Melting Of Stones

Melting Of Stones

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"With whom you would like to live?" the judge asked the little girl standing in front of him in the courtroom.
Already scared and confused, she got nervous and couldn't respond. Though the room was jam-packed, eerie silence overwhelmed everyone in a normally noisy ambiance. The judge asked the same question again to know her mind. Obliged, she looked first towards her mummy, thought for a few seconds and then cocked her head towards her papa. Anybody could guess of the turmoil she was going through. The judge prompted her once again to tell her will while indicating towards her parents standing face to face in their respective docks seeking divorce.
Out of compulsion, the girl started to walk. She was too young to take a decision to choose either mummy or papa. Yet, she had to. 
Suddenly her legs trembled, entwined and off balanced, she fell on the floor.
The audience witnessed that both of her parents rushed frantically towards her to see if she was okay and not injured and embraced her from both sides. 
Their hearts melted. Eyes overflowed, they requested the judge to permit them to take their petition back.
The judge smiled. The audience breathed a sigh of relief and clapped. 
Reunited, they happily returned to their home- their sweet home.


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