Snake For Snake

Snake For Snake

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“I’m pregnant,” she mumbled in desperation. Her eyes were filled with tears and grief because he seemed to be unaffected and unmoved by her repeated pleadings. She looked at him like begging mercy from him but he continued to gaze and smile at her mercilessly.

“Think about me…Where will I go carrying your child in my womb?” she pleaded again with folded hands, “You promised to marry me. Now fulfill your commitment, please, for God’s sake.”

He continued to look away from her expecting her to leave from there on her own mercy. But when she didn’t move even a millimeter, he said in a very harsh and rude tone, “Yes, I promised. So what? I take my promise back. Finish. So simple!”

“Mr. Yogi, it’s not! It’s not so simple. You cannot ruin two lives. You trapped an innocent girl through your antics and false promises. No way! You’ve seen the love and affection of an innocent girl, now you’ll see her resolve…” she said in a firm voice which was sufficient enough for him to react.

“What’ll you do? Don’t try to blackmail me ever. Just get lost and abort the fetus. Here’s the money enough for you, not only for abortion but to settle you anywhere in the world you desire,” he said almost rebuking her with disrespect while throwing a large number of wads of currency notes before her.

This act of his exaggerated her anger. She threw a disgusting and angry stare at him and said in a sarcastic manner, “Look, Yogi, my name is Rose. Till the day, you’ve enjoyed my beauty, now you’ll enjoy the pricks of the thorns I have,” she raised her finger at him, “This is my last warning to you. You cannot cheat me like this…You cannot treat me so badly and leave me on the mercy of others like a destitute.”

He got infuriated by her threat and threw a fiery glare at her. She too was gasping in anger. Her saari had slipped of her shoulder and the bulge of her abdomen due to advance stage of pregnancy was moving up and down with each gasp, exposed.

After staring at him in anger for a few minutes, she kicked the bundles of notes lying on the floor and spat a couple of times on his face hatefully.

Infuriated, he lunged at her and grabbed her by neck. His facial muscles tensed and jaw clenched and he started to throttle her while asking, “You bitch—will you leave from here or not?”

“No,” a muffled and gurgling sound came out of her constricting throat.

Finding that she’ll not budge, he started to increase the pressure of his thumbs over her neck’s front and continue to ask repeatedly whether she’ll leave from there. Every time she said no and no only. As the pressure of his thumbs was increasing, so was her choking. A while later she had started to feel that the baby in her womb had started throwing and crying up restlessly. She felt the pain and distress her baby was going through. To disengage herself from his clutches, she grabbed his hands to pull them apart with full force to free her neck and kicked in his crotch. He too wailed in pain and lost his balance but didn’t let his grip loose. Instead, his grip became extremely firm around her neck and he continued to increase the pressure till her last breath.

She experienced entering into a tunnel of utter darkness before her eyes and felt the whole world turning upside down. Gradually, her baby in her womb stopped crying as soon as she started to pass out. Her body became listless and her grip over his hands started to weaken. Finally, her hands came down dangling as lifeless limply carrying the pieces of his skin embedded into her nails, chipped out from his hands. The darkness before her eyes was becoming denser and denser second by second coupled with sheer silence. Yet, before she pass out completely, she tried to take her hands towards her abdomen to protect and comfort her baby. Hardly could she caress her abdomen, she passed out. And the baby too.

He, firstly glanced upon his hands where the blood was still oozing out of the wounds created by her nails digging deep into his skin. Then he threw a disgusting look at her lifeless body. He bent and squatted beside her to check her pulse. He took her wrist in his hand and placed his fingers over her pulse at the base of the thumb. There was nothing—not the slightest beat.

“Rose, you know I am a soft and kind hearted man. Had you left from here, I would not have harmed you—not the least,” he murmured while nodding his head and sniggering cruelly towards her dead body.


He had a big mansion at the outskirts of the city. The centrum was having a big open space around it protected by a ten feet high wall erected at its periphery. The open space was ill maintained and wild grass, trees, and bushes had shrouded the whole of it. Due to this, it had become a favorite home for the deadly birds like owls and bats and dreadful wild creatures like rodents, reptiles and creepers.

He headed towards the garage. It was a cold dark night. When he lifted the shutter of the garage, the shrill sound produced by its rolling upwards echoed into the atmosphere and disturbed the peaceful ambience frightening the birds sheltering over there. Fretted, they started to fly. The sound of their fluttering, screeching and howling made the atmosphere extremely frightful. But he didn’t bother.

He took the shovel from the garage and chose a place to dig a grave. After he was done with the digging, he went inside, pulled Rose by her legs to the grave and shoved into the pit. Finally, he refilled the grave with the rubble he had extracted and took his turn towards the home. There, in the light he saw his hands smeared with blood and body with soil all over. He took the bath and slept like a peaceful man.


Six months later…

One day when heavy rains compounded by stormy winds were lashing the whole city, he was returning towards his home in his car. Because of the inclement weather, not much traffic was there on the road and the outskirts were almost deserted. As he moved out of the city, he saw a girl completely drenched into the rain water standing by the roadside demanding lift desperately by showing her hand. She seemed to be in grave danger and was looking frightened. He slowed his car and stopped near her. He didn’t even think it appropriate to ask her where she had to go. He just pushed the lever to open the door to let her in. She settled herself in the front seat, took a sigh of relief, pushed her wet hair-locks backwards with both of her hands, and smiled towards him. He noticed that she was young, blue eyed bestowed with a beautifully carved body structure. Her dress had become almost transparent due to wetting exposing all the details of curves, grooves and prominences of her body. Her red lips, prominent cheeks, slender neck and firm and full breasts were irresistibly inviting. On the whole, she was a full sexy package.

After a silence of few seconds, while increasing the speed of the car, he slipped his gaze at her and asked, “Where have you to go?”

She gave a seductive look towards him and replied in uncertainty, “Nowhere!” Where to go in such a horrible weather?” and fluttered her eyelashes.


“May I stay with you tonight? I’m an outsider, I hope you won’t mind,” she replied throwing the same sexy smile chewing the right corner of her lower lip. She continued to push and squeeze her wet tresses with both of her hands. While doing so, her breasts projected more and more outwards sufficient for anybody to turn on.

It was a windfall the stormy winds had brought for him. “Such a weather--though stormy but so romantic, and such a girl—though stranger but so sexy! What a combination? What more he could ask from the rain-god?” he thought and his body filled with sensual sensations.

“Sure, sure,” he replied accepting her request without hesitation, happily.


After reaching home, the girl changed her clothes and put on a t-shirt and a half pant offered by him. He too freshened. Then the session of eating, drinking and dancing commenced followed by great sex, a couple of times.

Exhausted, they slept into each other’s arms. The moonlight filtering through the windowpanes was enough to make their sleep more romantic.

Towards the dead end of night, suddenly he felt something crawling near his naked body. He slightly opened his eyes and continued to assess what it was. A few seconds later he became sure that neither it was a normal touch nor a natural movement of a human being. It was something else. Maybe a lizard, a cockroach or a rat type of creature was creeping over his skin. Pretty soon, the creature climbed over his body and started to move towards his upper part crawling over his legs, crotch, and abdomen and stopped at his chest. He continued to lie motionless holding his breath seeing upwards only out of fear. While thinking to act to see what the hell it was, he felt that the creature was playing with his chin and moving around his neck. He couldn’t hold his breath for long and threw the sheet away to see what was there.

A muffled cry came out of his throat as soon as he saw the creature. It was a snake sitting at his chest encircling its body. On getting that he was awake, the snake straightened its hood looking straight at his face extending its fangs. Its bifurcated slender tongue started to lunge at him associated with ferocious hissing.

For a second he lost his senses, his heart beat stopped and body froze and nerves numbed due to extreme fear. He couldn’t comprehend what to do and in a fit of reaction he threw his hand at the snake for jerking it off from his body.

The jerk proved successful and the snake was thrown at the floor. Now the snake turned a tad terrified of him and started to crawl very fast out of the house moving in its peculiar serpentine fashion crossing through the gaps and crevices in the wall and vanished into the bushes.

The silence of the night was such that he, dumbfounded, continued to hear the sound of creeping of the snake through the bushes and when he became sure of the danger was gone, he took a deep sigh of relief. Suddenly, he noticed that the girl was nowhere and the bed-sheet under his buttocks was also wet. He stood to see what the matter was and switched the tube-light on. And to his surprise he found that, out of life threatening fear, he’d passed the urine in his undergarments.

“Shit! Oh my god!” he exclaimed in sheer nervousness and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Horrible!” he mumbled in frustration and moved towards the washroom.


A few days later…

When he was taking a stroll in the open space, he was alerted by a sound of crawling under a bush. He, out of curiosity, tiptoed towards the bush and stopped to assess. It was the same place where he had buried Rose. A shiver of fear and nervousness overwhelmed him instantly. Soon, he gathered his courage and moved slowly closer to the bush. He was taken aback that a snake was moving around an egg. The snake, unaware of him, encircled the egg and sat around it like protecting it from the worldly dangers. Instantly, he grabbed the shovel left over there since the day he buried Rose and hit the snake with full force. Perhaps his act had alerted the snake and the snake crawled aside very quickly and disappeared into the bushes leaving the egg there only.

His aim was correct and he hit upon the egg. The egg smashed into pieces and its yolk splattered on the soil. Yogi didn’t notice that the snake was observing all that stealthily hidden under a bush.

For a second, he contemplated to maintain this space and to develop it into a beautiful garden but dropped the idea lest the secret of his crime disclose.


One month later…

It was the same stormy evening having a heavy downpour. And while returning home he spotted a girl desperately asking for the lift standing almost in the middle of the road. He stopped his car and let the girl in. To his surprise, she was the same girl he had given the lift a month ago. Their eyes met, they exchanged smiles and said hello to each other.

It was dusk and he could see her clearly, more clearly when the thunderbolt blazed.

“Waiting for me?” he asked in a naughty way.

“Yeah,” she replied having a mysterious smile on her face and winked.

“Where did you disappear on that very day last time?” he asked recollecting something showing his curiosity and interest in her.

“Oh, your house seems to be a haunted house…haunted by ghosts, snakes, lizards, owls, bats and whatever. My god! I’m very easily frightened by all these scary things. You know, that night I saw a snake in your bedroom creeping towards the bed and I was so scared that I just ran away out of the house even without informing you,” she said looking straight into his eyes. Whenever he would turn his face towards her to hear her, he happened to have an eye contact with her where he could see, clearly, an image of a coiled snake. Firstly he thought it to be his imagination but slowly when the image of the snake appeared time and again in her eyes, he frightened. Yet he continued to drive with courage dismissing it as an illusion.

Suddenly, he stumbled upon to see her hands. She was holding something in her closed fist. Out of curiosity, he asked her, “What’s this?”

“This?” then she cocked to him, gave a stern look and said opening her fist, “This’s my baby.”

“But, this seems like an egg or something,” he wondered.

“Yeah,” she just nodded.

“Strange! Human beings don’t lay eggs. Do they?” he smiled, “You’re kidding or something. Anyways, good joke!”

“Please, drive carefully. I’m very protective and possessive about it,” she requested with husky giggle.

He continued to drive further. While driving he noticed that the girl was not as cheerful as before. The dusk had started to transform into darkness. He wanted to continue the chatting with her and was searching in his mind a fresh point to start discussion. It was obvious that she’ll stay with him tonight as before and it was futile to repeat the same. He just cocked towards her and found her sitting in serious mood with her eyes closed like she was meditating. He didn’t disturb her and continued to drive.

When he was about to reach home, he turned towards her and he was shocked what he saw. He saw a black cobra sitting on the seat in place of the girl. The snake had encircled the egg like protecting it with all care. Instantly, his nerves froze and he got numb and out of fear, he applied the brakes with full force. As soon as he applied the brakes and the car halted with a jolt, the egg jumped and shattered on falling on the floor of the car.

The snake got infuriated and jumped at his neck. He was taken aback by all this as he had never imagined facing such a grave situation, not even in his distant dreams. He, too much frightened, tried to jump out of the car very desperately. But he couldn’t open the door. A small snake was sitting at the lever and even attacked at his hand when he tried to open the door. He looked, very frantically, at the left side door to escape but to no avail. There also was present another snake ready to attack. The snake, the bigger one had started to coil around his neck with its body. He tried to jump backside to escape through backside doors but when he saw backwards, he got dismayed by the presence of four five snakes on the backseat looking like longing to bite him. Death was imminent just before his eyes and it was a matter of only few seconds or minutes at the most. He was frantically struggling to save his life but the snakes were not allowing him to escape and seemed to be enjoying his helplessness to the fullest.

Soon he saw that there were snakes and snakes all over inside the car and started to creep all over his body. Some of the snakes entered into his trouser, some into his shirt and the other into his nostrils and ears. A few were trying to enter into his mouth forcefully. He was so frightened that he passed his urine in his pants this time also.

“What a grave situation you’ve entered in?” he asked to himself in his heart.

The big snake made four five circles around his neck and started to apply the pressure so as to constrict his throat. He tried to unlock the snake to free his neck by capturing the body of the snake with his hands applying full force. But to no avail. The snake’s constricting force was far more powerful than his. Soon, his eyes popped out and breathing stopped. A streak of blood oozed from the tilted corner of his mouth and he died then and there.

Then the snake turned into a girl, this time quite resembling to Rose, opened the door of the car and came out. Her job was done. She again transformed into a snake and crawled, quite satisfied, towards the bushes where she disappeared into a burrow in the earth near the grave of Rose.



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