Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Thriller

Unlikely events

Unlikely events

13 mins

Jacob's kinsmen remind him, his mother passed away just at the moment he was born. He doesn't understand why do they admonish him the purulence after fourteen years. Okay, she died ; it was the time of her death but they forget the woman who reared him up perpetually. There the chapter ends.

    Jacob as a boy is very smart_ and involved in different types of outdoor games:Kho-kho, Kabadi, Football, Volleyball, hockey, cricket and Archery, Mountaineering, Shooting, The school in which he was reading provided him to improve in Baden Powell's Scout.

   Scout gives the opportunity to team up with the members of other patrols for some friendly play. During Scout training usually the boys do capture flag relay races, scavenger hunts, water ballon-games. Fundamentals of scouting game include compass Skill, Activities, First-aid skill Activities, General out day skill Activities, tying activities, lashing skill activities. camping, wood craft, aquatics, hiking, back packing and sports.  

   The part of Scouting training, Mountaineering, he started in Pachmarhi a hill station in Narmda puram district of Madhya Pradesh. It is widely known as Satpur ki Rani. (Queen of Satpur) situated at the height of 1067m, in the valley of Narmada Puram.

   The mountaineering course offers basic orientation and skills in rock craft. ice craft, rope work, mountaineering awareness, expedition planning, Outdoor survival camp craft, Wilderness navigation, exposure of glaciers and high Himalayan Ranges, and a real climb to a high point of peak.

  He was also adept in swimming , diving into the flooded rivers never taking the help of a rescue team. Everyday he reads youngs or adults are drowning while bathing in the sea or a river; most of them are urban dwellers who are accustomed to tub bathing.

   One after another he completed the courses and atlast he picked up knowledge about marital arts which included Taekwondo( Korea), Kung Fu(China), judo (Japan), Aikido(Japan), Karate ( Japan), Muay.

   There are abut 180 different types of marital arts globally comprising thousands of fighting styles, techniques and forms, most of the renowned marital arts styles originated from Asia, but we also have some other parts of the identically, he was  propagandaded as Gymnast special; in ArtisticRhythmic, Trampoline, Power Tumbling, Acrobics, 3 of which are included in Tokyo Olympics 2021. For men, Floor exercise, Pommel horse, rings, Vault, parallel bars, uneven bars and beam.

  Many men, many opinions; When Jacob asked what should he start as a career. Some put forward to start a Gymnastic training institute of his own to impart training to the younger boys and girls to take up any job in Army, Navy, Airforce and Police or a bodyguard to a renewoned politician, governor , president and provide 'Z' security to the leader or film star who has got the phone call from an antagonist.

  Jacob acceded to their concur, took a large room in rent in the heart of the city with equipment for exercising the body and increasing strength or space for playing sports. The equipment needed to start Gymnasiums are: Dumbbell, Kettle ball, Resistance bend, Jump rope, Treadmill, Bar bell, Stationary bicycle, Yog mat, Medicine ball, Elliptical training, Fitness ball, weight plate, Power rack, Mat , punching bag, Free weights, Bawfley , Select techniques 552 Amazon Basics Work out, Cardio machines, Fit best Residence Band, Vertical Climber . He provided hundred percent brain and as much as money to turn it for a world class Gym.

   He worked with zeal for the set up. The first batch did exceedingly well. They were posted here and there in ; Police, Defence, and acquired jobs as physical education teachers in secondary and college levels. His augmentation was incredible. one, two, three ; all batches boomed. He setup new branches in other parts of the city where his assistants were in charge of the gyms. But they ran in loss. He couldn't adjust the mislaying .  Atlast they were all closed. It was the darkest time of his life. His mind was clouded with all sorts of negative thoughts.

   Once again when the lights were on. people saw him walking side by side with a lion a stick in his hand . They were pleasantly surprised witnessing the Gym master in the the Great Bombay circus.

   He presented to them the skills: Acrobatics, Acro balance, Accordance, Adagio, Aerial hoop, Aerial silk, Aerial stoops, Artistic Cycling. He was a famed gymnast who emblazoned, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily circus. It was the greatest show on Earth. Genesh Puja by Elephants was most breath taking show.

Most other wild animals found in Circus settings, including lions and tigers was also constantly on the move. Other than those , rhinoceros, Zebra, Chimpanzee, Crocodiles, Python, Ostriches, Dromedaries , bears; subjected and converted into puppets for human entertainment. There are currently around 300 wild animals, with U. S. circuses around 18 non-animal circuses.

  Jacob despises when the ring masters use whips, tight colours, muzzles, electric prods, bull hooks, and other painful tools of the circus trade.

  As an employee of the circus show he couldn't but to bear, when animals get abused. They are beaten mercilessly, kicked, or cruelly confined , inorder to train them to be obedient and do tricks. With elephants, the abuse begins when they are babies to break their spirits . All four of the baby elephants' legs are chained or tied for up to 23 hours a day.

 Jacob was  despirited and revolted to the inhumanity but the owner did not heed it. By the time he concluded to resign, Jacqueline a Russian tupik, saved him from the misjudgement 

   She said to him, " Goof-off, for my mistakes I conjoined to Great Bombay Circus. "

    Jacob looked at him in an un-understandable way.

  Jacqueline continued, "The proprietor of the Rambo Circus while on a visit to Moscow met me out side the camp of Great Moscow State Circus and cajoled me to pay what ever amount I dictate if I coalesce in his Circus. "

  " What happened then ?"

 " He didn't keep his promise. He tortured me physically and mentally. As a result, I resigned and put my self to trouble . I wandered here and there in India to find out a job in any great or ordinary circus. " 

   Jacob questioned him, " Why didn't you return to Moscow?"

   "At that time I had no money to buy a plane ticket. But I had self-confidence that today or tomorrow I will confirm a job in any circus prominent or ordinary. Luck favoured me to get a job when I gave details of my bitter experiences to the proprietor of the the Great Bombay Circus . He designated me to in his circus.

    Generally speaking Gymnastics is not a sport where athletes can make a lot of money but money can be made as high as $67, 000 and as low as $11, 000. I agreed to him with $ 48, 000( 75th percentile within the year. begining from $48, 000 I made money $63, 000 per month the biggest any gymnast earned. Therefore, be tolerant and think that you are in the best position. Unlikely events happen very many times in life . Don't take any decision hastily. "

    Jacob and Jacqueline were true friends to eachother having not any Malafide I intention. She loved the gymnast , Jacob for his clean personality, straightness, and forwarded speaking nature. The two adept gymnasts were the magnetism in The Great Bombay Circus. Out side the dorm their big size photographs were exhibited with a stick in Jacob's hand to control the tiger, Jacqueline jumping from one end of the rope ladder to the other.

  Most often, Jacob monitored, Jacqueline and Joseph , the owner, were arguing over an issue during the practice session. He wanted to know the reason behind it. What she told was really unbelievable. Joseph put pressure on her for Rapid Fire , a risky trick to which she didn't consent. One way or the other he distressed her . She couldn't measure what he explicitly wanted. The story was unfolded when he castigated him in the witching hour of the night.  

   Jacob was out tempered and said, " I will kill him. "

   "No, let's wait and watch his future actions, " she tickled.

  "I can't see you harrassed by anyone ". He raised his feast to the fictitious monster, Joseph.

  " But why ?" she splashed.

   " Because. . . . . . "

   "You love me " Jacqueline laughed loftily.

   Things went worse and worse day by day. In the off hours of the circus Jacob and Jacqueline talk over personal actuallity.

 Once before the evening show she brushed, " I am going to be targeted by you in the rapid fire trick as we have exercised to arduous Joseph to do it perfectly. I hope the best to happen but can't see the future.

  Passionately she hugged him and said, "You are the first gymnast I love you so much. I don't know what the unseen has kept me in advance. But You can't refuse me a place in your heart"

     The loud speaker announces the next item, Jacob and Jacqueline bring before the most challenging Rapid Fire trick. "

  Jacqueline put an apple on her head and Jacob hits it. All on a sudden the light was out for seven to eight minutes. When the current resumed Jacqueline was seen bleeding profusely. Immediately she had been transferred to the casualty but she couldn't revive . Indisbuteably Jacob drew a close that it was all planned by Joseph to keep Jacqueline aside and dispose of Jacob from skyrocketing.

   He kept telling that, " Acrobatic accidents are most common in a circus"

  Mindlessly he beat Joseph down to phlebotomize and went away from The Great Bombay Circus.

  Jacob was imbalanced and conked. He couldn't unify in the main stream of the society and wandered like a lunatic . He hydrated to the water . He became errant. His mind was clouded. All endured for a continuos period . He attempted suicide _ jumping into the unfathomable deep waters, over taking a six wheeler consciously to hit it, hanging from a fan, swallowing as much as sleeping pills; nevertheless in each attempt he failed. He contemplated God wants him to live more perturbed and put more turbulent to test his veracity. In the gloomy time of his life an Indian acrobat made telephone call and said, " I'm Jaya speaking from the tepee of the Ramayana Circus. "

  "But. . . . . . . .

" I know how miserably you have been living now. Even so, you know unlikely events are the tests of life. You can't change the destiny, after all , you should try to pace forward like a tortoise. your life is not yours _ It's God's"

  "What does it mean? How did you know me? How can I help you?"

  Jaya hurls a smile at him and says" who does not know you as the most efficient gymanst in the world ? At present, I  work as a tumbler cum executive in the Ramayana Circus.

   She pauses and says, "After Menaka Gandhi revolted against the using of wild animals the circus has been suffering heavy loss. Therefore, more emphasis has been given to the gymnastic performance. If you concur to connect in the circus please call me in this number. "

   "You see I'm not ready. . . . . .

   "Ready to accept the offer? Make it possible for a talk, before you say 'yes or no'.

   In the introduction, Jacob was highly impressed with Jaya's celebutante. The tumbler was a combination of personality and pleasure. He annexed to Ramayana with as much as he demanded.

   In the subsequent shows Jacob preceded with the best kind of skills before the audience. One of them is Kathputli, Traditional, String puppets of rajstan are known as Kathputli. Jaya was not less than any famous Russian Taeze artist.

  The daily sale of the Ramayan increased above estimation. The circus delivered three shows every day with special bonus to the artists. Life for Jacob went on smoothly having no maladies to cure. He turned more than he expected and bought palatial houses in the city and chartered inrent.

  Concurrently, Jaya's vertebral lowered his firmness. After the night show, when she was in rest, all of a sudden, the light went out. Before the generator produced light Jaya was kidnapped from her hogan after jacaranda caroba application. In the next morning she was not found anywhere far or near. The propeitor lodged an F. I. R. in the police station. After two days she was detected dead in the sea beach . The kidnapper enjoyed her and for fear of being captured by the police he stebbed her . The investigation couldn't proceed as the kidnaper was the son of a influential person.

    Jacob observed the close association with any damsel subjected to her misfortune. After the demise of the proprietor due to dipsomania the whole pressure thrusted on his head .

   Virtually, he became the enterprineur of the circus. He reshuffled the team, applications were invited from the Turner's of Africa, Ujbekistaan, Russia, German and Japan His venture proved fruitless. The sale of tickets decreased. He made a survey. The report focused that the circus without trampolinists can not run succes sfully. They clobbered the rustic stage shows without contortionists . The circus ran rhythmically when the funambulists again appeared before the audience. Sale boosted along side his anxiety. What he supposed came about reversely. During rehearsals the tumblers didn't mind disobeying him to draw to their side to brush their lips against his unwillingness. Jacob tried to keep aloof from them, but the more he avoided the more they came closer to him. Any tumbler who popped the question of a physical union with him , she was dragged out of the circus.  

  One after another they were carted off the circus, when there was no taeze artists in the Ramayana Circus , in the crucial time Jolly a Bretain aerialist signed an agreement with a red monthly package of $ 48, 000.

   Again the concert hall filled with circus lovers. Jolly was unlike others who wanted to keep any intemate bonding with him. She bothered about how to present the greatest degree tricks to the congregation. It was the Black Pool Tower Circus, most famous U. K. Circus brought  before the spectators . Another world class Gym, Bros and Barnum &Bailley, A Kindom of Wheels is the best in the Ringing Brothers. Jacob issued circular not to link any tumbler when the show is not in progress except himself who practice with Jolly the hard Gymnastics.

  In no-shows days Jolly Persuades Jacob to go shopping as he is a stranger to the city. He doesn't scoff at it and spend some time in a park . Here the two adoring hearts remember the joyful and painful days.

  In spalshing eyes Jolly says, "My greatest was my lover gymnast, colleague Jeorge died in the gymnastic event Bras and Barhum. Jacob listened to her with raft attention and said, " These are common things in a gymnast's life. "

   As the proprietor he treated all the staff equally. As per his past experience he didn't over act to any occasion for fear of being putting trouble to the trampolinists . He was aware that any kind of physical relationship would cause harm to them.

   In the case of Genelia another newly appointed  trampolinist, slanted him for forcoito Jacob thumped her. But she didn't not give up her efforts. While entering his tepee in the dark night she was bit by a venomous cobra which slipped out of the cage. By luck she was rescued . Only Jolly could maintain cellibity.

    Inside and outside the circus unlikely things occured. Some affluent persons wheedled him to kill if he didn't spare the tumblers they liked. In such a circumstances, he appealed the police to provide security. In a dreadful night when the bivouac was in slumber the morons set fire to Jolly's tuplic. She was taken out of the hogan, majority limbs of her body were burnt . She got admitted in the I. C. U . Jacob spent as much as amount the surgical specialists enforced . Alas! Jolly didn't respond and breathed her last. Jacob conceded that it was ascribed to him all unlikely events happened . He abandoned the Ramayan Circus and returned to his village He warned his family not to tie the wedlock and cause the mishap to the bride. The experienced people in the village suggested a remedy to marry off to a Amazo tree to escape the affects of bad spirits. It was finished auspiciously and Jenia was brought home . It seemed to Jacob that there wouldn't be any unlikely events in future . Even so, Jenia delighted the kinsmen delivering a male baby at the cost of her life.

  While fonding his baby son, Jacob said to him " I hope you will not go through the unlikely events in future, and suffer inveterate like me. "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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