Deepti Khanna

Abstract Drama Horror


Deepti Khanna

Abstract Drama Horror

Shubhuni Part -5

Shubhuni Part -5

6 mins

Reading books was a sin to her and Shubhuni was gifted a library as her wedding gift.

 As all the relatives left the Bari barri after the wedding. Shubhuni was left to do nothing, so she entered the kitchen to prepare meal for all. But to her dismay her mother- in-law called on her and said "ladies of our house don't cook or do any work. we just administer them and for kids you can sit with them when they are in the library in the evening.

No please get ready we are going to the club. My friends are waiting to meet you." 

Shubhuni didn't speak a word and left the room.

As she entered her room, she sat on the bed

Barrister sahib said "all set step in the social circle. " Shubhuni was startled to hear the Barrister Sahib's voice. She started stammering "Ma....a has 

said..., said "

Barrister Sahib stood from his table and said "Shubhuni " putting his hand around her shoulder "come I will show you Yashi, my first wife. " He held Shubhuni 's hand politely and took her to a room. As he opened it, Shubhuni saw a big room decorated with ornamental lamps, carpets. An oval golden bed with a curtain around it and a big balcony. 'Yashi my first wife was highly elegant and well educate lady or you can say a lady with a high taste. She was well known among the people, within whom Maa would introduce you now."

"Just follow what Maa says to you and soon you will be familiar with all. Now you may please get ready and we will meet in the evening in the library." Shubhuni got nervous and the touch of a man was making her feel more pathetic.

A sudden knock at the door, Shubhuni went to check and four ladies stood in front of her "Bahu Rani we have come to dress you." Shubhuni got puzzled as she had been dressing all her life herself. But her mother-in-law entered from behind and said "it may be new to you to get dressed up by a dresser but up hear your maids would get you ready daily for various occasions " and then she left Shubhuni 's room.

Piano music fell on the ears, as Shubhuni and Mrs. Das entered the club. Some British ladies were wearing satin combined with net gowns. Beautiful hats and gloves made them sparkle like Queen Victoria's crown.

The high society Indian ladies were too their gossiping. As they saw Mrs. Das they stood from their chairs as if the judge had entered the court. 

MRS. as moved in the club with an air of royalty. She asked Shubhuni to follow her and do how she does 

She first went to the Gori Mem's and greeted and introduced them to Shubhuni. 

Shubhuni without showing her nervousness acted as how she was told. Then came the turn of all Indian ladies who were gossiping around. When Mrs.Das. introduced them to her new daughter in law all had many questions coming out of their mouth.

But Mrs.Das with her smart answer made their mouth shut. The noon passed away quietly and on the way Mrs.Das

praised her new daughter-in-law for acting smartly.

But as she entered the haveli her younger son Vikas came running towards her "Maa come in the library, see what I have written. He dragged her with him, and all laughed.

In the library, ikas and Suhas had made some puzzle-solving games for her. Suhas said,"Maa try to solve this." 

She said" what is this "

A mathematical puzzle for you and dad and who solves it will get our love. 

As Shuhani saw the 9x9 her heart started beating fast, sweat rolled down her forehead. Both the boys saw Shubhuni and said "is everything fine " 

Shubhuni was so terrified with those numbers that she cried "No....No " and fainted.

When Shubhuni waked up all the members of the family were around. All thanked Maa Kali that Shubhuni was fine.

But the kids smelt that there was something fishy somewhere. Days passed off, smoothly Mr. Barrister remained busy in his work and had hardly any time to meet his new wife.

Shubhuni felt relaxed when he was not around and tried learning the etiquette of the Bari barri

Then came a day when both the kids tested Shubhuni. Vikas came to her and asked "please can you try and solve a mathematical problem "and he handed a book and a pen to her.

Shubhuni was reluctant to hold it and she said "ask Barrister sahib to solve it."

"No," said Vikas

"Dada will come late, please help me out! " and he handed the book to her.

As soon as Shubhuni saw the numbers the room started swirling Infront of her and she could see a stick haunting around her and a voice echoed 

9x9 = 

What is a theorem Shubhuni.”?

And Vikas gave her a jerk and said Maa " hold yourself, it's nothing to worry, I know the sum." But Shubhuni had gone far in the past and she fainted.

The story of books and Shubhuni was revolving in the heads of the family. So, Barrister Sahib called upon Shubhuni's parents.

At the meeting, Barrister sahib asked his father-in-law about Shubhuni 's past and his father replied "Shubhuni has a pure past. After she had finished her schooling she had never left home for a minute. "

Mr.Das raised his eyebrows and said," She must have finished her ......higher secondary it seems from her manners and etiquettes."

" No, No Jamai Babu " he laughed and pressed his kurta to straighten it "My daughter is a very well-mannered girl and knows how to handle social issues like these ladies goes for parties and social services. She is very polite, but she left her schooling after class sixth."

Barrister Sahib exclaimed" sixth! What on earth didn't let me know that she is not metric passed... Oh! " and Barrister Sahib sat on the sofa with his head down.

Then again, he raised his head and asked "Can you please tell me the reason she left, studies."

"Oh! till fifth all was going on well, she played around with others and went out. But one day she came back from school crying and said she will never go to school. "

Barrister Sahib again raised a question "Then you all as a rent, didn't ask her the reason?"

Jamai Babu we did really ask her, but every time she cried and fainted or had a ver and as she is our only child, we stopped bothering her."

Barrister Sahib holding a cigar pipe in his hand said "Thank you, now please go and meet Shubhuni." 

Many questions were stuck in Barrister Sahib's mind. What was the reason behind that Shubhuni left her schooling?

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