Shashank Goteti

Drama Horror


Shashank Goteti

Drama Horror

Five Years Ago...

Five Years Ago...

7 mins

There is a building of 15 floors was blackened completely, since the fire has been started 5 years ago, around 10 people survived from that fire, and there were 150 to 200 people living, no one has seen such a terrible fire in the entire city.

After that accident, there are rumours and different stories about ghosts in the surrounding areas and that building became famous. No one bought that building nor tried to sell.

It was fascinated in the daylight, and like a witch covered with blankets at night, the children of the neighborhood not even like to see the building…

After completing his graduation, Sachin had got a new job; his flat was on the 7th floor in the building which is opposite to the burnt building.

Sachin was at home today, suddenly his friend Ajay called. As he came from Europe today. When Ajay arrives, Sachin directs Ajay to his room.

Ajay was looking around the room, and asked whether this is a room or a dungeon. No window nothing.

Sachin: “There was a terrible fire in the front building, there was a big catastrophe, after that there was no window or balcony book on that side in any building nearby. People are afraid of a rumor that if there are any windows or balcony was built on that side; spirits will enter into our home”.

Obviously, Ajay laughed and said – “ This is 20th century my dear brother, what are you talking, I mean seriously do you believe all these things. Let's go and see why there is such a panic here.

Ajay forced Sachin and they both went in that burnt building. 15 floors building, there is no lift, have to take stairs wherever you go. As soon as both of them got into the building, it seemed that the whole world was on one side and both of them on other side.

The outside was so hot and the inside of the building was dry and damp and slightly cold, a little light was coming from outside. Using their mobile torch, they started going through the stairs one by one slowly…

There was a strange thing in the whole building; there was no sign of life. Neither there is a mouse nor cockroach nothing…

After sometime, they reached the 14th floor; there was room visible to them. Thinking about to go to that room, all of a sudden the bats started flying over them. They just stepped into the room, slightly felt cold.

A heavy old fan hanging from the ceiling above slowly moving due to the wind, But the funny thing was that there was no place in the room to let the air sigh in.

Ajay gestured to Sachin and both reached the terrace, so happy to see the front view, there was no question of being scared, the entire city glowed in front of the eyes, it was a beautiful view from there. Both had planned for a party next night at that place and the next evening they also reached.

On that day looks so different, as if the eyes were used to see this secret darkness, everything was clearly visible. There was no problem till coming to the terrace. Looking at the sparkling city, the two rested comfortably on the terrace.

The bottles were opened and the atmosphere started to form, time was being spent in many old memories, then all of a sudden water motor started in the building which had been empty for 5 years...

Tank started filling, at first both of them were scared later thought that the water needed for building nearby which is under construction. Otherwise who will come and use these services in this burnt building. The two were talking comfortably while sitting, when suddenly someone's footsteps sounded. Turning over, Sachin saw that a woman on the other corner of the terrace was so stiff as to go out on a walk; both just stared at her for some time.

Then Ajay – “When both of us can come here then she can also come right! And someone would have started using motor. Leave it I’ll make another drink for you”.

Both of them turned and started drinking and talking, all of a sudden the same woman walked in front of them in the terrace, both was horrified to see this.

Both of their voice and breath stuck in the throat, their condition were so bad that they could just faint now. Suddenly the wind blows faster and started making sounds like a storm coming from a mountain. Scared Ajay and Sachin got up and ran back then all of a sudden, the roof door was closed automatically in front of them. Both stood sticking to the door, hands and feet trembling like dry leaves.

When both of them saw the other side of the turn, the same woman walking through the rallying stood in front of them at some distance. She smiled, suddenly shouts and jumped down from the building. They both couldn't believe their eyes even; slowly they just went to the roof railing and peeked out from where that woman jumped, but there is no corpse of any woman was seen below. When both of them turned around, a girl burning with fire suddenly crossed them and jumped from the building. Again both of them tried to look if there is any dead body will be visible but there no sign of a corpse.

Darkness surrounded everywhere, and then there is the sound of a door opened. They understood that the roof door has been opened took the chance and started to running towards the door. They reached the door and tried to pull it, but from the opposite side there is someone who is also pulling the door towards him with double strength. Slowly Sachin loses his strength, from the other side pulling, door was closed again.

Ajay and Sachin’s face was filled with full of despair instead of fear, because of losing the chance to escape. When all the roads are closed then there is always a way.

Sachin took out the phone from his pocket and immediately called his home landline; phone started ringing, picked up the phone after 3 rings,

Scared Sachin: “Hello dad, I got stuck in this building. Please save me, dad”

But every hope of Sachin was getting ruined. Because from the other side of the phone was Sachin himself, not Sachin's father.

From other side – “(In Sachin’s voice…) But I’m at my home only”

Sachin shouted on phone – “Who are you?”

From other side on phone – “This is Sachin”

Sachin – “WTF!!! I am Sachin, what’s happening”

From other side – “(Giggling…) he...hee...Hee yes you were, but I am Sachin now”

Phone disconnected immediately… Sachin dialed to his father’s mobile but phone was out of coverage area. Without losing hope Sachin tried calling all of his contacts one by one. But every time there is only one response i.e. out of coverage area.

Sachin spent his mobile battery using torch and he realized when his last hope was his mobile phone. After sometime, Sachin’s last hope, his mobile got switched off. There is no hope for Sachin; he is just counting the moments. Ajay’s condition is also bad, but in hard times our brain works sharply, Sachin realized that his mobile was off but Ajay’s phone has London number will not work but he can insert his sim card in Ajay’s phone and can try.

Sachin: “Ajay, Please give me your phone. Make it fast”

Ajay: “My phone? Ok take it”

Ajay took out the phone from his pocket and extended it towards Sachin. Sachin was shocked and could not able to believe his eyes, the phone was completely burnt.

Sachin closed his eyes and shouted loudly towards his building – “Some one please help me, please save me… please… (Slowly started crying…)

Ajay asked Sachin with low voice – “Sachin, what is flat address?”

Sachin trembling and said – “33C”

Ajay asked another question – “And what address did you message me?”

                                                     5 years ago,

Ajay came to India on the occasion of Diwali. He wants to meet Sachin and asked his address. Sachin sent a message in a hurry, in which he sent his building number 33B instead of 33C…

That night Ajay was accidentally searching for Sachin's house in the same building when he caught fire and Ajay was among those who died.

Then after nobody knows what happened to Sachin, but his parents said that sometimes Sachin's voice is heard from the same building. Sachin’s parents went to that place with the help of the people and police but got some bottles and two burnt phones. In those two, one mobile belongs to Sachin. The search still continues but Sachin has not been found yet…

Did any of your friends come to see you after 5 years?

The End

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