Ayush Bhagat

Horror Thriller


Ayush Bhagat

Horror Thriller

Fire And Lava-Part 1

Fire And Lava-Part 1

6 mins


Siara shivered as she felt the strange, cold and dark aura of a spirit in the room "Something's definitely here" said Siara, still shivering, a ghost suddenly appeared in front of them. It was dressed in 19th century clothes, in fact, everything in the house was from the 19th century and was covered in cobwebs. "What's your name?" asked Moona, "What's it saying?" asked Siara. "Sarah" replied Moona, smiling, "She says that its been a long time since she's had company, she's asking if we could stay a little while" "Sure we can, and maybe we could free her from this house" said Siara happily. "She says we need to find a deep blue locket, it belonged to her husband" replied Moona. They got to work.

Chapter 1- Spirit Force

"Please hand in your permission slips for the school trip to visit Mount Cleveland" said Ms.Rose, "Those who don't have it today can hand them in tomorrow". Almost all of the students rushed to give the slips, including Moona and Javi who were quite excited to be seeing a real extinct volcano. Siara however, was'nt that thrilled at all, she always preferred safety over excitement. Of course Moona and Javi also liked caution but, they always liked to have a little fun every now and than. They both were the descendants of extremely sensitive families with supernatural powers, Siara's power allowed her to sense auras, Moona's power allowed her to speak to them and invoke them in spells and rituals, and Javi, a new member of the team, was the first one in his family to develop these legendary powers, his power allowed his soul to leave his body at will. I can't believe that we get to go to a real volcano, even if it's extinct thought Moona. "Please come to my desk in an orderly line, students" said Ms.Rose, sounding a bit annoyed. After school, Moona, Siara and Javi, or as they called themselves, ''Spirit Force" met at their favourite spot in the woods. The trees were tall and beautiful. A squirrel was gathering some nuts as they walked to the abandoned cottage deep in the heart of the woods. They had found it last year and had fixed it up within a few weeks. It was clean, and had electric and good plumbing, along with clean water. The sky was dark and cloudy, even though it was just 4 in the afternoon."We should go, Siara, all three of us" said Javi as he sat down, moving his dark brown hair from his black eyes, "It'll be fun". "I don't see the fun in visiting a volcano, what if it erupts?" shot back Siara. "Siara, the last time Mount Cleveland erupted was in 2008, and what year is it now?" said Moona. "2019" replied Siara, "Exactly, it's been around 11 years since it last erupted. said Moona,"So you have nothing to worrying about, or maybe you're just chicken" said Javi, grinning. Siara glared at him, "Are you?" asked Moona as she looked up from the spell book she was reading. "I am no chicken, I am Siara Moonlight, sensor of spirits". "Riight, and I'm Javi Stone, leaver of my body and that's Moona Moonshadow, invoker of spirits, so are you coming sensor of spirits?" as he narrowly dodged a punch from Siara. "Yes, I am" said Siara as she aimed for another punch. They got up and went out when suddenly, a stinging pain shot through Moona's head, and through it, she heard a voice saying don't go.

Chapter 2- Fiery Force

"Now, if you'll just strain your eyes a bit, you'll be able to see the marks left by past eruptions on Mount Cleveland". Many of the students, including Siara, were amazed by the extinct volcano, meanwhile some were somehow quite bored. Moona walked a bit closer towards the edge of the volcano and peered inside, another blast of pain shot through her. Wonder what that was thought Moona. She thought it was a spirit, however, the aura wasn't exactly gloomy or cold like most ghost auras were, it was extremely hot and very uncomfortable and besides she couldn't sense spirits unless they allowed her to, so whatever it was, it wanted her to know it's presence. Suddenly, the volcano erupted. Black tendrils of black smoke rushed out of the volcano's mouth along with a blinding light, Moona thought that half the students must have been blinded. Ms. Rose screamed safety procedures but either no one could hear her or they were ignoring her. Hot lava streamed down the volcano. Siara and Javi ran to Moona as the light faded away. Suddenly, the smoke pulled Siara, Javi, and Moona into the lava.

Chapter 3- Darkness

Hot air and glowing lava were the only things Moona could see or feel as she was pulled deeper and deeper into the lava. Screaming, she and her friends were driven straight into the bubbling lava. Moona closed her eyes in fear, but Moona than realised that something weird was happening, she had not been burned alive yet. She opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed was that Siara and Javi were nowhere to be found. Then her eyes darted to the translucent orange bubble around them, it was quite small, just enough for both of them. A strange woman was holding it up. Moona looked at the woman more closely with her dark blue eyes. The woman had black hair the colour of ash, eyes the colour of the lava boiling around them, in fact, thin glowing golden veins of lava streamed down her cheeks. She wore golden armour with lava veins over it as well. She seemed to be very focused on maintaining the bubble. Suddenly, the bubble went into a large dark crevice under the lava. What's going on? Why isn't the lava entering that hole? Where's Javi and Siara? Who's that woman and where are we going? were her last thoughts as her mind slipped into darkness once again.

Chapter 4- Volcana

Moona opened her eyes to find herself in chains, however, these chains were made up of blazing, painfully hot fire which was dangerously close to her skin, but did not burn it. However, any sudden movements and the fire would touch her. She seemed to be in a royal court. She saw her friends, they were also chained up. They were looking at something. Moon's gaze fell on a woman in beautifully embroidered golden robes with gold jewelry that had the images of dragons and other creatures associated with fire over them. Each jewel had a red or orange gemstone carved into it. Her hair was the exact colour of fire, each strand may have been made of fire. Her crimson red eyes radiated a strong sense of authority and she wore a beautifully crafted crown of gold. Moona was shoved down into the floor as she heard a hard voice say "Bow down to Queen Volcana!". Moona obeyed silently. It was best to remain quiet in times like this. Someone whispered something in Volcana's ears. She narrowed her eyes and said without any trace of emotion "Very well, take them all to the dungeons Blaze" she said to the person holding Moona. She silently obeyed and brought Moona and her friends to the dungeons. Moona did not know what was going on, but she did know what the others were thinking. We have to get out of here.

To be continued

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