Regina S

Horror Drama Thriller


Regina S

Horror Drama Thriller

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 23

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 23

6 mins

Chapter 23

Mr. Rahul (John's neighbor) who is a drunkard heard the weeping, looked at John's terrace and fell unconscious.

Jency observed Ziya's behavior untill she put her to sleep, she even noticed the green thread in Ziya's hand but she did not bother much about it.. Finally, Jency came to the conclusion that Ziya is fine and both John and Jency slept peacefully that night.

The next day was Sunday, like any other Sunday they all woke up, got ready and went to church. When they came back home Jency said: "John I need a few groceries", John who was busy fiddling with his phone said, "give me the list I will go get it"... Jency gave him the list and as John was putting on his shoes, Liya said "daddy take me with you", Ziya too screamed "I too wanna go with you", John said " ok ok I will take you both" and took them with him...

Jency locked the door and walked into the kitchen, as she got busy in the kitchen she heard the door bell... Jency ran to open the door wondering how they're back home so early and as she opened the door she saw Mrs. Rahul, Jency smiled and asked her to come in but Mrs. Rahul looked very tensed. "Is everything ok?" asked Jency, "no not really," said Mrs.Rahul, "what happened? Do you need any help?" Questioned Jency...

"Rahul has a high fever," said Mrs. Rahul... "Do you need help to take him to the hospital? I shall ask John to take him?" said Jency, Mrs. Rahul said "no Mrs John I feel you are in trouble", "I did not understand," said Jency in confusion, "Rahul has seen something on your terrace and he got scared. that is why he got high temperature". "But what did he see to get a high temperature," asked Jency; "A ghost" replied Mrs. Rahul... "What??? Are you kidding me?" Questioned Jency in confusion... "No, I am not...I just came here to warn you" said Mrs. Rahul and walked away.

Jency sat down wondering "does she mean there is a ghost in my house? How silly even after knowing that her husband is a drunkard she believes his words"... Jency ignored everything took a broom and started sweeping the house, as she kept sweeping she found a green thread in her room under the dressing table.. Jency took that in her hand and remembered this same kind of tread was in Ziya's hand, she kept the thread inside the draw and continued sweeping.

John and kids reached home after 30 minutes, Jency got busy with her cooking and John always had this habit of helping Jency in the kitchen during weekends, he walked in and asked her "shall I chop vegetables for you, honey?" Jency said "no John I'm done with all that you go be with kids but before you go answer my question". "hmmm what is it?" John asked munching on a carrot... She gave the thread to John and asked: "what is this?"John looked at the thread and pretending to be normal, asked "what? what thread is this?". "That is what I wanted to know John, what thread is this? I saw this same kind of thread in Ziya's hand too" she said...

"Oh yeah Sandeep had called me. I discussed Ziya with him and he got this thread saying kids won't be scared if they tie this in their hand, however, if you don't like it then you can remove that from Ziya's hand" said John nonchalantly... "Let it be, you know what John...Mrs. Rahul had come home, she was saying something about Mr.Rahul seeing a ghost on our terrace, I did not take it seriously, but when I saw this thread I got a little confused". She went close to John and whispered menacingly into his ears "but now I think there is a ghost in our house". John gave her a fake smile it took a few minutes for him to react he managed to say that's funny and walked out of the kitchen.

John sat down in the living room with his daughters but he was lost in his own thoughts after few minutes without informing Jency he slowly walked out of the house... John rang Mr. Rahul's doorbell, Mrs. Rahul opened the door and guided him to the bedroom... Rahul was lying on the bed with his eyes closed John shook him Rahul slowly opened his eyes, looked at John and screamed "ghost, ghost!!!" John said "chill Rahul it's me John there is no ghost here" for which Rahul replied "John!!! ghost is beside you, it's it's standing beside you!!"...

John understood ghost has accompanied him to Rahul's house still he said 'I think it's just your imagination...just close your eyes once and open again you won't see the ghost"... shivering Rahul screamed "it's beside you John”, Mrs. Rahul too was scared but John said “Rahul relax, close your eyes once and open it”, Rahul closed his eyes and opened again, his eyeballs moved rapidly all over the room looking to see if the ghost was still there but he did not find It. “Where did it go” asked Rahul. “Did I not tell you it's just your imagination?” said John and Mrs. Rahul said “don't you have anything better to do? You scared me!!” and walked away.

The minute Rahul's wife left John said “tell me, Rahul, what you saw last evening on my terrace?” .“I, I was smoking on the terrace I saw you sitting and in few minutes I heard someone was wailing loud, I saw you getting down from the terrace and all of a sudden an image appeared which was looking at the stairs, it was a ghost I know…. I know very well” he said, “I fainted the minute I saw it”... “How does it look,” asked John, “it was in pink salwar with long hair, its face was not visible as it was covered with its hair and the one I saw beside you is also the same,” Rahul said. “But I couldn't see anyone here it may be because you were drunk”, John said take care and walked out.

As John walked out of Rahul's house he had only one question running in his mind... When Narayan can see, when Rahul can see why not me? Who could this ghost be? It's been helping me all this while!! But I can't see it... He direct walked into his house terrace looked around and said “hey good soul can you hear me? You have been helping me all these while but I do not know for what reason you have decided not to reveal your identity to me, still I trust you so much and I just have one wish in my life and that is "My Roslyn"... Will you help me to find her?” A big coconut from the tree fell just beside John and there was a heavy breeze and John heard someone screaming and crying loudly.

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