Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Sharique Jamal

Drama Horror


Sharique Jamal

Drama Horror



3 mins

It was the last flight and having reached the terminal, I looked up at the dark gloomy sky. Distant sounds of thunder and slanting rain made me rush inside.

There was hardly any passengers, except for the usual few sleeping on the chairs, destination unknown and the people mopping the floor.

I saw two staffs, both girls and asked in an apprehensive tone " When is the flight scheduled?"

" The flight is cancelled sir, I am extremely sorry, due to the inclement weather but you shall get the morning one."

I looked at them...I had come for work, knew no one in town and had checked out. Damn it, I had to stay at the terminal, I mulled.

I put my luggage and looked was still raining but not so hard. Just then my cell rang " Are you on the flight and when are we supposed to pick you up?"

It was my little one, shouting and I could not help smiling.

" The pilot has got scared and ran off, you know so tomorrow I shall be there and yes, I have got something for you".

There was a silence but the promise of a gift calmed her.

" Fine...shall call tomorrow ".

I looked up and though one of the girl staff was doing something, the other gave me a very charming smile.

Just by instinct and also, since I had nothing to do, I asked

" Care to take a walk, if you feel up to it".

She just smiled and led me through the doors. I found the immediate impulse of her a bit odd but the cool wind and the empty tarmac soothed me.

We were walking by the side of the run way.

Seeing the depression in the ground, at the end I asked her, for she was quiet and felt as if secure in presence.

" Is this where the wheels hit the ground?" 

"Yes, its a short strip hence the pilots have a hard time".

It was the first time I heard her voice but she sounded so familiar.

" BTW, what's your name?"

With a very vivacious smile she said " Sanskriti ".

"We park our cars this way only" Then after a pause, she looked at me and said " A girl got crushed under the wheels of a Jet, her body was scarred beyond recognition ".

I nodded, since such occurrences happens.

" When was this?"

" Four years ago, on a night like this".

We had walked back to the terminal and turning around, noticing she was leaving, maybe her shift being over, said

" Thank you Sanskriti... was a pleasure meeting you."

The other girl looked up in a weird way and whispered

"Sir, Sanskriti passed away four years back and she always comes, on nights like this".

I just stared but a strange melancholy, a nostalgia engulfed me..had I known her before, in the fog of times gone.

" I am not evil, just a soul who is wandering and you, I have known for centuries. Do remember me with love".

And she walked away. 

Tears welled in my eyes and I thought to myself, someday I shall meet her again, in the same stormy weather and empty terminal. All those who wander are not lost.

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