Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama

Problems Of Rich people

Problems Of Rich people

1 min

Neeru reached the college and started lecturing about rich people's problems to her friends.

See, rich kids are always pictured as dumb ones in movies.

Mostly rich people are villains in love stories. 

This is the social identity they fill in your brains about us.

They think we are always jealous. Why should I have to be jealous of others? She laughed.

Her friend came and shouted.

Neeru, the exam results came.

Deepthi got first rank. 

Everyone started congratulating Deepthi.

Neeru tried to hide her original emotions and took the car to go outside.

We can't judge anyone, rich or poor everyone has their share of problems, Deepthi said.

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