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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Drama Action Classics



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Vikas Bhonsle takes pride of being the heir of the Bhonsle dynasty and treats everyone as if they were under his subjugation . He makes friendship with his equals who have dynasty status.

  He gives a description of the Bhonsale kings whose dominance captured major parts of India.

   Bhonsale served as Chhatarapati or Emperor of the Maratha Empire from 1674 to 1818, where they gained imperial dominance of the Indian subcontinent; they also ruled several states such as Satara, Kolhapur, Thanjavur,Nagpur,Akkal kot, Sawant, and Barshi.He appended to Raghuji Bhonsale dynasty of Berar founded the dynasty in 1730. There were eight rulers in this line. They ruled at Nagpur in present day Maharashtra and were a leading power in the 18th century Maratha confederacy. They were British clients from 1818 to 1853.At present their dominance is in Maharashtra and Tamilnadu.

  He shrugged and said,"The first prominent member of the clan , drew substantial revenues in Karnataka region , in territories that had once been controlled by the rulers of Mysore and other chiefs who derived from the collapsing Vijaynagr Kingdom.

  Some of his learned friends who had read Indian history in detail didn't apprise him and stated that they were predominantly from the Sudras an amorphous class group .of Marathas / Kunbis . scholars have however, disagreed about the status of Bhonsales.

   Vikas didn't decline and said,"Under Peshwa Balaji Rao the son of Bajirao -1,the Maratha Empire reached its greatest extent with a territory of 250 million acres or the one third of the Indian subcontinent by 1760."

  Due to his diffidence he had a limited number of friends.They flattered him for money,vintage, and lavish living. Unhesitatingly he spent more and more for gathering pleasure of any type.As he regarded himself grade one class ,he didn't read in common schools where boys and girls of lower sections admitted in.Under the guidence of the prominent teachers he completed his primary and secondary course .

During exams , a separate chamber was arranged, not touched by a common student.It was a peculiar thing that his father had induced the superintendent to write the answer of the questions by the experienced teachers.He didn't pay respect and regard to the teachers whom he treated like third grade men.It may be a rumour that his friends say he can't write his name correctly. His superficial personality was a parody for the girls.

 After his secondary course his father admitted in Miranda house of Delhi University in science stream,who was inferior even for the humanity cognizance .He was a back bencher. Nobody has ever seen him sitting on the first bench although at the time of his arrival in the class seats remained vacant sufficiently.His class mates whisper the reasons that for fear of being asked questions he sat on the piw.At the outset of the lecture he starts dozing; doesn't open the book or write anything. Sometimes he nods head as if he understood every point what the professor taught.

    Occasionally, his father arrived in the college to know the progress of Vikas . Before it he subverated the dealing assistant to edit his marks to 95% . His father was so satisfied on him that he increas his daily expenses.

   Vikas had a number of flatters who studied his frailty to gratify him to praise his dynasty the pride of India.They informed him the facts that , the Bhonsales of Nagpur were a Maratha royal house that ruled the kindom of Nagpur.They hailed from 1739 to 1853.Raghuji was adopted as infant by his uncle Janoji Bhonsale to be his chosen heir.Janoji died in 1771and his brother fought for succession until Madhoji shot the other in the battle of Panchagaon, six miles south of Nagpur and succeeded to the regency on behalf of Raghuji.His sycofants induced him for parties where he spends pompously as they knew there are nine active royal families in India at present. They lead an extravagant life style . In1971 monarchy has been abolished in the nation. How ever a few Indian royal families are still leading opulent lives despite the passage of nearly five it not undue to snatch money from Vikas.

   Vikas involved them to collect the names of some girls  ( princess) of the royal dynasty in the university. They helped him in this regard. One such girl was of Rewa. He was much delighted that princesses like Rani,Saria,Amira and most beautiful among them was Trishikha Wadiyar and Krishna Kumari from Rajputana royal Dynasty would have the pleasure to talk with him.The Wadiyar dynasty is the only royal family in India to have an empire more than 500 years .After over seven decades of living in a democracy the Wadiyar Scions are still leading a royal existence thanks to their collected inheritance.

   He made blue prints for them in different dates in royal style . In those days he was decorated in superb style as he ascertained the prince of Bhonsale dynasty.His first meeting was held with Trishikha Singh. He was e stunned when she appeared before him like common giri with Salwar and Kameez.He put forth his hand in a royal atticate to

 welcome her to which she was indifferent.He led her to a suit embellished in royal gallantry.

  Trishikha freebiked and asked ,"Are you playing the role of a Foll in a Shakespearean drama : Macbeth , King Lear, or Loves labour lost?"

  Vikas couldn't understand what she mocked at.

   He laughed purposely and nodded his head.

  Immediately she asked," What for you have called me here with regent gallantry ?"

  Neither did Vikas speak to her in English or Hindi perfectly.From his half English and Hindi articulate she understood that he was an heir to the Bhonsle dynasty.

  She jeered at him and said," Who cares you now and your past glory in free India . Are you a supporter of regency?"

 Vikas's fancy turned into pieces when Trishikha strongly opposed  to monarchy .

He didn't find logic to her notion .She was not the same as she told.He went on his attempt to win her heart by setting forth that day's deluxe

  Trishikha divulged ,"Wah, some lakhs might have been spent for this gorgeous disposition.Is it for me; princess Wadiyar dynasty ?Have you zver been  to the interior parts of a particular part of Bihar, seen their wretched condition?In India the proportion of employed below $ 1.90purchasing power parity/ day in 2022 5•7%.The unemployed in 2020 was 7.9%. For every 1000 babies born in India, in 2021, 31 died before their 5th birthday.

  In the 2022 Global Rank India ranks 107th out of 121 countries with sufficient data to calculate 2022 G.H.I.scores.Bihar is the poorest state in India.Half of Bihar's population is living below the poverty level in the state is around 33•74%,22 May 2022.The details of the P.A.B.meeting minous show that the drop out rate in secondary level in 2020-21was 20•46 percent,in Bihar, 17.85% in Gujarat,20.3% in Assam,16,7% in Andhra,17.2% in Punjab,21.7% in Meghalaya and 16.6 % in Karnataka.

 The villages in India feel the accute shortage of drinking water during summer days. The inhabitants collect water from Wells ; also get from tube wells and hand pumps,(most of them are out of order), also fetch water from rivers after walking atleast a distance of 2 kms. There are lot many problems like health in rural India. Nearly half the dispeseries have been  closed except the pharmacists play the dual role of their part as doctors. Taking advantage of it the quacks cheat the ignorant,unschooling and innocent mass 

 Under such circumstances you dream of a sumptuous living.Sorry I am not well Matched with you."

 Vikas remained standing speechless and counting Trishikha's foot steps until she was out of his sight.

 He freaked out at his friends and said ," You are worthless people. You sent me such a lass that she couldn't bear me and abused me."

   Instead of paying him in the same coin, they tolerated him for they wanted to emptify his wallet and crush down his vanity of being an heir of Bhonsale dynasty.

   Bikram one among the sycofants said,"Failure is the piller of success.This time we will talk with Krishna Kumari,a Rajput princess who was very brave like her fore father Maharana Pratap, the legendary Rajput king . His deeds are unforgettable. He reconquered his kingdom from the claws of Mughals. He also didn't like the fact that many Rajputs were giving their daughters to Mughals such as Akabar.You should be careful when you talk with her.You can't handle her so easily .If your answer is positive pass into my pocket some lakhs

   Worthless Vikas transferred to his account the required sum , immediately.

  Krishna Kumari stood 7 feet 3 inches , a gleeful girl of around 25 .She had all the qualities to be praised, nevertheless showed off her dynastic courtliness ; very simple and large hearted but straight forward.While Bikram&co proposed her to a cafeteria she asked to implicit her the reason.

  Bikram said,"For friendly sake , it's a pleasure for us to greet you as the topper of the University in final year science "

  Finding she is incorporate,they put infront of her how a prince from Bhonsale dynasty, collegiating

 with you is interested to have a talk with her for some time"

  She asked ,"Why did he want to meet me through you ."

  Bikram said, " It's okay nonetheless he ....."

  " Okay, tell me the venue and time "

Without delay Bikram said," Hotel Crown Plaza New Delhi and Sunday 7 P.M."

 " How strange ; every thing is ready.I don't know why he is so keen to offer me a V.I.P. treatment !"

  They enjoyed their success with triple pags.

  On the specify day and time Krishna Kumari took the elevation to the fifth floor. The waiter received her in a royal style and led her to the chamber where Vikas welcomed her with a rose bouquet.Krshna Kumari made an eye contact to everything in the space except Vikas.There was no third person who could introduce him to the so called prince, the heir to Bhonsale dynasty .He was in an offensive position. He tried to get over it by speaking loudly to her ,," Madam, I am Vikas Bhonsale,prince Vikas ....

 I am your class mate....."

  Krishna Kumari was frightened and said ," Oh my goodness,you have sword on your waist. Do you intend to kill me?

 Who is here to save me. I want to go away."

  When she was in a hurry to leave the place Vikas obstructed her way.

With folded hands she said,"Please spare me."

 The waiter came in between them and tried to console her but she came out of the room to take the elevator down.Vikas became a laughing stock to the employers of the hotel when they got a glimpse of his attire.

  Bikram and others were a bit nervous when they saw Krishna Kumari was hurriedly entering the Renault.

   Vikas failed in his second attempt.This time he didn't blame his friends.When he came down wearing his royal garb ,they joshed .

 Bikram asked," Are you Vikas or some other else?"

   "What makes you mock at me?"

   Sriram another friend of his said,"You look like a king of a mythological a result Krishna Kumari being scared of you quickened her steps into the Renault.Your foolishness makes you a failure in every endeavour.Behave like a common man _ you are first man, the greatest creation of God ."

   His prodigality made his father un happy but Vikas convinced him as to his  squandering money.

  He favoured him and said,"I don't mind exhibiting your self as Bhonsale 's great great grandson ."

  His father's inspiration encouraged him pace forward with the new princesses . He asked the crawlers to try for another princess Sriram said as far as I know a princess Rewa ,of Chola Dynasty though doesn't belong to this University whom I know personally as a fashion designer who resides in the premises of New Delhi and attached to film industry.As my uncle is an art designer there I had a few minutes talk with her.If you say I will try.I have read the history of Cholas my honours subject was history. The Chola dynasty, one of the four principal dynasties of Tamilkam ,was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the world history.At it heights,it ruled over an expansive maritime empire known as Chola Empire.The reign of the Cholas began in the 9th century when they defeated the Pallavas to to come into power.This rule stretched over for over five long centuries until the 13 th century.However, around the second century,the state Andhra has a Chola king Dom tha flourished far and wide.

  He added," Rewa is unlike you she is not proud of affiliated to Chola dynasty. She can be persuaded in the light of a bright boy from Bhonsale dynasty studying in Miranda University intends you to spare some time to clear his doubt whose ambition is to enter Hollywood after his Bachelor's degree."

  Vikas's brain was so imprudent that he cannot think clearly what he really wants.

   He said," Do whichever you think best.Just say how much amount I will tranfer to you through goggle pay."

   Sriram said," We have to go through different channels to get at her as she is the busiest person in Hollywood. Send atleast five lakhs for initial expenses ."

  His nerd brain didn't allow him to think more and immediately the required money was sent to his account.The crawlers divided the amount to meet their urgent needs.Not a pie was spent to consult Rewa. Before the specify day they advised Vikas not to be dressed like a king and mis another chace just oblige to her for allocating time .

     Rewa elevated to suit no.5, where Vikas sat ready to receive her . When she rang the door bell Vikas was a little perturbed trumbled past the flower vessel which turned up side down and broke.

   As soon as Rewa entered the room she asked," Who broke the vessel, you the waiter?"

  Perturbed Vikas breathed nervously and said,"Yes, I mean ,I am ......."

   " Clean it first", she said angrily.

 Like an orderly he scrubbed the broken pieces .

   After a short break she asked ,"Do you know Vikas with whom I have an appointment? Go immediately and tell him I am waiting for him ."

   Vikas came out of the room and looked around. It seemed he was not Vikas and in quest of Vikas . Someone said,"Do-it-yourself.".He entered the room and found Rewa talking to some one . His unnecessary movement puzzled her.

 She said,"You joker, couldn't you find him . Any way, I cannot wait for him . Tell him,I came on time but he didn't turn up."

  Rewa walked with heavy steps to the elevator and came down where Bikram and other waited for her .

  She was out of breath and said," Did you want to offend me, how dared you . There was no such Vikas in Fifth floor. The waiter also couldn't find him any where else."

  "Ma'm he is Vikas whom you mistaken as the waiter."

  " The foolish man?"

 She drove out of their sight.

 After her departure they noticed Vikas was coming to wards them.They laughed a hearty laugh when they saw him dressed ordinarily.

  Bikram taunted him," Actually you look like less than a waiter . Rewa was so gentle .But for your witlessness  you lost her for ever. You could seek advice from us what kind of dress you should wear. He thought you a waiter You are responsible for it"

  If Vikas exposed the actuallity they would have been dumb-struck for his idiocy .

  In the final year plus three exam he couldn't clear the papers . His father was desatified on him that during the long period he couldn't concentrate on studies and defeated at last whose predecessors defeated many kings of India.

   He said to him," Until you clear the papers stay in New Delhi."

His advice didn't have any impact on him. He used to the same game to win the heart of any princess.He couldn't understand that the sycofants were soaking blood in the texture of large amount of cash.He rented a deluxe flat in Berserai . He had no interst for studies and always in search of princess of any dynasty.Bikram arrived at him with the proposal of Meenakshi a princess of Pandya dynasty.

  The Pandya dynasty also referred to as the Pandayas of Madurai, was an ancient Tamil dynasty of South India, and among the four great kingdoms of Tamilkam, the other three being the Pallavas,Cholas and the Cheras.The early Pandy dynasty was established by Kadungon at the end of sixth century defeated Kalabhras in south India.and dominated the politics of Madurai along with other rulers . The dynasty revived under ce and ruled form Madura(now Madurai) or farther south until 16th century. The small but important (9th-13th century) of Pandya of Uhhangi a hill fort south of Tungvhadra may have originated from Madura family.Nadunjeliyan was the great Panday king .

  After a vivid description Bikram lured him to communicate with Meenakshi who was fantastic dancer of Kuchpudi and Bharat Natyam.It was done as early as possible.

   Bikram having a heroic looks of a prince warned him against his foolishness.

   He said, " In consultation with four other friends of ours I suggest for a third person

who will introduce you to Meenakshi who hesitatingly agreed for a schedule time from six to six thirty P.M. It is me who would guide you from dress to a talk."

  In the stipulated evening at 6 P.M. Meenakshi climbed the Suit no. 4 at Svelte Hotel.

 Bikram congratulated her on behalf of Vikas ,"Glad to meet you. He is....

  He indicated his finger to Vikas which she was unmindful to.

 She shook hand with Bikram instead of Vikas who looked like a perfect gentle man.

She hugged Bikram and said," Oh dear, I am so happy ,you belong to the famous Bhonsale dynasty.I would like to plant a kiss on you."

  Bikram was at his wit's end to conquer the situation. She went on kissing him in the areas favourable to her.

  Bikram tried again and again to attract her attention to Vikas but she was so over whelmed that she didn't listen to him

 The schedule time came to an end to bid good-bye to him. 

   Before her departure she said," See you again."

Both of them lost for words. Vikas blamed Bikram for his fourth time failure .

  He pledged if he failed in his fifth venture he would pay adieu to New delhi to adopt a banishment.

  Sitam, a finest friend of his presented to him a snapshot of Erika ,The great great grand daughter of Queen Van Van Mahadevi, affinity of Chera dynasty.

  The chera dynasty who are credited of land of Kerla as they have United various regions of western coast and western ghats to form the early Chera empire.Senuguttavan _Believed to be the greatest Chera ruler , he was popularly known as Red Chera.

   Erika was an architect specialist under whose supervision most of the apartments in New Delhi had been ornamented finely.

  When she was contacted she couldn't finalise a date but assured to inform them when she is free . After two weeks she called Bikram to converge with Bikram .

  This time Vikas made a special status for her in a multi starrer hotel .All of his friends were with him to help him talk with Erika .When Erica was at sight Vikas waved the bouquet to her and said ,"Good evening miss Erika."

 His heart was shaking when he expanded his hand for grasp . The bouquet fell down from his hand and chopped on the ground as a worker in the hotel walked past quickly and stumbled on it .

  Erika was upset and said," Could you not hold it properly? I suppose you cannot take the burden of your life partner and get her crushed by the stone-blind law of the society.

Who among you the heir to the Bhonsale dynasty ?"

  "I... I...I is ."

"What I ... ? 

  She laughed so loudly that some workers stopped by her to enjoy it.

 Bikram appealed to her ,"Please madam forget it . Talk with Vikas the future...."

  "Future king or ... heir this fool?

  I have after many cancellation I wedlocked a opulent bachelor of an aristocrat family and recently I divorced him.Again I would marry to this worthless fellow!

Goodbye ."

  She foot sloged and soon invisible.After this incident he didn't contact the creepers and concentrated on the subjects and cleared the papers.  

   Harrassed and hopeless Vikas abandoned New Delhi and came to his dilapidated palace of his predecessors .At that time his father was no more with him.He was bankrupt. His mother was so old to depend on him for her daily necessities who was once the queen and spent life pompously, servants around her.

 Consequently, for her mother sake he married a rustic village girl. To lead a regency 

living he began to sell the land . He died untimely in hallocination leaving behind him a son who after attended adultery sold the rest of his share property for a gorgeous living. He succmbed to alcohol  .Once while entering the bath room over drunk, he slipped on the floor  and died due to brain hemorrhage. 


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