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Dinakar Reddy

Drama Horror Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Drama Horror Thriller

The Rise of the Devil (Waking up The God of Witches)

The Rise of the Devil (Waking up The God of Witches)

5 mins

Interactive Novel: Part-2

Question taken: What if the sword vanished from the museum?

Charu felt haunted as the voice in her head calls her Sheryl Verghese.

Old Building in Kairo, Egypt.

Is everyone believing you? A man wearing black clothes asked Uncle Vincent.

Yes, your majesty. And everything is planned for February Eve. Uncle Vincent looked towards the wall where the pictures of a horned man are drawn.

The man wearing black clothes given some instructions to Uncle Vincent. Both of them drank wine by toasting it to "the God of Witches".

After a few moments, the door to the room got knocked. Uncle Vincent opened the door.

Welcome. Welcome to the great covens of England. Egypt is welcoming you. 

The man in black clothes welcomed the thirteen-male-member group. Everyone in the group is strong and heavy muscled.

The clothes they wore were light red. They covered the body with a red long cloth which is from head to toe leaving their face and chest open. Their bare chests have marks of horns on both chests pointing upward from their nipples.

All the thirteen members sat in a circle. Their hands joined with one another and formed a chain.

The man in black clothes jumped into the middle and sat down.

The thirteen members started praying.

Oh, Great God of Witches. Bless us. We are going to wake you up soon. We are going to gift you the Sheryl Verghese this time. Vincent has done all the arrangements. The group started swinging their heads while Uncle Vincent poured the blood on the man in black clothes. 

The group shouted devil. Call him devil from now on wards. 

After completing the Sabbath the witch cult group left to their places.

Uncle Vincent and the devil's disciple returned to India from Egypt.

Uncle Vincent returns from Egypt along with that disciple of the devil(horned God).

Charu goes missing at the end of January and her father gives a complaint in Police Station. Police unable to know the details of her.

Ruth is also upset about Charu. He didn't understand why his mother calls Charu Sheryl.

He does not want to ask his mother as She lost control by the name Sheryl.

On February 1st Ruth visited the museum and while reading a secret book written by Margaret Murray's admirer (on Witch Cult) he fell unconscious. As the sun sets, people leave, and the museum gets locked.

Ruth woke up and tries to read the book without noticing the time.

In a chapter, Ruth sees the image of a horned god who is worshipped by witches. He sleeps for 150 years. To wake him up in between his followers (witches) do give the sacrifice of a Girl. A Girl who willingly accepts herself as a gift to the God of Witches. His followers fondly call him the devil.

In the basement of the Museum...

Charu is getting ready. She wore black clothes and covered her head. Her hands have symbols of horns showing upwards.

She is happy to leave the body and ready to sacrifice it for waking up the God of Witches. 

She has been tortured until she accepts she is the lover of the God of Witches(Devil/horned God). She was born as Sheryl Verghese and parted away from the horned God. 

Uncle Vincent creates hallucinations to her by the dark spells.

Ruth sweats heavily as he completes the book. Ruth remembers his observation of the horn symbols on the clothes of Uncle Vincent. 

The book gives the procedure to stop the process of the Devil's wake up. ( The God of Witches)

He understands a virgin man has to surrender his soul to the Sword of Hell to avoid waking up to the God of Witches.

If the man kills himself the Sword of Hell vanishes. Without the Sword of Hell, Covens cannot perform the sacrifice of humans to wake up the Devil.

The sword was previously with Anthony and Sheryl Verghese. After their death, the same has been kept at the museum. Ruth is surprised that every detail written in the book is happening in front of him.

He ran towards the art section and finds the sword in the hands of a Cat faced statue. It was the same sword given in the book.

His sixth sense reminds him that Uncle Vincent only kidnapped Charu.

He takes the sword and made a wound on the wrist. As he loses the blood both his body and sword gets vanished from the museum.

The basement is ready for the ritual of waking up the Devil/horned God. The thirteen-member Coven group stands and forms the circle.

Uncle Vincent took the steps from the basement to the museum hall and finds the sword is missing from the art section. He felt disappointed.

The horned God personified as the man in black clothes. Charu is surrounded by the coven group and the devil is ready to wake up in the body of a man with black clothes.

Uncle Vincent runs to the basement and finds the coven group got angry as there is a delay in bringing the Sword of Hell. 

The covens approach the man in black clothes and eat his body as his body is no longer useful to wake up their God.

As the police siren creeks in the Covens disappear without taking Uncle Vincent.

Police officers and Ruth breaks in and saves Charu. Uncle Vincent tries to escape but the police catch him and took him to custody.

Ruth doesn't know how he became alive after losing much blood. After vanishing from the museum he travels with Astral body. As the Sword of Hell is handed over to gatekeepers of hell, he becomes alive and appears in his home.

Ruth only informs the police by showing Uncle Vincent diaries. His diaries have all the details of Witch Cult activities in the basement of the Museum. Uncle Vincent himself made Charu purchase the books and he created interest in her about Sheryl Verghese.

Innocent Charu asks him about Sheryl Verghese and hallucinated again by reading the book in the museum. Uncle Vincent manipulated the caretaker Martha's brain. She calls Charu Sherry. Martha believes Sherry who lived more than a hundred years ago in their city has come from the dead as she listened to such stories in folklore. Ruth and Charu's father admits Charu to the hospital. Charu got treated for her mental imbalance. 

Doctors inform Charu's father to take care of her while discharging from the hospital.

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