Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Crime Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Crime Thriller

Jail liberty

Jail liberty

11 mins

"Which instigated you to make crimes?" asked the police officer in charge of the police station.


Was his answer.

  The police officer mystified .

  He requisitioned ,"Do you know the categories of crimes and who are claimant to such liberty? "

  "Yes, I know the different types of crimes and the liberty. It is not for the first time that I am arrested and entering jail . You may say it is my hobby _ entering jail after a certain crime and returning safe to do another . I fight for myself in the court to disprove that I am not a criminal and get rid of the punishment ."

   "Why don't you seek the advice of a lawyer to fight your case ?"

  " Because I am a lawyer and know the consequences of the certain type of crime .I have a thorough knowledge about the crimes."

"Are you not horrified to certain type of wrenches?"

   "I do, but forget it soon."

 The police officer said ,"It's no use interrogating you . The court will decide your fate."

   "No sir, I wish you would listen to me before I have been sent to court. The officer was discerned of his audacity and vacillated to speak the criminal's experience as to his knowledge about the liberties of Indian jails before he is sent to the luck up.

Sanat started with, "sir, thank you sir. It is mercy of you to 

  listen from me the types of crimes and the liberty .The categories of crimes are

   : Cyber crime,illegal drug trade, organised crime,violance.

They can be classified as ,property crimes, personal crimes, statutory Crimes, and inchoate crimes. Other forms of crimes include, hate crimes, white -collar crimes, against majority. Under criminal laws. How ever, what exactly constitute a crime varies from state to state .

Personal crime: are usually generalized as acts of violence that causes physical, emotional, psychological and harm to the victim. Some of the personal crimes are assault, battery , rape, murder and kidnaping,

   In most states assault is defined as an unlawful act that causes another person, to fear for the other for their safety

  Rape is a kind of sexual assault that involves forcing someone to engage in sexual intercourse without their consent . Murder is the internal killing of another person. While kidnaping is the intentional act of take someone against their will holding them in capacity. Drug abuse and trafficking involve the illegal possession, distribution,and ,sale of drugs.

Assult is a violent crime that involvesd intentional or reckless badly harm to another person.DUI/DW/ Burglary ,theft........Fraud, Robbery........ Embezzlement.

Theft or latency is the most common type of property crime. It's estimated that someone is a victim of theft every5.5 seconds. The most common crime is burglary, which breaking and entering.

There are seven major felony offences, felony assult burglary grand karney of motor vehicles.

  " If you allow me the eventuality,I can bring to light different sections for the crimes,you can arrest a criminal."

   "Wonderful, after being in police custody you have the courage to rivet your knowledge of different sections involving the crimes!" Exclaimed the police officer. It is time, the court opens. Tell in nutshell."

  At present the I P C is divided into 23 chapters and contains 511 sections in total.I being a lawyer know the sections and code which contains, definitions of offences.Chapter XVIII sections 378 to 462 of offences.d Against property of theft, (sections 378 to 382 of Extortion.

  Whoever commits criminal breach of trust shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years,or with fine,or with both.

   Section 375 I PC tells about rape and what action,if done by a man can make him liable for punishment. Under section 141 the IPC: unlawful assembly.Fifth- By means of criminal force or show by criminal force,to compel a person to do what he is not legally bound to do .

 Section 47-breaking and entering into the residence 

 Section- 406-criminal breach of trust.

  Section 420-of IPL,is cognisable non- bailable.

 Section-377, un natural offences - carnal intercourse against the order of nature with man , woman and animal punished( imprisonment for life)and fine.

 Section 375-IPC tells about rape and what action,if done by a man can make him liable punishment.

  " It is the case of mine, I was punished for and released after only a year ."

 At this point police officer asked," Why it was in your case it is let loose ?"

 "Because, Sushila ,to whom I raped ,came to the court to confess,"Sanat has not raped me it is a miscommunication that sent me to lie it.He is ready to marry me. So I want with draw the case."Then and there case was cancelled.

   In different times I was a victim to ahy kind of illigal action and entered prison. For instance,take the case of fraudulently or dishonesty uses as genuine any document which I know has reason to believe to be forged document. My gang also involved in issuing fake certificate to a service holder for promotion which comes under section - 471."

  "Being a highly educated advocate what compelled you for crime ?" Inquired the officer.

    "Pressure of my family for skyrocketing with money and status in comparison to others. It's also agreed by Sushila.Nonetheless ,as a lawyer I could maintain their demands.

    It's absorbing to perceive that Inspite of it, people respected me ; time and again encouraged me to try for a ticket for an assembly election." Said  

Sanat proudly.

  "Why didn't you choose honest ways to bring in money ?"

  "It's simple ,Sir.No limited income can take you to such height you desire "

  The police officer was moved by the frank speaking of lawyer cum culprit . By the time, he was entering the prison premises Sanat said ,"Again after a stipulated time we will meet when I will produce to you other important things you ought to know"

  This time he was jailed for Cyber crime without sufficient proof to this regard he was exempted temporarily after 

  a term of only two years .An employee of the Cyber unit took him in bail.

  In an outing he chanced to to encounter the same police officer promoted to D.I.G. for handling a Mao gang and crushed their armaments.

  At the approach Sanat greeted Mr Pilai ,"Good morning sir ; do you recognise me ?"

  " Who can forget such a hardened criminal? Here and now, any plan for theft ?" Asked Mr Pilai shruidly.

  "Sir, the liberties inside the jails wii provoke a criminal to make an effort intermittently to the safe inn."

  "Safe inn! Exclaimed Mr Pilai.

  "Yes, a safe haven. I have been delighted to learn the liberties in the preview of the jail system.

 Sir,have patience to listen. But you have your choice to go to your private residence,or where ever you like."

    "If we go with the protected police to my office it will imply that you have been caught red-handedly and taken in to me for interrogation."said the D.I.G.gruffly.

  "Yes sir as you like."

  Sanat sat on the police jeep to his office.  


 proceeded," Sir,The A.C.L.U's National prison project fights to protect the constitution's guarantee that the individuals who are incarcerated, retain basic rights, in clouding right to free speech, the freedom of practicing their religion and right to access the court or counsel.

   Rights of inmates to interview one's family and friends unquestionably,On ably covered by the Personal Liberty guaranteed by article 21 of the Indian constitution.prisoners aught to receive physical and mental protection.Individuals must get together inorder to exchange information.This is the basic human right.

 All prisoners shall be treated with respect due to their inherent dignity and value as human beings.

  Others are political , individual , economic, National, Religion and moral liberty.

   Women prisoners are have the right to live separately from the male and should be in inspection of female staff.

  According to 30 Declaration of human rights to be free from torture ,the right to education, the right to freedom of expression and right to see asylum.

 It is my opinion if All are equal before law why should there be partiality ? Special privileges are accorded to the minority of the prisoners who come from upper and middle classes of their irrespective of the crimes they have committed of the way they comport themselves in prison.

  Article 21, freedom from arbitrary and unreasonable restraint upon any individual.Personal liberty includes right to privacy, right to faith trial, right to travel abroad."

  Mr Pilai didn't prefer to goosip with a criminal for a long time.

   He said,"I wish you should not involve in any kind of crime and come to the main stream of the society."

  When he stood to go Sanat said," Sir , please a five- minute- talk"

 "Do you know my status ? "

 " But you advised me to join the current society......

  Mr Pilai looked at him in confusion.

"Sir, every one should respect the law. The reality differs from the written law and the law in practice. I concede with, the facilities granted to the inmates in the prison must be amended. Culprits live in the Jail happily and wonder whether it is a jail ! Jail is a What not store.Prisoners can avail everything: Sports meet conducted, Television in the evening , indoor games (Carrem board, Table tenis, badminton , playing cards,Ludo, chess). Out door games( Cricket, Volleyball, Kabadi, Kho-Kho, Books reading, News paper reading, library etc.Musical instruments like Harmonium,Dholak,Kartal,etc are provided with.

   Mobile phones are not granted to prisoners.In case a prisoner is found with mobile phone,the concerned jail superintendent/ or the officials will be held accorded . Suitable action will be initiated against them.

 Your Highness, are the rules come to being in actual practice? Numbers of back sliders are found using their mobile phones for drug adultery.politicians' huge canvassing through mobile phones

  Prisoners eat balanced diet; in the morning tiffin,Rice, Chapati,flat bread, staples,dal,reason,puliogaru, rice, vegetables and pickle.For lunch,Rice,rasan, vegetable curry,curd,Kesari,ghee, bananas., Chicken Will be served thrice in a week to A- Class prisoners,twice for B-,Class prisoners.In dinner,Rice,Sambar, reason, Chapathi.

 "Can you tell me sir, who ever in India below poverty line eat this rich dish.You know better than me the on going condition in India. If I am not wrong, as to my observation in the Jail _a criminal should be afraid of, in the name of jail."

   The discussion retained there.Sanat went forth for a bail for his wife Sushila who was allegedly arrested for inducing unmarried girls' abortion by private physicians having fake certificate for M.B.B.S.At the time that both the duplicate doctor and sushila were profited heavily.

 Abortion up to 24 weeks legal; regardless of marital status.

   If you are pregnant at the age of 16 or 17, you can get responsibility for your child by marrying or entering in the registered partnership.To do so you will need the consent of your parents or guardian . If they don't give their consent , you can ask the court for permission.

 Most Girls at the age of 16 or 17 abashed of Getting aborted, secretary asked Sushila for foeticide and make a deal with her . Sushila demanded of them pretty penny. Giving the fraud doctor a thin portion of money she wallets the rest amount.

  The Indian Penal Code : (I.P.C.)makes abortion (induced miscarriage) a criminal offence under section 312.The M.P.T. Act is the exception to this law . 

   The number of transition ( teen agers) reached so high that it accentuated the police. Sushila caught at spot and sent to jail.Sanat, the lawer- criminal tried for her bail but failed frequently. He had no way left besides threatening the girls writing to the court their miscarriage was willingly.

  He produced it to the court and made her release from the prison.It was strange that despite their discrimination of law people liked the pair whose assistance in the matter of law saved them in the last moment , from entering the lock up or jail .people feel the couple are well-adapted to the time.At the same time their enemies were not insignificant who conspired to break their plans and offended them in the public.Once while the lucky pair was merryng at home police appeared with an arrest warrant and seized him for Cyber crime.

  Sanat was not worried for it as jail was his favourite place to breath freely. Here outside jail his enemies targeted him lot of times to wound and make him invalid for ever.

 On entering Tihar jail ,safe home for the most wanted criminals on whose head lakhs of rupees were declared.At long last overwhelmingly they hugged him.They asked him what had been done for their collateral . These back sliders were involved in Cyber crime, awkward political murders,assult, violent crime that involves intentional bodily harm, Burglary, breaking and entering,fellonccy offences etc.

 It was a folly of them to give him discountable amount , ,who spent their chilliadal for his release in upper courts.

 At the outset of evening after consoling them their collateral he went to his own cell . He stretched out to complete the preeminents in the limited time before his jail authorities transferred to another jail.He was intimate contact with the female warden, the southern beauty Radhika. His witty brain studied her likingness for him.He wanted to use her for his benefit.To manifest her love is eternal she tried for his parole . Sanat laughed at himself . It's wonderful a jail warden is so innocent! 


  When out side the jail the spouses of the men who were imprisoned for different crimes such as, pickpocketing trafficking, members of international drug gangs; to supply cannabis, brown sugar, L.S.D. tablets, charas,, larcenousing gold and diamond ornaments , were ready to pay as much as cash required for their collateral . In case, the crimes were innocuous try them set free. The horrendous bandit , under the sun ,Santa didn't belive in honesty and morality. He complated them to cry in wilderness.people say he is not less than Charles Sobhraj who can do anything in a minute to get away from the police.

 While in prison Radhika enters his cell for a talk forgetting her position and married him according to Hindu tradition.Like Sushila she believed Sanat was her one and only husband but Sanat counted Radhika as her twenty fourth wife !

  Sanat's ending was so sorrowful . He died in a private hospital assaulted  to AIDS.

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