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Dinakar Reddy

Horror Fantasy Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Horror Fantasy Thriller

Charu and the Wormhole Adventure

Charu and the Wormhole Adventure

5 mins

‘Listen to what Mother Nature says…Water always makes ways...follow the opposite of right and the sun God makes the hidden world shine bright…!’

After rereading the lines a few times Charu remembered the words of Martha. 

Abhay! We have to go to the huge labyrinth as shown in Fort Kochi. Charu started walking outside and Abhay followed her.

She stopped and ran towards the statue to check. The statue is disappeared.

Abhay confused and asked her what is happening?

Charu said she got a vision of water in the labyrinth and the clue also tells the same. 

While both of them reached the labyrinth Charu felt anxious.

Abhay, see as per the clue we have to follow opposite of the right. On the map of Fort Kochi right side is a lake and the left side is the labyrinth. So we have to get into the labyrinth to solve this puzzle.

Abhay said okay and they both struggled to enter into the labyrinth and slipped towards the bottom and landed on a dry surface.

Darkness surrounded them and there is nothing visible. Their mobiles got shut down automatically.

Charu remembered the words of Martha again. Water has memory. Yes. She sat on the ground and meditated.

Abhay restlessly searching for light. Charu can listen to the sound of water on the walls. She crawled towards the wall and touched it.

She found water drops are leaking slowly from the top of the wall.

The water droplets are cold and indicate the waterbody is nearer to the wall.

She tried to catch the droplets and put them in her mouth successfully.

Abhay's cellphone switched on after pressing so many times.

Abhay has seen Charu chanting something.

Charu! Charu! he shouted.

He walked towards her and held her shoulder with his hands but she is not moving. He sat beside her.

Charu, let's go. This place looks scary.

Charu started saying in a different voice. 

No. Sheryl Verghese's soul has to reach its home. What do you mean? Abhay asked in a fearful tone.

Abhay, Sheryl Verghese is not from our world. This place has a wormhole that connects the human world to the world of weird animals. They are not scary. But they are weird. Weird enough to make one die by seeing them. 

Egyptians believed by opening the wormhole and by experimenting on weird animals in the parallel universe they can find some medicine that makes them eternal. They can even come back from the dead. Pharaohs believed in these experiments and agreed to the evil methods.

Sheryl Verghese was too born as a result of their experiment. The human semen has been injected into the three-legged unicorn-type animal in the parallel universe.

The mother animal died after delivering the baby. The baby is born with no immunity towards the human world and it is born with the size and age of a grown-up.

But, her organs are not fully developed and she was born without eyes. Her blood has been taken to feed the evil experiments.

After failing a lot of times Pharaos stopped supporting these followers. 

To bury the secret from society, they killed Sheryl Verghese and closed the wormhole so that the weird animals cannot come back.

In this process, water has been evaporated in the parallel universe and Sun rays stopped entering the wormhole.

But, some followers of the pharaoh built a tomb in the parallel universe to sustain the soul connections to the human world.

As Charu hysterically saying the story of Sheryl Verghese Abhay interrupted with the question

What can we do know?

We have to open the wormhole and water has to enter the parallel universe. 

They looked at the top and the water droplets are dropping on the wall with more speed. 

Abhay, mother nature is supporting us. Water kept the memory of past incidents alive and as I drank water droplets I got knowledge of past incidents Charu said with a relaxed tone.

Abhay asked her why they have to help the weird animals in the Parallel Universe.

Because we are human. Because of inhumane acts done by the evil people, Sheryl Verghese cursed this place and it became haunted.

If we cannot complete this task, the wormhole may open itself at a different place and the weird animals may enter into the human world forever. They are harmless. But, our people might catch them to experiment and selfish people may use them for bio war.

No one will help in these scenarios. That's we have to help the parallel universe. Charu explained to him the reason. 

They both walked towards a chest on the side of the wall. As Charu opened it, the sword Khopesh is shining like gold. The same hooded cobra symbol is seen on the safe near the statue.

Abhay took the sword and Charu asked him to insert it into the wall. 

As Abhay inserts the khopesh into the wall, the water stream started flowing. As the Sun rays entered fallen from the human world through the holes in the labyrinth a wormhole opened in Infront of them and water entered into a parallel universe.

Many weird animals who are half dead because of no sunlight and water started moving.

Charu and Abhay too swam to the lake along with the stream which is on the other side of Fort Kochi.

As the water level reached a sufficient level in the parallel universe the wormhole started shrinking. Charu observed the Sun rays attracting the wormhole towards the lake.

Charu and Abhay saw the wormhole traveled into the lake and disappeared after touching the ground below the water. Charu is not interested to go after the wormhole as it may attract them into it.

She believed even though life is short in this human world, it is better to live life to the fullest in this world.

With wet bodies, they swam to the bank and said thank you to each other for rescuing another universe. 

Abhay and Charu started walking towards the road.


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