had an argument that night, when Sanjaya said he would like to flew back to Sydney as he can’t stay away anymore from his work.

Radhika shouted at him as he promised her while coming here, that he will accompany her trip, till her mother gets well. She said,” Sanju, you are forgetting your promise to me.”Sanjaya answered, “I am getting calls from office, need to go back, its urgent, try to understand.”Srikumaran was hearing them from outside, he felt Sanjaya was disturbed and sounded strange in his behaviour to Radhika.

Other day, Sanjaya was on his way to airport, suddenly the cops blocked that route as a giant tree fallen on that road. Due to lots of messy traffic and other problems, curphew was raised. So he had to return back. Radhika was happy on seeing him return.Srikumaran felt something confused.

He secretly called up Radhika alone and spoke,”Radhu are you happy with your marriage? How far you know about Sanjaya and his family?”She answered, “Dad, I know Sanju from last two years. He is a nice guy, caring me a lot. Few months we were in relationship and now married…that’s it”.Srikumaran covers up with a creative smile on his face, “Yeah, I too feel he is a good guy, caring of all of us.”That night Radhika went for getting fresh to the same big bedroom as it had a comfortable bathroom. Veini interrupted her, “Baby, don’t use that bathroom. I heard people saying its haunted……….” Radhika smiled and ignored her, as she didn’t trust such beliefs.After two hours passed, Radhika didn’t came out. Now Veini was scared and She called all of them. Suddenly Radhika came out perfectly alright and they were all surprised.It was too late at night, all of them slept soon. Tonight Radhika and Sanjaya decided to sleep in that big bedroom. Sanjaya was fast asleep due to day’s tiredness.

All of a sudden Radhika sounded strange to him, “Sanjaya kaka, how are you? We are meeting after such a long time”.He was scared, seemed to have lost his breath. He shouted ….”Radhika, what are you doing? what happened to you?”Radhika pushed him,”psh………..psh……..” He ran towards the door for escape, but door didn’t opened. A gaseous formation occurred in the shape of a small little girl, who was raped and killed brutally in the same bathroom over some decades ago. It spoke,”Sanjaya Kaka, hope you remember me. I am yours Chikku.”Sanjaya shouted loudly, “Chikku, what are you doing here? How can you be alive? I killed you myself…..”

On hearing the noise, people broke that bedroom door and gathered around Sanjaya and Radhika. They all were confused and stared each other.That gaseous formation disappeared and Radhika again started behaving strange. Her voice sounded of a little girl crying loudly, “Somebody take me to my mom….please. I am scared of Sanjaya kaka. Again he will push cotton rolls inside my nose and mouth. I can’t forget the day, after finishing my homework, when mom dad went out, I and Sanjaya kaka was alone at home. I was playing with my friends outside. He called me saying he will give me chocolate, then locked the door from inside this bedroom. After finishing my chocolate, when I was about to move out to play again, he didn’t let me saying, he brought new dress for me, asking to check if it fits me. Then he removed my clothes, pushed me to this bathroom floors closing my mouth. Mom Dad always kissed me on my cheeks, but he did it on my whole body. I could not withstand his body pressure, it was very painful. I cried, Kaka let me go, leave me… He threatened me to keep quiet or else he will kill me. While undergoing those terrible pain, I had the only image of my mom in front of my eyes. I could not breathe properly, when cotton rolls were pushed to my nose and mouth, I closed my eyes forever. He lied my parents and others as if he don’t know anything. He buried me in this garden, he destroyed all the proofs that turned against him. Tell my parents………….now I am with safe hands in the paradise…..”

Meanwhile Sanjaya took his gun and threatened everyone, “I will kill you all, don’t follow me.” Then he ran towards his jeep to escape. The gaseous form of the little girl dragged out from Radhika’s body, which followed Sanjaya, she said, “Sanjaya kaka tell me, why did you do this to me? You always said I am your daughter than niece. If I would have been your daughter, will you do this to your daughter?.”

Sanjaya pressed the gun button, but nothing happened to that innocent soul. The bullet came in turn and hit him brutally. Then the pure soul of that little girl disappeared forever from that place.After few months, Sumitra recovered back her health. Srikumaran sold their Rowhouse and returned back to Mumbai with all of them.

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