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Chandrika Menon

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

A Broken Home

A Broken Home

7 mins


As we all are aware every human being is a social animal. History is the evidence of the same, right from the previous Stone Age days till this modern advanced times, human beings had experienced all phases in their life. The unique factor that can be seen is in those ancient days, people never had an idea of this 3 letter word “Ego,” thus during those days relationships went on smoothly with life. But this trend changed with the generation, as they started gaining knowledge, simultaneously their mind became a culprit and “Ego” started taking its existence in their life. Now we can see this ego in relationships and professions and almost everywhere among us. While professional ego led some turn out to be bad performers then some turned out to be good leaders in their careers. Ego in personal and social life spoilt their relationships with their beloved ones thus leaving them lonely in life.

So, here I began with the story of such a broken family due to ego, hatred, and lack of realization of love.


Priya was from a lower-middle-class family. A self-made girl who added lives to her small family consisting of a mother and studying younger brother. She lost her father in an accident during her childhood. She was the sole bread earner for her family. Over a period of time, she grew up with life and achieved a good professional career too. She was the pride of her family.

But now as like other mothers, even her mother wanted her to settle down in life. A lot of many alliances from good families approached her, but none reached her satisfaction. Later through some social websites, she gets in touch with a guy namely Rahul, who was a software engineer staying in the same town where she lived. They both were attracted to each other, so they went on with their chatting and finally landed into marriage with each other’s families' consent.

Priya and Rahul knew each other better, so they got along peacefully with their married life. They had planned to settle their career firstly, so they were busy with their professional life. But as after few months passed out, Priya turned to be pregnant, wherein life takes a twist for them. As they both were still unsettled in their career, Rahul denies undertaking the responsibility of a child at this stage of life. As he had a very cool life so far, where he enjoyed every moment of life like a free bird. But still, as insisted by his wife Priya, they decided to bear the child and responsibilities. As Priya wanted to experience her feelings for motherhood, she was against aborting the child.


After a few months passed out, Rahul felt that he had lost his freedom and overburdened with the responsibilities of a husband and to be a father. He got frustrated and wanted to get ride out of all these. He felt his life is stressed out and messed with the bonding of marriage. So, gradually quarrels started taking place and peace vanished away from their life. This affected Priya’s health both mentally and physically which resulted in certain complications in her pregnancy.

She could give birth to a charming baby boy, but unfortunately, the child was born with some mental defects, due to lack of blood circulation towards the brain. Rahul now had an opportunity to turn against her; so he denied accepting the child. He gave her a choice to leave the child at an orphanage. But as like any mother, Priya disagreed the same, Therefore, he decided to split up with his wife Priya even before she could recover from her delivery, he claimed for divorce. Initially, it was not acceptable to Priya, but anyhow she made her mind, as she realized that, love no more had an existence in their relationship, so they got separated.

It was very risky and challenging for Priya when her mother and only brother also declined to undertake her and the new born’s responsibilities. As they wanted to move ahead in their life, they did not want her to stay back with them in their home.

This situation shatters her life. Finally, one of her professional colleagues comes to her rescue and accommodated her with the child. She was longing for mental peace to retrieve from her past wounds. The only moral support Priya found at this moment was the encouragement and good words from her colleague which re-built her to stand up and fight her the toughest days of life. She re-started her career and worked hard to bring up her child. Gradually she changed herself to be the strongest woman who made both her professional career and personal life to the best.

Now her baby boy namely “Aryan” turned out to be 13 years old and he was fit for the most critical major brain surgery. So, Priya gets his brain surgery done, which turned out to be successful and Aryan was recovered from all his brain problems. He was fond of singing and playing instrumental music. He started education off late but grasped quickly. Simultaneously he also developed his singing career with studies.

By the time, Aryan grew out to 20 years old, he became a very famous singer. He performed several concierge and orchestra programs, which made him more successful. As a mother, Priya was too proud of him.


While Priya was poured by the almighty with all the happiness of her life now, on the other side, her ex-husband Rahul turned out to be a very good business icon who earned lots of money, assets, investments, etc with the support of his live-in-relationship high-class girlfriend Shaina. She was a great successful business magnet with all inherited assets from her rich father. Shaina was a charming beauty with brain, pretty enough, and dealt everything in life with professional and practical experience. She was Rahul’s choice after he got separated from Priya because of the similarities between both of them.

It has been a period of 20 years, Rahul and Shaina had been together. Even though he could make lots of money and gain almost everything which he could not do before, he always thought there was something which he lacked during these days, perhaps he was not able to realize yet. Of course, sometimes, Shaina’s behavior and modernism hurt him as she was money minded. Still, he managed to stay silent as he knew very well he himself was responsible for this circumstance.

Finally, one day came when Shaina decided that she can’t stay any longer with Rahul, as she felt now he was not suitable for her and she chose to be a part of another man’s life. She demanded to wind up her relation with Rahul and he was thrown out from the business and apartments.

He was hurt badly by heart, and now he realized the true love of his former wife Priya, and remembered the face of his child whom he left halfway in life. He longed to see them, but as he was ashamed of his past deeds he could not go back to them. He took the support of liquor to recover his pain and this worsened his condition day by day.

Finally, he was hospitalized by one of his friends and detected as an HIV patient, who shifted him later to the Old Age Home as there was no one to take care of him. Now, each day on earth became a burden for him. He had a last wish of his life to meet his ex-wife Priya and Son Aryan once. On his request, the authorities of Old Age Home, anyhow, managed to contact his son Aryan. So, Aryan comes to meet his father with a surprise on his face, as he was told by his mother Priya that they had lost his father on his birth.

After meeting his father, Aryan questioned his mother about the same. She refused to tell him the truth. Therefore he comes back to his father with the same question, who tells him everything about their past. After listening to the same, Aryan started hating his father and left away.

After few days passed out, an authority from the Old Age home again approached them with a request to meet Rahul, who was in deep serious condition taking his last breath. Both Priya and Aryan felt sad for him after seeing him in this stage of life. Rahul apologized to both of them, tears rolled down his eyes while his son Aryan poured holy water in his mouth. He passed away peacefully.

MORAL: Marriage is not only the bonding of two hearts and bodies, but the soul also needs to be involved, which makes this relationship inseparable and strong forever.

Problems are the “part of every married life and to welcome and face those problems with a smile is the “art of married life.”


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