Love; A Big Gamble!

Love; A Big Gamble!

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"Honey, God has been very kind to us," she said while resting her head over his shoulder.

He smiled, combed her hair with his fingers and kissed her forehead.

She felt truly blessed, closed her eyes and thanked God for bestowing Satyam, her boyfriend, in her life.

Then she turned her face towards him, looked very lovingly into his eyes and smiled to whisper, "God is going to gift us something very precious very soon, and this is high time for us to transform from three into one."

"Oh, thanks for the great news and many-many returns of the day," Satyam wished her, his eyes tinged with hidden naughtiness.

Her name was Sati.

Mesmerized by his jovial wish, she, firstly, gave a gentle fist at his chest and soon they both started to laugh out loud in unison. He pulled her into his arms and patted her back.

She felt that how fortunate she was to have such a caring man in her life and felt completely reassured.

"Sati, how many months?" Satyam asked her flashing a lively smiling towards her.

"Last month I missed my periods, thought it normal. But when I missed this month too, I turned suspicious and got my urine tested," she said while unlocking her purse, "The report is confirmed," and handed the lab report to him.

"Dear, we don't have much time now," apprehensive, she looked at him.

"Sure, let's ask our parents to move further and finalize the date of our marriage," he said nodding his head in agreement.

And within a month their ring ceremony was held with full fan and fare.

She was on cloud nine.


Within a few days she got a call from him asking her to come to Chhattarpur temple.

It was an evening quite cold. Spine chilling. He received her right at the bus stop. As it was illuminated dimly, when other passengers moved from there, he took her in his embrace and planted a peck on her cheek. His love and the warmth of his cozy hug made her feel heavenly solace and she felt truly blessed.

They both started to move towards the temple. Midway she asked, "Why did you call me here?"

"There's a big problem cropped up just now. Only the God can bail us out," he said entering the temple holding her hand.

And after they together worshipped sincerely before Lord Shiva, Satyam turned towards her and started, "Sati, we are going to marry next month. Normal gestation period is nine months. That way if we calculate we'll be having a baby just after six months of our marriage."

The preface was enough for her to fathom his motto for visiting a temple, he never did, with her.

"Satyam, I love you to the core of my soul so to my baby. Time is irrelevant."

"Yeah, time is irrelevant. But we live in a ruthless society and I don't want a tag of illegitimate child for our baby," he tried to convince her.

"I damn care for this society," she replied with firmness.

"Honey, my parents have come to know, you see, I cannot hide such a fact related to us from them for long...And they've become very much disturbed," he pleaded before her, expressing his helplessness.

She became standstill, her body froze. An eerie silence prevailed between them.

Seeing her keeping mum, he started again, "Your name is Sati, the epitome of sacrifice. I expect the same from you what she did for her husband. This is the time to prove the real meaning of your name," and he lifted her face by her chin, looked deep inside her eyes.

The intensity of his gaze moved something inside her and she mumbled, "I can do anything for you, my love! But your parents, not very happy already with this marriage, may force you..." and before she could complete, he said, "My name is Satyam and I assure you that I will prove its meaning."

"Do you assure me that you won't ditch me?" she asked demanding a promise from him.

"People who love by heart don't ask for promises, only trust prevail between them," he replied quite philosophically and turned serious, showing that he was not happy with her doubting his integrity.

Seeing him in that comportment, she moved towards him and kept her head over his chest.

And next very day she underwent MTP (medical termination of pregnancy).


Two days later...

She was recuperating in her bed at home. Her attention got diverted by the sound of a ping in her phone. It was a WhatsApp message from Satyam.

"Sorry, parents are not ready to accept a girl who got pregnant before marriage, god only knows by whom. You're free to search elsewhere. Take care. Bye!"

All hell broke over her head and she felt the earth slipping from beneath her feet. Her eyes got shut and when she opened them, she felt the whole world upside down revolving.

She gathered herself with all her might she had and gave a call to him. There was no answer but the prerecorded one—the person you're trying to contact is out of the coverage area. Frantically, she dialed him a few more times to get the autoreply - the phone you're trying to contact is switched off.

Her phone slipped out of her weakened grip, fell on the floor and shattered.

So got her life!

She understood the ambiguity of his replies and got how smartly he had become successful in befooling her first by the ring ceremony and later by blackmailing her emotionally against the backdrop of - Love!


Rajeev Pundir


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