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A Story Of An Unborn Child

A Story Of An Unborn Child

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Today, in this modern scientific & technologically advanced world, we are so secured that we have all advanced technologies for industries, trade and other sectors. Also we have well advanced medical technologies, qualified professional doctors and multi speciality hospitals almost everywhere. Of course, we human beings have reached such a great height of development and success. Those have money and manpower are the most successful people in this modern machinery world.

But in my story, I will narrate you something that neither money nor manpower can buy for you. Because your deeds are also very important at the same time, when you earn money & generate manpower.

Let’s begin here with a couple namely Diana and Hardick from Goa. This couple got married 10 years back. Even though they both were engaged with the busy schedule of their business, they always had a marvelous time with each other. They had money, fame, name and of course all comforts in their life. They were quite happy with each other. But the only one question that always arose in their life, whenever they went to church for prayers, they always left in tears asking, “Why Lord, why us? We didn’t commit any sin in our life or even thought about it. But still, we are childless. You poured your blessings on everyone, but why not us?

Friends, you may be feeling quite emotional for them. But remember, I said you there are certain things in life which money or manpower can’t buy for us. Some of you all may be wondering why they are not adopting child as they have rest everything in life. Here, let me tell you, people may call themselves quite modern or possessing of modern thoughts, but everyone has a desire to have their own blood in child. Of course, the couple also went for all advanced medical techniques for bearing a child but unfortunately all in vain as every time fate played with them.

Few days passed out, the couple had not gone anywhere for holiday due to their busy schedule. So, they plan out for a holiday trip keeping aside all their tasks. They went to the beautiful city of Bangalore for spending their holidays where Hardick also had his own farm house. They were tired after a long way journey followed by an outing.

As usual, that day also, Diana and Hardick had their dinner and chanted their prayers together, before going for sleep. They were tired and soon both of them felt asleep. Diana had a nightmare and was found murmuring, “My baby, please come back. Ohhh Lord! Forgive me it was a sin….” Hardick awakes up, he shakes Diana and she comes to her conscious state of mind, then realizes she had a scary dream.

Next day after a grand concierge, long outing & dinner they return back to the farmhouse and both was asleep soon. Again that day, Diana had the same nightmare and murmurings. This time also Hardick awakes her up from dreaming. But now Diana felt it was not only her dreams, there’s something past in her life depressing her after reaching this place. She tries to recollect it, but unable to retrieve anything.

The very next day early morning Hardick receives an emergency business call, so he leaves for attending his clients. Diana was alone at the farmhouse. She was thinking about the nightmare underwent since last 2 constant nights, but she was unable to retrieve anything about past. Hardick could not return back that day, due to his certain unavoidable emergencies. As usual, after dinner & chanting her prayers, Diana felt asleep. She had the same nightmare which takes her back to the past years, when she was newly married and Hardick bought her to this farmhouse for their honeymoon trip. She becomes pregnant after a month. Then she could feel & hear the painful voice of her baby talking to her,

“Mamma, I am your baby and I love you very much. Your sound was my favorite lullaby whenever you spoke I heard, maybe you could not hear me. I felt was so nice and warm in your womb. You know Mamma I was so happy to see this world. But, when I heard you and Dad arguing with each other for aborting me, it made me sad. Believe me Mamma, I cried a lot. The Doctor lied to you and Dad that I was not a baby, still a fluid. He seems cold & heartless. It burnt me a lot Mamma, when a needle intruded my home. I knew you could not stop that doctor because you were helpless. Don’t worry Mamma, now I am in god’s hands and he is holding me, he said me about abortion… My Mamma I can understand you didn’t want me at that time being in quite early stage of marriage, as you and Dad had lack of time due to your work schedule.”

This awakened Diana; she opened her eyes and felt ashamed for the cruelty done to her baby.

Moral: Remember abortion is a cruelty. If you are not prepared to give birth to a baby, never let it happen in your womb. Beware of the fact that It could have become……………

“One more heartbeat that was stopped…. … that you may be desperate to hear later.

Two more eyes that will never see…………the world of yours.

Two more hands that will never feed you water………when you are on death bed.

Two more legs that will never run…………when needed by you.

One more mouth that will never speak ………..when you will be longing to hear from someone calling you….”Mother—- Father.”

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