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Drama Horror


Regina S

Drama Horror

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish- 32

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish- 32

6 mins

Chapter 32

It took years for me to get out of her thoughts... I managed to move on professionally and married Jency as my parents wished... My life changed for good Roslyn is back and you call her a ghost? How can she be the ghost? John banged his fist on the table hard. 

“I can understand your pain John, I understood how much you were in love with her but trust me, the girl I saw in the magazine and the ghost's image which was recorded on the photo are the same”... John gulped down the 5th bottle of beer and screamed “NOOO!!! I know she is alive and she is living her life with the hope of meeting me one day the way I am living my life to meet her!! There is no way she can be dead!!” No ways he screamed again.

Charles’ phone started ringing, “hey I am getting a call from Swamiji” he said, “talk to him and ask him to come immediately” instructed Sandeep... Charles answered the call and Swamiji said “I am back from the Mata.. How are things there? How is John?”. “Things are not really great here Swamiji, a ghost has still not left John it would be of great help if you can come down.. I will make all the arrangements” replied Charles...” It is not possible for me to come down immediately as I have some work here, I will probably come on Sunday”, “Swamiji Sunday is far away, it's only Monday today” replied Charles... “I can't travel before that, you don't have to worry as long as he has the lemon with him he said and abruptly ended the call... When is he coming? questioned Narayan, What did he say? asked Sandeep... He said he will come on Sunday not before that, “oh that's too late Charles why don't we find someone else to sort this out?” Asked Narayan... By then with 6 bottles of beer John slept on the table repeating Roslyn's name and as it was close to 9:30 pm he started receiving calls from Jency.

“Yes, if you know some Swamiji here let's meet him, however, let's discuss with John and decide tomorrow, his wife is calling him back to back let's wind up for now” said Sandeep.

They left the pub.. Narayan suggested it would be better if Sandeep takes his car and drop John home while he took Sandeep's bike, Sandeep was ok with it... As John sat down in the car, Charles said: “dude we are going to your house and it’ll be great if you could keep your mouth shut, stop thinking about Roslyn don't you get caught by Jency”... “No no.. dude… I am perfectly alright… you don't have to worry” said John trying to act sober.

Sandeep and Charles dropped John in front of his house and left, John rang his doorbell Jency opened the door shouted “how many times I’ve called you John? Why didn't you attend any of it? Why are you so late? You made me so worried..”Without saying a word John got in and sat down on the sofa. Jency sat beside him and asked “are you drunk?”. “Yes I am but trust me I just drank 2 bottles of beer”... “John… in all these years ..I’ve never seen you come home this drunk... What's bothering you? I am observing you and lately you are lost in your own world… At times you talk alone, you react for unnecessary things what's happening John? open up”...

John started crying “I don’t deserve to have good people around me, I hurt them easily, I don't think about others, I am a selfish egotistical person” Jency couldn’t bear the sight of John crying, she too started crying...” What are you talking John?” She questioned wiping his tears.. John said nothing and walked into his bedroom and he hit the bed, shut his eyes, “John don't sleep, come have your dinner” said Jency... “I had my dinner…” replied John and within seconds he slept... Jency, who was waiting to have dinner with John didn't feel like eating anymore.. she switched off the lights and slept beside John. 

Next morning, as always John woke up, got ready and sat down at the dining table to have his breakfast... He felt guilty for coming home drunk the previous night, he was ashamed to face his wife. Jency spoke nothing. She served breakfast to John and was waiting for him to finish, the minute he was done eating she asked “what are you hiding from me John?”. “What? What am I hiding?” He said stammering a little... “Do you know remember what you were babbling away last night? What did I? John asked with hesitation and fear... I am sorry, will you forgive me? I miss you so much..” you spoke these words while in sleep “I reached home drunk isn't it? I felt guilty.. I might have kept asking sorry to you”. “Ok, but why did you say "I miss you" when I am with you, how can you miss me?”

To cover up his fear and mistake John shouted at Jency "are you suspecting me"?... “Don't raise your voice John, I don't like it” replied Jency grinding her teeth... “Will you please stop torturing!!” screamed John throwing the glass of water against the wall. “what? What did you just say? Am I torturing you??” cried Jency holding John by his shirt collar and they heard vessels rolling around John ran to the kitchen and so did Jency, they saw the utensils on the floor, Jency stood wondering how it fell but John knew it is ghost's work... He took the vessels put it back in the place and holding Jency's hand he said “I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, it's only you and our daughters I have in this world, sorry for shouting at you, there is something That’s going on which I will definitely share with you once its taken care of but for that I need you to be patient and trust me... I am sorry again, will you accept my apology?” John questioned, with tears in eyes Jency nodded her head to yes... John kissed her on the forehead said bye and left home.

As he was riding his bike, he kept thinking about Jency and with a jerk, he stopped his bike, because that same old man came stood in front of his bike and laughed loud... “What did you think about me huh? I am just an old mad man isn't it?” He laughed again “but now you might have understood what I meant... Look.. her eyes are not moving away from you... She is with you for a reason, never she will leave you” he said and laughed again.

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