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Unexpected Feeling

Unexpected Feeling

10 mins

Episode 1

‘Davina,’ she called out my name.

‘Yes, Ma,’ I responded walking to the dining room.

‘Can you make sure that you prepare the guest room? My daughter-in-law is coming in today.’

She grabbed her car keys from the table.

‘Yes, Ma!’

She was about to walk out when she stopped at the door.

‘And Stephen doesn’t like fried eggs.’


She opened the door and walked out. Stephen was their firstborn who recently came back from abroad last night.

‘Davina!’ I heard Melody shouting from her room.

I quickly ran upstairs and found the room in a messy state.

‘Oh thank goodness, you are here. My boyfriend is coming for dinner tonight; I need you to find me my gold earrings. I don’t remember where I placed them. Now if it’s possible.’

‘I have to prepare breakfast for your father and brother.’

‘Davina, I said I need those earrings as in now.’

I sighed deeply.

‘I will look for them later.’

‘Davina!’ said Alice the youngest child in the Gerard family.

‘Yes, my little one,’ I said kneeling down.

‘I can’t find Sofia.’

Sofia was her favorite doll that she used to sleep with at night, cuddle.

‘I will help you look for it,’ I said holding her hand.

‘Davina, my jewelry. I am going to tell mum about this.’

‘Is she giving you a headache?’ asked Mikael the third child as I was walking to the kitchen.

If you have been counting, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard had 4 children living with them in their big mansion and I was what they call the MAID.

‘You know your sister, too much drama. Where are you going?’

‘I have to meet up with Leo later.’

‘And breakfast?’

‘I will just have an apple,’ he said opening the fridge.

‘Davina,’ called out another Gerard walking in the kitchen.

‘Yes, sir,’ it was the man of the house.

‘I am running late for work. No breakfast for me. Is Stephen awake?’

‘I think he went for a jog,’ replied Mikael.

‘Alright. Goodbye my princess,’ he said kissing his youngest daughter on the forehead.

‘Bye, dad.’

He walked out of the kitchen followed by his son.

‘What can I cook for you my dolly pie?’ I said tickling her.

‘Porridge,’ she replied with a laugh, ‘and Sofia.’

‘Let me cook porridge for you and then we will find Sofia okay?’


I grew up with my father and being the only child that my mother abandoned; my father decided to look after me and never re-married. My mother leaving us broke his heart and he swore to me that he will never love any other women. I became his princess, his best friend, and his happiness until pancreatic cancer took his life. I was very much saddened by my father’s death, I had finished A level when all of this happened. That is when my mother decided to show up, I, loathed that woman. I forgave her but up until today, we are still mending our broken relationship. Lucy was the one who helped me find a job at Gerard’s family so that I can go to university and do my degree. Since there was no one to support me, I had to work as a maid. It has been 2 years since I started working for them.

‘Are you full?’

‘Yes, Davina. Thank you.’

She had said after I had finished feeding her, she was 4 years old, such a sweet soul.

‘Davina!’ Melody shouted again.

I rolled my eyes and Alice laughed.

‘She makes lots of noise,’ said Alice.

‘You go and wash your face. I have to go and see what’s wrong with her.’

She ran to her room and I walked to Melody’s room.

‘What is it again?’ I asked opening the door.

She just turned 18.

‘I need some girl advice,’ she said pulling me to her bedroom and locked the door.

She sat beside me and held my hand.

‘I am still a virgin.’

I could have said congratulations to her because she came home with different boys when her parents were not around. They often left the country for business trips. Her mother owned a boutique shop and not just one. Their dad had his own company as well and she was yet to travel to Spain for college.

‘I am also a virgin.’

‘But you are 21.’


She frowned.

‘I need to prove to him that he is the only one for me. I want to have sex with him.’

I have never been with a man before and I had never had a boyfriend or a first kiss. You will be much surprised if I tell you that my dad was like a mother to me. He told me everything I needed to know about being in a relationship, giving yourself to a man, quickly rushing to get married and sleeping with him. Here is Melody; she is just 18 and already worried about her boyfriend who is a player. I had seen her crying because of him. She had lots of boys but she was deeply in love with him, bought him a car on his 21st birthday and used to spoil him a lot. If only she knew what kind of a man that he was.

‘Melody, you have cried a lot because of this boy. Why do you want to lose your virginity to him? He has cheated on you several times.’

‘Because I had not accepted to be his woman. I need him in my life Davina, he makes me happy and I am ready to give him my body.’

‘For what’s worth it, you don’t deserve that boy.’

‘Stop calling him a boy. That boy has got a name and his name is Kevin.’

I smiled briefly and looked at her. Clearly she didn’t know anything about men. Lecturing her right now would be a complete waste of time. She was blinded by his fake love and even though she was a nuisance, I loved her like a little sister. I didn’t want to watch her destroy her life because of a man.

‘You are beautiful and very intelligent. Very soon you will be leaving for Spain. Why don’t you concentrate on school? You are still young Melo and I am telling you this because I care a lot about you. You are like a little sister to me. Yes, I hate the way you call out my name, you are always shouting but I do love you. It seems like more and more young people these days are starting to have more and more sex regardless of whether they are in relationships or not. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. On the other hand, we all know sex to be the ultimate manifestation of physical intimacy and closeness between two people. But on the other hand, it can also be used as a tool for manipulation and abuse and it’s very important for people to know what they are getting into before they actually start engaging in it. Granted, there are also negative physical effects that come with reckless sex STDs, unwanted pregnancies, injuries, etc, but there are also some substantially negative emotional effects as well that need to be taken into consideration. So if you are just starting a new relationship with someone, you shouldn’t feel so pressured to have sex with one another right away. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why it would be wiser for you to just wait before you actually do the deed.’

‘Davina,’ she called out without shouting.


She instantly hugged me. I don’t know what that was about, I broke the hug and she was crying.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘My mother has never told me all these things. She is always busy with work and I hardly have time with her. Davina when I started my periods, she wasn’t around. I was so scared and you know who was there for me, Mikael, my little brother,’ she sniffed, ‘Davina, it must have been hard for you to grow up without a mother. You are just 21 but you have more knowledge than I do. I wanted to please him because I thought that would be the best thing to save my relationship. He had always told me that he really wished to have sex with me and I was about to give him that. With all the things that you said to me, Davina thank you,’ she hugged me again, ‘thank you Davina. You have proven without reasonable doubt that you are the best maid that we have ever had in this house. You have become my sister Davina.’

‘Just stopping shouting when you calling me. Now wipe those tears. Oh my… I have to go to Alice,’ I said getting up.

I walked to the door.


‘Huh!’ I responded turning around.

‘Thank you.’

I smiled opening the door and was startled by Stephen who was standing at the door.

‘I am sorry, I forgot about your breakfast.’

I met him last night but he was tired and retired to bed early.

‘Thank you,’ he said.


‘Her,’ he said referring to Melody who was wiping her tears.

Was he eavesdropping? I was about to ask him when I turned around and couldn’t find him anywhere, he had already left. I quickly rushed to Alice’s room and found her drawing.

‘And Sofia?’

‘Brother Steph found her,’ she said with a smile and continued with her drawing.

I went back to finish off my house chores. Since we were having visitors late that night, I had to go to the market to buy some vegetables. I asked the driver to drive me to the market. You see the Gerard were not at all horrible people. They were always busy with their everyday lives. I never asked her what I should cook but acted as if I owned the kitchen. Well, she wasn’t a good cook after all lol.Truth be told, she sucked in the kitchen. Nevertheless, they treated me like I was part of the family. I came back later and found Melody washing the dishes, that shocked me. I played the plastic bags on the table.

‘Oh you are back,’ she said wiping her hands.

‘You are washing dishes?’

She smiled at me.

‘I just felt like it.’

‘What about your nails?’

‘I will have them removed today. You know I have come to realize that you are not at all a bad person. Sometimes you are ignorant and really act like a witch but you are so adorable,’ she said to me, ‘what else should I do? I want to help you cook for dinner.’

‘Are you feeling okay?’

‘I feel so alive and great actually. Your talk really did me good. We should do this more often my therapists.

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