Dinakar Reddy

Horror Fantasy Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Horror Fantasy Thriller

The Great Secret of Manasa Sarovara

The Great Secret of Manasa Sarovara

5 mins

Base of the Story: https://storymirror.com/read/story/english/82zjlzml/the-journey-within/detail & the story continued as below.

Yuvaan's phone buzzed with calls from Charu.

Hey Charu, have you gone through the maps? Yuvaan asked her. Yes. We have to reach UG4 on the map to find some clue about Sheryl Verghese. Charu said her plan.

Yuvaan and Charu drove to the location and took the torches with them. When they reached the sub-level parking UG4 and found the area is a restricted entry with caution messages. Yuvaan cleared up the rock by moving aside and they found the unfinished wooden ladder dropped inside to cave-like structure.

Charu looks around to confirm no one is there.Yuvaan and Charu climb down the ladder and reach a place where the mud present. 

It looks like a cave, Yuvaan says when he moves the legs by focusing torchlight on the muddy surface.Let us see what is there for us Charu took the steps further.Don't you think it is cold here? Like a bit heavy. Yuvaan turned towards Charu.

Charu looks on the other side and finds they are no longer in Cave. It is the base of a mountain in the Himalayas range.

Yuvaan, are you seeing what I am seeing? Charu asked by gulping her emotions.Yuvaan looked outwards the mountain and the snow around them. Everything is snow in four directions.

He shouted for help. Charu, we will die here. There is no signal on the phone. I don't think any human being is present in this area. We stuck Charu. He shouted again.

Charu felt her feet got cold and fallen on the ground. Yuvaan hugged her and she kisses him deeply. Their breaths are becoming cold. 

Yuvaan saw a Yeti and freaked out and lost consciousness.When Charu opened her eyes, She was sleeping naked on a wooden bed with a bed sheet covering her breasts to knees. Her legs are stiffly tied with a green color paste.

Yuvaan. Charu tried to call her friend. A well-built muscular man appeared in front of her and said to not talk.He shouted someone in a different language. A middle-aged woman with wings came to Charu and removed the green paste with the magic wand in her hand. The muscular hunk takes leave.

Sheryl, do not worry. He is a cursed Yeti. As the sun sets he becomes a hunk and with Sunrise he will become a Yeti. The medicine on your legs cured the condition of frostbite. The lady with the wings given clothes to Charu.

My name is Charu. She tried to remember her identity. The lady with the wings told the story of Sheryl Verghese.You and I were born a lot of times and I met you when you were Sheryl Verghese. Charu astonished while dressing up. She asked about the sword and connection to the mountain.

We both were born as angels but you became fascinated with humans and other earthly creatures.You entered into the human fetus and you were born as Sheryl Verghese. This is the mountain Kanchanaganga which witnessed your death while you were fought for the Manasa Sarovara.

For whom I fought? Charu exclaimed. 

To protect the ManasaSarovara from the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians believed that the water in the fresh lake Manasasarovara in the Himalayas mixed with some herbs in Egypt can reawaken the dead men.

To resurrect the life of pharaohs Egyptians tried to reach the Manasasarovara in another dimension. To reach Manasa Sarovara they arranged a shelter here at Kanchanaganga.

The lady with the wings continued the story. 

Sheryl, the Manasa Sarovara is protected by the sacred chants which do not allow a physical body of Egyptian mystics to take the water.

While they planned to transfer their souls into humans of Indian origin you attacked them here.But, you failed at killing a human because of your likes.

You liked a man named Virodhi. When Egyptian mystic occupied Virodhi's body you became emotional. You threw the sword and started crying. You became weak.

You have forgotten your responsibility of guarding the Manasa Sarovara and the Mountains in the Himalayas. I have managed to kill him with the help of this Yeti.

Charu is awestruck with the story. She does not want to stay more time at the mountain.

She asked the lady with the wings about Yuvaan. 

Do you love him? The lady with the wings asked Charu.

Charu is not clear about her feelings for Yuvaan. He is her childhood friend. They never discussed anything about relationships. But, when she kissed him it is a relieving experience. Her body and soul felt they got something for which they are yearning for ages. Is this true? A kiss can change your feelings or a kiss can ruin your friendship.

She doesn't know how Yuvaan will respond to her feelings. What can he thinks of me if he knows my angel turned human story.

Charu's head is getting pain with the flow of thoughts.

I don't love him. Charu answered. Better You should not. Otherwise, you have to face regrets again in this life. The lady with the wings has chanted some texts and the sword appeared from the top of the mountain. The lady with the wings given the sword to Charu. It was the same Sword that Charu was seen in the vision.

Go and Kill Yuvaan. The lady with the wings instructed Charu. 

Why? Charu shivered with fear. He is the reincarnation of Virodhi's body with the soul of the Egyptian mystic.

Kill him and you will become an angel. This mountain will be yours. There is no need to born as a human again. All your identities go away. No one remembers your birth as Sheryl and Charu.The lady with the wings shown Yuvaan chatting with the hunk turned Yeti.

Charu kept the sword back and reached Yuvaan. Yuvaan took her to show them the beautiful lake. Charu knows that the same lake leads the way to reach Manasa Sarovara.

See, Charu. It is amazing. Yuvaan exclaimed by seeing the beautiful nature around them.

Charu saw the dimples on his cheeks.

I love you. Charu says it loud and inserts the sword into her stomach and jumps into the lake.Yuvaan gets shocked jumps into the lake to catch her.

The lady with the wings gives a sarcastic smile.

She looked towards hunk turned Yeti and says "This love never gonna make her angel".

The hunk turned Yeti says " But it certainly makes her as a human in her next life too".The lady with the wings disappears.

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